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BBQ Contest Rules and Regulations
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29th Ozark Ham & Turkey Festival



Rules of Participation

This is an open contest. ANYONE can enter: women, men, amateurs, and professional cooks!

The contest will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2019 in California on the Commerce Bank Parking Lot. Official starting time will be 11:00 am, when all fires will be started. All entries must be on the judging tables by 3:30 pm, and no earlier than 2:30 pm.

NO FIRES TO BE STARTED BEFORE 11:00 AM *Must use charcoal*.

Competition in pork steak categories only (please furnish 2 pork steaks for judging).


  1. Each contestant completing shall supply their own meat, cooking ingredients, their own barbecue grill, and briquettes. (Sorry but we have no water or electricity available.)
  2. The chief cook will be held responsible for the conduct of their team. Under no circumstances are alcoholic beverages to be distributed, given away, or sold to the general public by the contestants.
  3. The Barbecue Steering Committee requests and requires that good taste be used not only in your barbecue, but in your area as well. We want each team to have a good time and want a good family atmosphere for those who attend.
  4. Contestants will be permitted to give away bite size order type samples to spectators before judging only.
  5. No fires can be built on the ground. Please do not dump live coals on the ground. Barrels will be furnished for disposal.
  6. No live animals (dogs, pigs, etc.) are allowed in the cooking area.

Two pork steaks will be judged on: Thoroughness of cooking-Appearance-Taste-Tenderness

Prizes will be awarded following the judging:

          1st Place- $175.00 & Plaque       2nd Place- $105.00 & Plaque        3rd Place- $70.00 & Plaque