Grand Rapids Pickleball Club Bylaws

Article 1 – General

The following bylaws are subject to, and governed by, the Non-Profit Corporation Act of Michigan and the Articles of Incorporation of Grand Rapids Pickleball, Inc. In the event of a direct conflict between the following provisions of these bylaws and the mandatory provisions of the Non-Profit Corporation Act of Michigan, the Non-Profit Corporation Act shall be the prevailing controlling law. In the event of a direct conflict between the provisions of these bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation/Organization, it shall then be these bylaws which shall be governing.

Article 2 – Name

The legal name of the Non-Profit Corporation is Grand Rapids Pickleball, Inc. It may also be known as the Grand Rapids Pickleball Club – hereafter referred to as the “Club”.

Article 3 – Purpose

The general purposes for which the Club has been established are as follows:

A.         The Club is established within the meaning of IRS Publication 557 Section 501(c)(3) Organization of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code and shall be operated exclusively for promoting an active and healthy lifestyle directly associated with the game of pickleball with equal emphasis on (1) instructing game rules, player strategy, and social/good sportsmanship to all age groups and skill levels; (2) seeking new inside and outside playing venues for its members; and (3) working cooperatively within the community with special interest groups to promote the sport of pickleball to all.

B.         The Club shall not engage in any activity or the exercise of any powers which are not in furtherance of its primary non-profit purposes. The Club shall not participate in any activities which have not been permitted to be carried out by a corporation exempt under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code (“Code”) of 1986. c.

Article 4 – Offices

Because there will be no actual physical corporate office, the Club shall be located at the residence of the Club’s current president. The president’s name is listed as an officer under the Club’s website –

Article 5 – Dedication of Assets

The properties and assets of the Club are irrevocably dedicated to and for non-profit purposes only. No part of the net earnings, properties, or assets of the Club, on dissolution or otherwise, shall inure to the benefit of any person or any member, director, or officer of this Club. On liquidation or dissolution, all remaining properties and assets of the Club shall be distributed and paid over to an organization dedicated to non-profit purposes which has established its tax-exempt status pursuant to Section 501(c) of the Code.

Approved, May 21, 2016/Amended, May 20, 2017/Amended May, 2019

Article 6 – Membership

A.         New and Returning Members – Individuals desiring to become members of the Grand Rapids Pickleball Club or remain a current member must be of good character, practice good sportsmanship, and agree to abide by these bylaws and other Club policies, practices, etc. He/she shall be required to prepare and properly complete a Club application in its entirety either manually or on-line on the Club website. Failure to properly complete membership information is cause for non-acceptance. Membership may be for an individual, couples, or families. The Board reserves the right to further define couples and families as may be necessary if clarification is needed.

B.         Dues and Term – Each year dues may be assessed by the Club which are payable through the Club website, through a manual application mailed to the Club Treasurer, or other methodology as approved by the Board. Membership is not activated until full payment has been received. Failure to pay membership dues is cause for member termination. Membership will be for 12 months or 3 years, depending on which membership length is chosen, from the time they join and pay membership dues.  The Board has the right to change the membership year without Club membership approval.

C.         Discipline – In the event a member’s behavior is potential cause for discipline such as rule violations, poor sportsmanship, or other questionable actions as may be determined by the Club Board or special committee, discipline may be assessed up to and including termination of membership. All members are required to promptly assist the discipline committee in determining the facts of the situation in question. Discipline members may not run for an officer position in the year the discipline was assessed.

E.         Liability – Members agree to abide by the “Release of Liability” as stated on the most current membership application form.

Article 7 – Meetings

A.         An annual meeting will be held in either May or June with notification sent to members at least 30 days in advance of the meeting date using email (all members are expected to have email service), US mail service, phone call, or other acceptable communication methodology. Special member meetings may be called by the President at his/her discretion. A quorum for the annual or special meeting will be at least ten percent (10%) of the members in good standing. Special meetings may also be called by written request of at least four voting members of the Club. The president will then set up a meeting to discuss the issue and resolve with the help of the executive committee (voting members).

B.         Regular Board meetings may be called by the President or at least three other voting members and a quorum will constitute at least two thirds (rounded down) of those current Board members having voting rights.

C.         All meetings will use Robert's Rules of Order as a guideline in conducting such meetings. Voting may use secret ballots, verbal or hand recognition. A simple majority will suffice unless the Board approves otherwise.

D.         Active USAPA ambassadors, who are current Club members, may attend and participate in Board meetings but have no voting rights.

Approved, May 21, 2016/ Amended May 20, 2017/Amended May, 2019

Article 8 – Club Elections

A.         Club elections will be held annually to elect new Club officers as positions become open. The election will be completed as follows:

  1. Approximately three months prior to the annual election, the Board will establish a nominating

committee of three people.

  1. This committee will determine the positions to be filled and will attempt to identify at least two candidates for each position meeting any general or specific qualifications defined and approved by the Board.
  2. Open positions may be filled by Club members nominating themselves or the committee may recruit individuals for the pending open position.
  3. Club members will be notified two to three weeks before the annual meeting all positions to be voted upon and the respective candidates for each position.
  4. At the annual meeting, attending members meeting voting requirements will select by voting a person for each open position. Club members unable to attend the annual meeting may vote by email or other suitable form of communication that is documented.

Article 9 – Officers/Other Board Members

A.         Elected officers (in order of hierarchy President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary) and certain committee directors may be referred to as the “Board”. The Club does not have a “Board of Directors”. Officers and voting committee directors must be available at least nine months within the year within the Club’s immediate playing area (Kent and surrounding counties) unless approved otherwise by the current Board.

B.         Voting Board members are the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Directors for two-four committees. In the event there are two or more co-chairs for a committee, only one (as approved by the Board) has voting privileges.

C.         President

1. Term - Two year period that commences at the end of the annual meeting holding such

election. May not hold the President’s office for more than two consecutive terms.

2. Responsibilities:

a) Presides over all meetings.

b) Sets Club goals and objectives with Board approval.

c) Enforces/approves Club policies and procedures.

d) Appoints committee directors with consultation and approval of two-thirds of the Board.

e) Approves all Club expenditures over $200 as written by the Treasurer.

f) Coordinates/interfaces with local governmental units and other clubs as needed.

g) Performs other functions as may be necessary for the efficient and effective operation of Club activities.

3. Elected at annual meeting in even numbered years.

4. Stays on the current board in an advisory capacity for two years in a non-voting capacity after the election of a new president.

Approved, May 21, 2016/Amended May 20, 2017/Amended May, 2019

D. Vice President

1. Reports to and acts for the President in his/her absence.

2. Responsibilities: 

a) Oversees Treasurer, Secretary, and Club committees.

b) Provides adequate and effective guidance as needed for 2a above plus other committees as may report to the preceding.

c) Ensures Club assets and properties (real and virtual) are properly safeguarded.

d) Ensures Club records are maintained and effectively protected.

e) Ensures all governmental reporting requirements are timely met.

f) Handles the disciplinary process if needed for Club members.

g) Assists and develops Club playing policies as may be needed for training and regular play.

h) Ensures the Club is in compliance with all applicable rules, policies, and other requirements when the Club uses public parks and other established playing areas.

i) Ensures all necessary resources are available for Club member play as may be needed.

j) Ensures playing areas have been provided first aid and other medical emergency equipment as needed.

k) Performs other functions as may be necessary for the efficient and effective operation of Club activities.

3. Office held for two years.

4. Elected in odd number years.

F. Treasurer

1. Reports to the Vice President.

2. Responsibilities: Properly maintains financial accounts, ensures Club expenses do not exceed Club revenues, completes timely deposits for any revenues, and reimburses members for approved expenses in a timely manner.

3. Accurately records revenue and expense transactions in Club records and safely maintains said

records for a sufficient period of time as to meet all legal requirements.

4. Accurately prepares and submits required reports in a timely manner to appropriate legal authorities as to comply with City, County, State and Federal requirements, if any.

5. Performs other treasury functions as may be necessary for the well-being of the Club.

6. Office held for two years.

7. Elected in even years.

F. Secretary

1. Reports to the Vice President.

2. Responsibilities: Accurately records and maintains the minutes of all Board meetings, safely

retains said minutes to meet any legal requirements as may be applicable, and signs legal documents as may be necessary for the Club.

3. Performs other functions as may be periodically requested by the President and Vice-President.

4. Office held for two years.

5. Elected in odd years.

Approved, May 21, 2016/Amended May 20, 2017/Amended May, 2019

E. Vacancies

1. Should a vacancy occur for any Board position, the President with the concurrence of at least two-thirds of the remaining Board members may appoint an individual (meeting election requirements) to the position to fill out the term.

2. The Secretary will accurately document the details for each appointment.

F. Removal

1. Board members may be removed from office by either

(a) a majority of the Board members voting to remove said member or by

(b) participating Club members in good standing (at least 20% of membership) casting a majority of votes to remove said member.

2. The board member under question may present their own comments/findings to the Board

prior to any votes cast. The presentation must be within ten calendar days from the notification (verbal or written) of pending removal.

3. Removed board members may not actively participate in the Club for one year or longer as

determined by the remaining Board members.

G. Compensation

1. No Board or committee members may be compensated with Club funds for any services rendered.

H. Conflict of Interest

1. Board and committee members are required to report to the President and other Board members as soon as possible if any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest.

2. The President and Vice-President will determine the validity of any alleged conflict within ten

business days. Within that ten day period, no transactions pertaining to the alleged conflict may transpire.

3. Board members determined to have a conflict of interest will be required to either

remove/eliminate the item(s) in question or to resign from his/her position.

Article 10 – Committees

Committees may be established as needed by the Board to help the Club run its annual program. The Board has the right to appoint all committee directors with the approval of two thirds of the Board members. Certain committee directors (a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4), as selected by the President at the beginning of each membership year, will have voting privileges on the Board. Once the voting committees have been selected, voting privileges remain with that committee position for the remainder of the membership year. Committee directors may be removed with the approval of at least two thirds of the Board. A committee may have no more than two directors and only one may vote. Voting committee members are expected to attend all Board meetings.

If desirable, committee directors may report to other committee directors as determined by the voting members of the Board.

Approved, May 21, 2016/Amended May 20, 2017/Amended May 2019

Article 11 – Books and Records

Due to legal requirements and other considerations that may benefit the Club, individuals responsible for record keeping must ensure said records are prevented from error, loss, theft, and manipulation. Each person is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the records. When a responsible individual leaves a Club position, Club records must be turned over to the President or incoming individual within ten calendar days from the position vacancy.

Article 12 – Bylaw Amendments

As times and conditions change, bylaw amendments may be necessary. The Board is responsible for any such recommendations with specific wording to the same. On an interim basis, a majority vote of the Board will be sufficient to enact the bylaw change until the next annual or special meeting. At that time, members will vote to either approve or disapprove said change. Bylaw changes may be made up to six months retroactive.

Approved, May 21, 2016/Amended May 20, 2017/Amended May, 2019