77.38 Ancient

879. I need to start interviewing different IBMs* for hints and tips to pass on in my ebooks and blog posts.

880. After the Super Bowl, no TV for 77 days.  If I live, I will be a better person.

881. A long quote from RooshV:

“Domain registrars promised that I could “own” my little corner of the web with a domain name, and now my domains can be seized by a faceless bureaucracy. Google told me to create the best content I could to be ranked highly in their search engine, but then they manipulated their algorithms to lift dull corporate propaganda above my own. Twitter promised that I could share any thought that came to mind, and after I spent years doing so, they changed their mind and will now ban me if I make fun of an obese feminist. YouTube said I could upload engaging videos that viewers love, and even make money doing so, but then they demonetized most of my videos, put others in “limited state,” and banned me from live streaming for three months because I asked if women who wear chokers want to be treated subserviently. Disqus offered me a service to allow the community at Return Of Kings to discuss what was on their mind, but they banned the site because they didn’t want us to discuss certain things. Amazon said I could publish books on their platform and even make a living as a writer, but then they banned the paperback and ebook editions of nine of my books with no explanation why. Paypal said it would be easy to add payment processing to my site, and then later showed how easy it is to ban me for political reasons.”


882. RooshV has been a thorn in the feminist movement for years.  Mostly for speaking the truth from the male perspective.  He’s semi-retired now, but you can see what the social media powers can do.

883. https://www.rooshv.com/10-reasons-why-heterosexual-men-should-leave-america

884. American men should set out to leave America, especially IBMs*.  RooshV is younger and hipper than I have ever been, but I don’t need 10 reasons.  Here are my reasons for IBMs* to go abroad to seek out brides or partners aged 40 to 55:

1. Women abroad seeking Western husbands are younger, taller, prettier, sexier, smarter, and better-educated than you can find at home.

2. As a foreigner abroad, most people give you a little extra status and a little extra leeway to make mistakes.  You will meet people from all stratas of society that is not likely at home.  You will meet new friends happy to play matchmaker.  At this age, her status and education don’t mean as much if you are not having kids.

3. You can put your past mistakes behind you.  So can she.  We think America is a place for second chances, but that really applies only to Las Vegas and New Orleans.  

4. You will discover your true skills and abilities.  I enjoy plenty of time alone to write.  No surprise for an IBM*.  In each new country you visit, you will develop new routines compatible with your personality.  You may also find exciting women with personalities and skills of their own you never knew existed.

5. Women around the world don’t see a problem with being sexy and traditional at the same time.  You can be open about what you want in a woman without being judged by provincial American standards.  If you want a tall, leggy, blonde doctor from Kiev, you can find her.  If you want a LBFM spinner from Bangkok, go for it.  After all, they don’t call it Bangkok for nothing.

6. Healthier food.  Chances are you will eat nothing but fresh food prepared after you order.  If a woman has staked her claim on you, she will likely take over your care and feeding, which is important for my vegan lifestyle.

7. Before you find the one to move in with, most countries you will be exploring tend to be cheaper than home.  I’m thinking of Thailand, the Philippines, the Ukraine, and Vietnam, among others.  Check Airbnb to see what alternatives to hotels can save you.  Public transportation is usually cheap and readily available, and trains are a wonderful way to meet people.

8. Is America the best country in the world?  Maybe.  For some people.  When people say it is, I always ask where else has that person lived.  Cleveland is not another country.  No matter where you travel, you will discover ways of living that are fantastic, and some you will not give into.  Steal the best and forget the rest.

9. One advantage of looking for a mate abroad is overcoming your fear of the unknown.  The Internet makes it easy to learn about a new country before you go, but nothing can prepare you for the smells and the stares and the strange food.  When I was in Peace Corps in Korea in the 1970s, you learned fast to try things without asking what it was.

10. Failure is an option.  If the women of the country you are visiting don’t seem to warm up to you, you are only a plane or train ride away from the next adventure.  If you can’t take spicy food, leave Thailand for the Philippines, or maybe China.  Failure is just a chance to redirect.

A full and rich life awaits those who become the new “mail order husbands”.

885. My life is not organized.  I can do better.  I recognize the stupid shit others do but not my own bad acts.  I am gone after 77 or when Corbett gets back from Pakistan.  I will head to Sweden or Colorado Springs or Prague.

886. Now is the time to go through all of my old notebooks and post and retire and scan.  Before I go, I need to whittle my devices down to 1 smartphone, 1 chromebook, and 1 notebook.

887. Create a small notebook with telephone numbers and coded passwords.

Killer Rituals

I’m getting too old to delay monster habits and rituals.  Half measures don’t seem to work.  It’s like having to pick up after your pet at the dog park.  If you decline to pick up even once, you can never know if you followed the rules.

I have to move to the night shift.  This is the only time I can write without interruptions.  I can begin at 1:11 am or at any time earlier.  What doesn’t kill me will make me stronger.  I need to put 3,000+ words on paper each day, and post what needs to be posted.  This is goal number one.

The words can come to me organically, or be notes and outlines of good ideas I read online.

Channeling Ancient Humans

Paleo men had no bosses.  No corporations.  No governments.

Agriculture changed everything.  When you had crops under your control, you need protection from hungry marauders who would rather steal from you than grow their own food.

The first form of government was little more than a protection racket.  We will protect you from the bad guys in exchange for a cut of the harvest.

Then some major bad ass convinces the others that god has anointed him king, or emperor, or big kahuna.  How did he pull that off?

And now, and we struggle to hang onto sucky jobs, or maybe retire, we face issues of freedom and purpose, and what we will do with our post-corporate years.  We don’t make enough money, and if we did, we have likely squander much of it.

If you dislike your work, you most likely are not happy with your life.

As we get older fear can be overwhelming.  If you’re 30 and take a wrong turn, you have decades to recover.  At 60+, the wrong path will take you over the cliff crashing into the rocks below.

Humans (hunter/gatherers) started as entrepreneurs.


We sold out for convenience.  We sold out for comfort.  But mostly we sold out for others (farmers) to do the work of feeding our families instead of ourselves.

Of course, division of labor was a precursor to civilization and cities.

We know where that has led us today.  Jobs in fields we studied for are gone.  And they have been replaced by crap that is increasingly handled by automation or cheap labor abroad.

Even if you have a job, chances are you need a side hustle to live the life you want for yourself and your family.  So why not get rid of the job, and turn the side hustle into the foundation of the life you want to live?

Quit your career, and create your ideal life theme.

While starting a business is easier than at any time in human history, that ease is a double-edged sword that can bite you on the ass quicker than you can bow down to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

If you create a business just to make money, eventually it will consume your soul.  It has to be more.  If all you need is money, get a job.  It’s less work, and you get to quit and go home at the end of the day.

Many technically competent individuals are good at a job - plumber, lawyer, chef - leave jobs every day to start their own companies.  They like fixing problems, or sharing improvements.

What they do is take on all the bad aspects of running a business that did not factor into striking out on their own.  Ancient humans had none of this infrastructure like rent, payroll, and taxes to deal with.

An ancient plumber knew two things:

  1. water runs downhill
  2. shit floats

And don’t let the #2 mix with your water you need to stay alive.

I am a retired attorney.  The law is fascinating.  The legal practice is not.

Most lawyers make money helping people with artificial problems created by laws and government itself.  The only laws that we must abide by are the laws of nature.

A client who hires a lawyer does not want justice.  He wants to win by any means available.

Ancient humans solved problems one of two ways:

  1. fight
  2. flight

They did not need accountants to beat the latest tax laws, an HR department to soothe employee ruffled feathers, or lawyers to sue the competition into submission.

But to build your life theme you need more.

If you don’t create your life theme daily, someone may hire you to help them build theirs.

No matter how we try to cover our fears with excess and stuff and addictions, we have been unable for 2,000 to do better than the Stoics.

Most business books tell us to turn our passion into profit.  Fat chance.  First, look at the definition of passion:


Take a look at the classic definition:  suffering.  The passion of the christ.

Solving problems is the basis of a business.  Not suffering.  A business may relieve the suffering of others, but  suffer along with them.

The modern definition of passion as something that excites you is one more example of our snowflake culture.

I grew up in the late 60s and early 70s.  We had demonstrations - mostly peaceful - but many turned ugly.  But we had underlying causes.  War.  Deep seated racism.  Real conflicts between the people and the alleged political and religious leaders telling us we had to die for a cause not our own.

Student riots today - I don’t understand.  No one is beating you down if you don’t move to the back of the bus.  No one is refusing to hire you because of your race or gender, or increasingly, even your transgender.  

And no one is asking you to kill or be killed in a place where you do not know the enemy, and that enemy has not threatened you.


No one owes you a living except you.

When you discover what you want to do in life, and the price you are willing to pay, you are on the road to your life theme.

That’s why I don’t like the word goal.  Goals are finite.  Your life is not.

I was thumbing through the book One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon.

It’s amazing how hard it is to pick one word to describe your life, passion, or legacy.

The closest I could come to a theme is “traveler”.  I love going to new towns, cities, and countries.  I like waking up in a new place every day (and maybe with a different woman if I’m lucky).

My bucket list of places to visit is a treasure of ancient archeological sites from Angkor Wat to Machu Picchu to the Great Wall of China.  I don’t have time to waste.

Here’s the rub.  You have to have money.  You have to be healthy.  And it helps to have some prime female flesh next to you along the way.

Health, wealth, and relationships are the problems.  Each person has his own individual issues that no one else can solve.

My life theme is Perpetual Traveler.  It’s also my passion and problem to be solved.

If you don’t have an inheritance, or you didn’t cash that lottery ticket, money is the first issue.

My passion is creating an online business that provides recurring income that goes into my bank account and can be accessed anywhere in the world.  I call it Anytime Anywhere Income.

Once the system is where I want it to be, I plan to teach it to women in a number of countries and let them run the business for me.

Outsourcing and automation.  Otherwise, you just have a job.

I choose women because they are prettier to look, smell better, and don’t belch and fart so readily in public.

But on a serious note, around the world, women do most of the grunt work.  Women are worked like dogs and not allowed to fail.  There is no harder working person than a single mom.

The system cannot depend on being in a particular place at a particular time.

I am reading and studying and testing every shiny object I can find in the Internet marketing field to see what works for me in 2017.  Later this year, I will take my system to Vietnam to test it further and work it like a borrowed mule.

I need to create my iPT system because current solutions do not work.  Forty years ago, you could travel the world and pick up work along the way of teaching English.  Over time, governments clamped down on foreigners working “illegally”, i.e. without paying tribute in the form of taxes.

To teach English in most countries, you have to complete TESL training, get a certificate, jump through endless bureaucratic hoops, and commit to a lengthy contract.

And that’s the problem.

What used to be a simple way to pick up good money before moving on is not totally gone, but it’s riskier.

The United States is the worst offender.  If you have U.S. citizenship or a green card, our land of the free will tax you on your worldwide income.  It doesn’t matter whether you live in the U.S. or not.  They own us.

Now the solution is an online business, even as a side hustle.

Anytime Anywhere Income.

That can be anything from ecommerce stores to selling products to ebay to coaching to teaching.  The way most start is with affiliate marketing.


Mostly it’s a commission sales job, only you have hundreds of thousands of choices of what companies to work with, what products or services to promote, and when and where to do the work.

With a low cost of entry comes the double edge again.  You are now competing with low wage workers around the world.  Affiliate marketing is the monetization.  You need to develop the other skills that will bring visitors to your website where they can buy your products.

In other words, you have to develop a non-commodity business.  Your job is solving problems for other people.  Affiliate products are but one solution you can offer.

I have a couple of ex-wives in my wake who were both foreign born.  Our marriages gave them green cards.  Neither was a mail order bride, but 4,000 to 6,000 women around the world marry Americans and go through the green card process each year.


Most of these international brides work with online dating and matchmaking sites to advertise their desire for a husband outside their native lands.

Helping Western men and Third World women get together in holy matrimony is a multi-billion dollar a year “industry”.



Giving ourselves too little or too much time to accomplish our goals remains the key to failure.  And it’s not always our fault.

I understand that I cannot go part way in and defeat diabetes, earn a monster income online, and hit the road for perpetual travel.  I have to go all in.  I have done this in the past on several occasions, so I know I have it in me.


I’m not a big believer in addiction.  We all have free will and make choices.  No one ever forced me to eat pie.  With ice cream on top.  And a drip of chocolate syrup.  

No.  I did that all by myself.

I have always loved the taste of sugar.  And now I have type II diabetes.  To lower my blood sugar, I have to go all in.  I must cut out all sugars and processed carbs.  No wheat, bread, cereals, cookies, crackers, pie, donuts, ice cream, soda, or baked goods.

Easier said than done.  

If I can stop, it’s not addiction.  It’s a choice.

If I can’t stop, then I will die earlier than I should.  And suffer painful illnesses, brain fog, and loss of quality of life along the way.