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Boneo STEM HackerSpace - Bitcoin Education Session
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Boneo STEM HackerSpace - Bitcoin Education Session

Families, students, and technology enthusiasts alike are invited to immerse themselves in the forefront of technological advancement at the Peninsula Bitcoin Education Meetup, where innovation meets education. Join us at the dynamic STEM hackerspace, where curious minds gather to explore the intricacies of the Lightning Network. Guided by the expertise of Kieran, a leading figure in the blockchain realm, participants will delve into the revolutionary potential of this second layer solution for Bitcoin scalability. Engaging discussions, interactive workshops, and hands-on demonstrations offer attendees a comprehensive understanding of the Lightning Network's rapid microtransactions and enhanced efficiency. This inclusive meetup welcomes everyone, whether you're a seasoned technology enthusiast or a curious newcomer, promising an enlightening experience at the intersection of cutting-edge technology.

Location: Boneo Primary school 582 Boneo Rd, Boneo VIC 3939 - HackerSpace - entrance near tennis courts

Time: 6 pm

Date: 11th September

Please bring a smartphone, with the following application installed for a super fun activity: