Last Update: 04.20.22

To receive event Covid updates via text message: Text: Join CDM Action to 888.535.2276

Cinco De Mayo Ride Covid Plan

We have significant experience managing in-person Covid mitigation. Our Cinco De Mayo Event is being continuously evaluated and plans updated in light of changing conditions. This document will be updated as warranted.

All aspects of the event will be modified to reduce risk and provide the highest degree of safety for our event participants, staff, and volunteers. Plans will be in place for mitigating and responding to disease transmission.

Overall Safety Protocol

PCAS’s Master Safety Plan was developed by experts and reviewed by the Philadelphia Health Department, which has the strictest requirements in Pennsylvania. We focus on following best practices that fit the situation at an event or activity.

Personal requirements will be communicated to participants, staff, volunteers, vendors, and sponsors before the event via one or more of the following: phone, email, social media, and event website updates. These responsibilities and COVID-19 protocols will be explained multiple times before the event and evolve as necessary.  Because of the nature of the pandemic and the ever-changing climate, changes may be made up to the last minute. All efforts will ensure our participants, staff, volunteers, vendors, and sponsors have the most up-to-date information available.

Here are protocols that will be in place (as of today):


Registration will take place in advance and on the day of the event.    

Preparing for Event Day

Health Screening