How to set up a Gradian account & how to submit work there

  1. Go to the GRADIAN submission page and set up an account.
  1. If this is your first time using Gradian, click “Sign up” (pick a password you will remember and/or write it somewhere for safe reference)
  2. fill out the registration info and click “submit registration”
  3. you might need to click on “Gradian,” top left again
  4. you should see next, “Courses I am Enrolled In”:

  1. Click “Enroll in a class”
  2. Type in “Arrington” (your instructor’s last name)
  3. Click “Search for Classes”

  1. Find “S18 English 1102 Arrington” and click “Enroll in this class”
  2. Once you enroll and I confirm your enrollment, you will be able to submit your work.
  1. Once you’ve enrolled in the class and I’ve confirmed your enrollment, you will see access to your Gradian “dashboard”

  1. Click “Go to my dashboard”
  2. Find the category you’d like to which you would like to submit work. For the “website setup,” for instance, you’ll want to submit to “participation”:
  3. Click the dropdown arrow

  1. Next you will see a list of required work to submit.

  1. When you submit work, you will see this screen:

  1. The “Assignment Instructions” might be unique to each project, so read those. But the important things to note are that I need the FRONT END URL of the specific page or post you are submitting, and the “Comment” section is important. I will read these notes and take into consideration before reading your work.
  2. Click “Submit Assignment”
  3. This will direct you back to your dashboard. If you click the dropdown button again, on the project to which you submitted, you will see that you’ve submitted the work and that it has not been evaluated yet.

Notice this submission has not yet been evaluated.

We will look together at your Gradian dashboard so that you feel comfortable both with the points system and with the mechanisms by which you will receive feedback. As always, feel free to email any questions and concerns to me, or set up an appointment to meet with me in office hours.