Pre-solo Written Exam - CRUZ

Name:       __________________________________   Date:    _______________ Airplane Make/Model:        ______________________________________________

Answer the following questions in the space provided, using the FARs, AIM, Chart Supplement, and POH. If you reference one of these sources for an answer, be sure to note it for your future reference.

  1. What type of engine does the Sport Cruiser have?  _        

  1. What  is  the  engine horsepower?   _        

  1. What type of oil should be used in this engine?   _        

  1. What type of coolant is in the SportCruiser?   _        

  1. Please show the speed on the SportCruiser (in Knots) for each item below, and define in your own words the significance of each speed and how it is used:

VR                 VX                 VY                 Best Glide     _         VNE                 VNO         _        

VA                 VFE                 VS1         _        

VS0         _        

  1. How many gallons of useful fuel does the Sport Cruiser hold?    _        

  1. What are the maximum demonstrated crosswind and headwind components for the SportCruiser?

Crosswind:        Kts        Headwind:        Kts

  1. What is the service ceiling of the SportCruiser?   _        

  1. What is the takeoff distance to clear a 50 foot obstacle on a standard day?   _        

  1. What is the landing distance over a 50 foot obstacle on a standard day?    _        

  1. What is the maximum  RPM setting?        For  how long?   _        

  1. Please describe the loss of engine procedures for the SportCruiser.

  1. What is the maximum gross weight of the SportCruiser?   _        

  1. What is the empty weight of the SportCruiser?    _        

  1. What is the useful load of the SportCruiser?   _        

  1. With full fuel, how much weight can you carry in SportCruiser?  _        

  1. Why is it extremely important to close the canopy or cover the dashboard anytime the airplane  is parked?

  1. What preflight actions are required before a flight not in the vicinity of an airport?

Before any flight?

  1. List the minimum equipment and instruments that must be working properly in your aircraft  for flight.

  1. How many hours are required between consuming alcohol and flying?  _        

What is the maximum blood alcohol content to legally operate an aircraft?   _        

  1. What altitude should you fly when operating in level cruising flight to the East at more  than  3,000  feet agl?  _        

  1. How many fuel sumps does the SportCruiser have?        Why is it necessary  to

drain fuel from the fuel sumps?   _        

When should this be done?    _        

  1. What type and grade of fuel is used the SportCruiser?   _        

  1. How do you check the oil level in the SportCruiser?    _        

  1. Will the engine run with the master switch turned off?    _        

Why or why not?    _        

  1. What is the maximum allowable flap setting for takeoff in the SportCruiser?   _        

  1. During a magneto check, what is the maximum RPM drop?  _        

How much difference is acceptable between the left and right mags?    _        

  1. Draw a diagram of the runways at your airport.  Label each runway.

  1. Draw a runway and a “normal” traffic pattern. Label each leg.

  1. Which turn direction is standard for a traffic pattern?        

What is traffic pattern altitude at your airport?  _        

  1. How do you enter and exit the traffic pattern at an uncontrolled airport?

  1. List the following frequencies at your airport (ADS or FPR):

ATIS:    _        

Ground:         Tower:         Approach Control:   _                                                                                                                Emergency:   _        

  1. Describe, “Wake turbulence”.   In which type of aircraft and in which configuration is this most prominent? What is proper procedure to avoid wake turbulence?

  1. When are you required to wear a safety belt?  Shoulder harness?

  1. What must a pilot do before entering each of these airspace classes?

Class A:        _                                                                                                                                                  Class B:        _                                                                                                                                                  Class C:        _                                                                                                                                                  Class D:        _                                                                                                                                                  Class G:        _        

  1. What is the minimum fuel requirement for VFR day conditions?    _        

  1. If the altimeter setting is not available at an airport, what setting should you use before departing  on  a  local flight?   _        

  1. What must you do before performing flight maneuvers?    _        

  1. When practicing Steep Turns, Stalls, and Slow Flight, the entry altitude must allow a

recovery to be completed no  lower than        feet AGL.

  1. When  two aircraft of the  same category are converging head-on, which way do you turn   to avoid the other   aircraft?   _        

  1. Give three situations that would necessitate a go-around.

  1.  _        

  1.  _        

  1.  _        

List the procedure for a go-around:

  1. What documents and endorsements are you required having in your possession to legally operate the airplane as a student pilot?

  1. Do you need your logbook in your possession when you fly solo?    _        

Why/Why not?   _        

  1. What endorsements do you need to have in order to fly solo?

In  the pattern:   _        

On a cross country flight:    _        

  1. What are limitations your instructor may place on your solo endorsements?   _        

  1. What are the limitations of a student pilot, as stated in Part 61.89 of the Federal Aviation  Regulations?

Instructor Statement:        Logbook  endorsed:

I have reviewed this pre-solo written exam with the student and have determined that the answers, as corrected by the student, are complete and correct.

Instructor Signature: _                Date:    _        

Student Signature: _                Date:    _