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Community Communication - COVID
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Highlands Community,

As we transition back to in-person learning, we would like to review our current COVID protocols. The information listed below explains how the district handles positive cases, close contacts, and symptomatic individuals. It also provides information for those who have already tested positive for COVID-19. Please note that this virus is still new and information changes continuously. We will update the information as new guidance becomes available.

Following these protocols is essential to maintaining in-person learning in our community, and we appreciate our families’ commitment and cooperation in making decisions that will protect our school community.

Daily screening is a critical part of our safety protocol. Students and staff may not come to school if they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.

Students and Staff must stay home if ONE of the following symptoms is present:

Symptoms of COVID-19

Please note: If one sibling/ family member has a symptom of COVID-19, then all siblings/family members must remain home.

Students or staff members who exhibit any of the above symptoms will not be permitted to return to school and should consult with their health care provider. Household members of the symptomatic students are also not permitted in the school building and must remain out of the building until an alternative diagnosis is made, a negative test result is provided to the school (must be a RT-PCR Test), or the quarantine requirements set forth below are satisfied.

SYMPTOMATIC INDIVIDUALS : Return to School/Work Guidelines (Note: these guidelines are for both staff and students)


If not tested for COVID-19:

If tested for COVID-19

Quarantine Procedures for those Symptomatic vs. those identified as a “Close Contact”

These recommendations for quarantine options shorter than 14 days balance reduced burden against a small but non-zero risk of post-quarantine infection that is informed by new and emerging science.

Please note:

  1. If one person within the household is awaiting COVID results, then all household members must remain home until the results are received.
  2. CCDPH requires a negative RT-PCR test to return. If there is a negative rapid test, it must be confirmed with a RT-PCR.

Travel Guidelines:

IDPH Recommendations for someone who has previously tested positive for COVID-19

For those who have had prior diagnoses of COVID-19 confirmed by viral testing (not antibody testing) within 3 months, isolation and quarantine may not be needed. Please refer to the table below:

Status of Previous COVID-Positive Individual

Less than 90 days (3 months) from last Positive Test

Greater than 90 days (3 months) from last Positive Test

Refer for clinical evaluation if COVID-like symptoms are present?



Repeat COVID-19 test if COVID-like symptoms are present?

NOT Recommended

Healthcare Providers may decide to test based on clinical assessment.


Exclude from school if COVID-like symptoms are present?

Yes, stay home until symptoms have improved/resolved, and note from health care provider indicating alternate diagnosis.

If COVID test positive: see quarantine information above.

If COVID test negative: stay home until symptoms have resolved per return to school-criteria for diagnosed condition.

Place in quarantine (for 14 calendar days) if named as a close contact to a known case of COVID-19?