Southwestern Consolidated

eLearning Day Lesson Plans 2019-2020

The Southwestern Consolidated School Corporation may virtually make up school days that are closed due to inclement weather or other circumstances. On those days, teachers will have lessons and/or activities available by 9:00am.  Teachers will be available to answer questions via email from the time that lessons and activities are available through 3:00pm.  To access your student’s lessons and/or activities for any days closed and declared eLearning days, please click on the appropriate link  below.

Jr. Sr. High School ELearning Lesson Plans

                    All students will have assignments posted in Google Classroom for each class.

*Speech students please check Mrs. Kohrman’s links below.


SWE  eLearning Lesson Plans and Activities


Mrs. Verseman

Mrs. Dougherty

Mrs. Shively AM

Mrs. Shively PM

1st Grade

Mrs. Bertsch

Mrs. Earl

2nd Grade

Mrs. Anspaugh

Mrs. Schoettmer

3rd Grade

Miss Baute

Mrs. Fivecoat

4th Grade

Mr. Utley

Mrs. Aichinger

5th Grade

Mrs. Garrett

  Mrs. Kahler

6th Grade

Mrs. Faulconer

Mrs. Macaluso

Specials ¹

PE- Guidi

              ART- Nash






Special Education ²

Mrs. Haugh

Mrs. Utley

Speech- Mrs. Kohrman

Elementary Articulation

Elementary Language

Jr/Sr High Articulation

Jr/ Sr High Language

Title One Mrs. Parmer 3



Reading Recovery

¹  Please check your student’s teacher’s plans and activities to determine what Specials activities need to be completed; students do not have P.E., Art, and Music every day.

²  Only students who work with Mrs. Utley or Mrs. Haugh and/or Mrs. Kohrman need to complete these activities.

3  Only Mrs. Parmer’s students need to complete these activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.  How many days does my student have to complete eLearning activities?

Each student has two days to complete his/her required activities.  Additional time will be given if circumstances warrant it. Lab time will also be open on a schedule  to be determined.

2.  How will attendance for each student be determined?

Each student will be counted “Present” if activities are completed within the required timeframe.  Each student will be counted “Absent” if activities are not completed within the required timeframe.

3.  What if my student or I have questions?

Teachers will have plans and activities posted no later than 9:00 am and will be available to answer questions via email from 9:00am through 3:00pm.  Principals are also available via email to answer questions.  Given the circumstances which warranted a school closing, the office may or may not be open and available to answer phone calls.

4.  What if I don’t have internet access?

Please communicate with your student’s teacher to determine alternative opportunities to complete the required activities.

5.  What if my student receives special education services?

Your student’s special education teacher will work with classroom teachers to ensure work is appropriate and accommodated.

6.  How much work will my student be expected to complete?

Amounts of work are largely dependent upon the grade level.  A student will not be asked to complete unreasonable amounts of work, and activities should not require initial instruction from parents/guardians or other caretakers.  A student may need some assistance just as he/she would on typical homework.  If work becomes overwhelming and time-consuming, please make a note for your student’s teacher and move on to the next activity.