31st annual Scopes Festival

        July 2019

        Rhea County Courthouse

        1475 Market St, Dayton, TN

Festival Office: 107 Main St, Dayton, TN 37321    423.775.9847


We hope you will join us for this year’s Scopes Festival and Bluegrass Competition. Vendors are accepted on a first-come basis so be sure to get your application and payment in promptly. 

Festival Times:

Vendor Setup - by allotted time 07/19 between 12 pm - 9 pm

Crowds expected:7/19, 5pm – 10 pm; 7/20, 11am - 11pm; 7/21, 1pm - tba


Organizers agree to provide the following:

  Non-food vendors will receive a 12x12 space on the courthouse lawn with electrical access.

  Food vendors will receive a 12x12 space on 2nd Ave. with water and electric access and will receive an allotted time for setup to avoid congestion.

  Parking pass must be on your dash to park in the unloading area. A map will be provided to show where to unload and park.  The Vendor agrees to the following:

 Booths can be taken down any time after 11 pm on 07/20. It is requested that all booths be set up by 11 am on 07/20 when the crowds will begin to gather.

  To provide all tables, tents, booths, lighting, electrical cords, water hoses, or any set-up equipment needed.

  Vendors are to provide a list of what they intend to sell at time of application for approval.

  Any vendor with a trailer or self-contained booth must provide the exact size. The spaces are 12x12’ so if your trailer is 20x12’ two spaces are required.

  Vendors agree to pay fees at the time of application. No vendor will be allowed to set up unless fee is paid.

  Have parking pass on dash during unloading of booth. Vehicle is only to be left unattended in unloading area during UNLOADING. Vendor agrees to move vehicle before setting up of booth.


Scopes Organizers WILL NOT PROVIDE: Electrical cords, hoses,tables, tents, lighting

 Will you be selling something in the booth? o Yes o No

Commercial vendor ($500) If Yes, what will you be selling? o Food ($150) o Non-Food ($100) (Our policy is to limit the number of food products sold to one professional company per food product.  We do not limit local nonprofit organizations. We cannot guarantee that another vendor will not be selling the same food or items as you. Payment is due with booth application.)

Agreement is not valid until Scopes Festival Promotion Committee approves application and application has been signed by the Organizer. 

Please attach a list of what you are requesting to sell if more than one item. We will look over the list, mark off anything that we already have and return the list to you. We work on a first-come basis, so get your application in early.





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Signature of Organizer      Date                     Signature of Vendor           Date

o Cash o Check o Credit/Debit Card: Master Card/Visa/Discover/AmEx

Credit Card #__________________________________ Exp. Date ______ / ______

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