Rector’s Forum



9th          Introduction and Rationale

16th         Concerning the Service of the Church (BCP 13)

23rd         The Calendar of the Church Year (BCP 15)

30th         Parish Eucharist & Picnic, no forum


7th          An Exhortation (BCP 315) & Abbreviated Parish Forum

14th         A Sacrifice of Praise and Thanksgiving. Eucharist and Sacrificial Giving

21st         Concerning the Celebration (BCP 354)

28th         Introductory Rites (BCP 355)


4th          The Stones Would Cry Out: Concerning Church Architecture 

11th         The Lessons (BCP 357)

18th         Do the Red, Say the Black: Concerning Rubrics

25th         The Gospel (BCP 357)


2nd          Praying Twice: Concerning Church Music

9th           Response to the Lessons: The Sermon (BCP 358)

16th         Response to the Lessons: The Nicene Creed (BCP 358)

23rd         no forum

30th         no forum


6th          The Prayers of the People (BCP 359)

13th         Confession and Absolution (BCP 360)

20th         The Peace (BCP 360)

27th         In him I am well drest: Concerning Vestments and Sanctuary Furnishings


3rd          Annual Parish Meeting, no forum

10th         The Offertory (BCP 361)

17th         Introibo ad altare Dei: Concerning Altars

24th         The Structure of The Eucharistic Prayer


3rd           The Sanctus (BCP 362)

10th         The Canon of the Mass: Words of Institution (BCP 362)

17th         The Canon of the Mass: Anamnesis (BCP 362)

24th         The Canon of the Mass: Epiclesis (BCP 363)

31st          Episcopal Visitation from Bishop Gutierrez


7th          The Canon of the Mass: The Breaking of the Bread and Invitation (BCP 364)

14th         Palm Sunday

21st         Easter

28th         no forum


5th            An Effectual Sign of Grace: Concerning Anglican Eucharistic Theology

12th         The ministration of Communion and the Post-Communion Prayer (BCP 365)

19th         The Dismissal (BCP 366)

26th          Conclusion