Right Choicehttp://www.nuimagepro.com/nuimagepro/assets/Image/Shade%20treecropped.jpgAlmost every patio and window in Europe has an awning, because Europeans realized long ago that awnings have a multitude of extremely valuable attributes. They add space and atmosphere, and provide cool shelter from the sun — all while saving on energy costs. Did you know that just like relaxing under a big shade tree, it often feels 20 degrees cooler under an awning? That's feeling like it's 70 on a 90-degree day! 

Right Brandhttp://www.nuimagepro.com/nuimagepro/assets/Image/G250%20close%20up%20shoulder.jpgUnlike other brands, our lifetime frame warranty covers product defects with NO pro-rating. Please read the warranty document for details. Every awning is manufactured using top-quality aluminum components and long lasting solution dyed fabric in our 163,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Your awning is made to specificially fit your home. With five NuImage retractable awning models — three of which measure up to 40' wide and 14' 6" out — there is no need to compromise on size or style.

Right Decisionhttp://www.nuimagepro.com/nuimagepro/assets/Image/NuImage%20Installation1.JPGNuImage Awning's White Glove Service has set an ultra-high industry standard. Your distinctive homes deserve the care and attention to detail that comes with the service of our awning professionals. Our high quality awnings weigh as much as 300 lbs, so leave the awning DIY jobs to others. Every aspect of your new awning — from the point of order to the completion of installation — is handled by factory-trained professionals to assure perfection every time. Exceeding your expectations: It’s what you deserve, and it’s what we will deliver ... guaranteed.