Hey gals

Oh. hello


Cool web site

Im a fan

How do i chat

New favourite website? I think so



Wow, this place is definitely for luddites.

I might be writing to nobody… but that’s


Not everything is the fastest, the latest,

The greatest. In fact few things are. Almost none.

I hope someone else looking for a

Drop of relief in this hyper-fast

World finds it here
In weird font.
Badly formatted.
And perfectly honest.


D'INTERNET by john maradik

I get all my food there

my decorative Scandinavian rock

my job

dear jeez/jeeves

I can't sleep

I've got D'Internet

humans crawled from the sea

millions of years ago

up the muddy slope

into the chocolate pudding

looking for D'Internet

history was nothing but people

doing loud things

next to the woods

looking for a place to put D'Internet

staring at books for ages

expecting to see D'Internet

but books are ludicrously flat

their pages flap stupidly

their sad weight

those dumb ruins

all that dumb art

boredom burned like a fever

people just sat there

had long wars or

drooled into their hands

before D'Internet emerged

from the muck of things

a huge shining mirror

a deep well of water

people saw it and began to cry

Hellllllllo :)

i was here!

Wow this is some pretty cool stuff.

I just keep wanting to grab my skin off my hands and toss it over the side to you and when you catch it you put on my skin glove and think you look beautiful