Callum: “This is our game, Flight Attendant Simulator, a wacky VR simulator game. Rather than be a proper simulator, we are focusing on making it more of a comedic game”


Callum: “I’m the main coder for the project. I focus on all of the programming and asset implementation into the Unity game engine and ensure that the mechanics are working.”

Louis: “I’m the lead artist. I work on the 3D modelling aspect and the UI design.”

Reece: “I am one of the project’s artists and its sound designer. I focus on making the food and props within the game as well as working on the sounds.”

Callum: “Josh is our character artist. He works on all of the character models, including modelling, rigging and animating them ready for engine implementation.”


Reece: “Our game, as mentioned before, is a flight attendant simulator built for VR headsets.

At its current stage, you have to prepare meals for a variety of customers, from celebrities to businessmen to other passengers who frequent private jets

If you make mistakes or fail to complete a task then you will have to face a consequence. Currently, you receive a game over screen, but in the final game, we would intend for this to reward you with less money.

Each customer you interact with has a different personality, so they will have weights to which food they request more frequently or not at all. They also have less patience for the player and may get annoyed more quickly at things.

We have an interactive environment within our game, you can interact with almost everything in the game and the environment has a turbulence event which is meant to disorientate the player.”


Callum: “In the final release of our game we feel like a lot of the game can be expanded upon. We can add a variety of environments, from other planes to restaurants to even a space level. These can be released as part of the main game, or as part of a DLC after the game has released.

We would also work on adding liquid mechanics, so that you can fill up a wine glass with wine, a whiskey glass with whiskey or a mug with tea or coffee. This would add an additional difficulty to the game as turbulence could make this difficult to pour without spilling it everywhere.

We would work on adding more characters. Currently, we have 8 and for its current state, this is good. But in a final release, more characters would be necessary to make sure that the game is less repetitive.

We would work on adding more food and drinks to the game, this again, is to make the game less repetitive. We currently have 4 different main meals which we feel is too few to keep the game interesting. But this is enough to showcase the gameplay.

We would work on adding a cooking mechanic. So not only do you just have to put the items on the tray, but you physically have to cook them first. This would make the game more interesting and add to the gameplay loop.

We would work on adding a career mode. This would mean that you work on unique missions each day and earn money, which you can use to buy upgrades, you can also work your way through the ranks. This gives the player a sense of progression within our game, because they are actively working towards something.

We feel like overall, our game can be expanded on, and we already have the framework for this to work.”


Louis: “We have picked out two very similar titles to our game. The first of which is Food Truck VR. In this game you work on a Food Truck and have to cook and serve orders of whatever the customers request. From the reviews that have been left by owners, the game is still quite buggy but the gameplay loop is still fun.

The second game is Cabin Crew Crowd Control. This is essentially our game but it never got past its first build in 2017. Its available for free on itch.io but doesn’t work on the Oculus Rift so we haven’t been able to test it. However, looking at gameplay videos, the gameplay is toned down compared to what we have. You can throw food and drinks at passengers, but you don’t have to prepare trays of food for the passengers, it's a simple, pickup, walk and throw mechanic that exists. It's nowhere near what we have currently.”


Callum: “Our game is a VR only game because the core gameplay of picking items up doesn’t work without the hand controllers and as such, our market consists of people who own VR headsets as we intend to release on the Rift, Vive and Windows Mixed Reality platforms using the SteamVR codebase.

We will be aiming the game at PC gamers particularly, as Steam is a great place for indie games to thrive, especially VR ones.

We are aiming the game at people who are looking for a lighthearted gameplay experience because at the end of the day, life is bleak and we all want to have fun.

We are going to aim our game at people who like stupid simulator games. We are more like goat simulator than farming simulator. And more like surgeon simulator than Euro Truck Simulator. We don't want to make a deadly serious game, we want to slightly emulate the job of a flight attendant whilst applying comedy and stupidity to it, rather than focusing on each minute detail and replicating it exactly.

Similar games on Steam, by searching the tags associated with our game, sell for around £11.79 on average and we feel that £9.99 is a reasonable price for our game.”


Reece: “What makes our game different?”


Reece: “We have a unique anger and consequences system. With this, the customer will randomly request what they want and a timer will begin to count down - this is their anger meter. Then, the player has to ask them what they want, and the player has to remember the three items requested. If the player, brings the customer the wrong food, then the customer will get angry and the timer will decrease more quickly. In the final game, we would have it so the customer can knock the things off the table and you would get less money in the campaign mode.


Louis: “In our game, we feature a fully interactive environment. If you want to open a cupboard you can, if you want to pick up an item, you can or if you want to pick a turd out of the toilet, be our guest. VR allows us to do this, and the more interactive the environment, the more immersive the game will be.”


Callum: “In our game, we have about 8 or so characters. All of these are unique and that comes with their own personality. The personality dictates what food, drink and desserts they prefer, along with how they react to getting the wrong or right order. It also dictates their patience level.”


Louis: “Those are our Unique Selling Points which differentiate us from our competitors”


Reece: “Here is our game’s trailer”


Louis: “Before our internal deadline in about 6 weeks time, we have to complete a few tasks. These are, adding some more customers to interact with. Increasing the amount of food/drink/desserts we have within our game. Adding more interactive elements to the environment, such as drawers and cupboards and turbulence. Expanding more to the capabilities of the character personalities. And adding sounds the our game, along with witty pilot announcements.”


Reece: “Any questions?”