Stay Strong

Hey I’m Roy Walters I’m a 13 year old girl I am around 4’ 5, I have dark brown hair that goes down to the end of my neck, my eyes are gray with a hint of brown more of a black then brown though and I have freckles along my cheeks. I don’t have many friends, but I have my gang the Pitbulls I’ve known them forever. Although I may still seem young I have experienced way to many things for my age. I have a younger sister her name is Faye Williams she’s 30 minutes younger even though she is a foot taller than me. She has blonde wavy hair with blue eyes and no freckles.

I know we have different last names that’s because she lives with my mom and her stepdad. While I live with my Dad, we are opposite families. My mom’s family are all super rich, while me and my dad are middle class. I have to work just to help pay my dad’s hospital bills. Yup he’s in the hospital can’t say he’ll make it. If he doesn’t I’m off to live with my only “friend” Marlo Jones he is 14 and has been for 2 months.

Roy: “My dad has been in the hospital for a month now Marlo.” I said while shaking. “I’m living basically on my own.” “Yeah I now Roy, you gotta let me help you though.” Marlo said while shaking his head. Marlo and I walked down the street while I thought what to say back. “C’mon Roy let me help you, you’re too young to be experiencing this!” He said almost blowing up. That’s when the Bulldogs came we both looked at eachother and decided to run. The Bulldogs well they are the popular kids my so called sister is one of them they are always picking at me, but I don’t let ‘em. Marlo trips which causes me to trip then the Bulldogs caught up. “Trying to run?” Faye said as she kicked Marlo also allowing the others to. “STOP! Faye knock it off leave him alone!” I said clenching my fists. “Awww little baby Roy trying to protect her friend!? WELL NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!” She said trying to kick him again. Keyword trying “FAYE!” I said while I swung and punched her nose. “OW BRAT YOU BROKE MY NOSE” She said while her and the other Bulldogs walked away.

I dropped down to the ground to help Marlo who was badly beaten. “Hey Marlo?” I said shaking his still body worried. “Roy?” he said shaking. “Yeah Marlo?” I said crying. “Please get off my hand?” he said laughing. “Sorry Mar let me help you up.” I said grabbing his hand pulling him up. We walked home in silence and that’s when he said, “Roy you went hard on them… Why didn’t you just run I’m not worth saving.” he said rubbing his arm. “I helped you because… because you would’ve done the same and you are my friend.” I said repeating the word friend a million times in my head he’s more of a brother.

Marlo: Why why why did I say I’m not worth saving. I knew she was going to say because we are friends… Just friends. I thought to myself my heart breaking into pieces we are more than friends we are siblings. I’ve known Roy for as long as I can remember and for the years I’ve known her she has always been there for me, but when is my time to help her. I look over at Roy in an old tank top and jeans she looks sad like there is nothing out there for her, in reality there isn’t her dad who is on the ridge of dying she only has weekends without work. I don’t know how she does it, she gets straight A’s and works full time that must be hard especially for her age. “Hey Mar whatcha’ say bout’ comin’ to my house it’s just me?” Roy said looking at the ground. “ Sure! Race ya there!” I said patting her back then running full speed. “GET BACK HERE MARLO!” She said smiling. I like to see her smile it’s not often she does she is in rough times especially with her dad in the hospital. “Roy?” I asked with sweat dripping down my forehead as I looked back I saw it. Roy standing there with what looked like Bulldogs surrounding her I ran tackling one of them down. “ Yeesh kid why are you tackling my brother?” A guy with pitch black eyes and blonde hair asked with fury in his eyes. “Let him off the hook… I know him.” Roy laughed. “Who are you anyways?” The kid I tackled asked while pushing me away. “Oh I’m Marlo. Roy’s Best Friend!” I said with pride wiping blood off my knee.

Diggs: This Marlo kid came and tackled me outta nowhere. He’s pretty strong for a 14 year old though. I was surprised that was the kid that Roy was hanging around with instead of us. As soon as we heard that she broke a Bulldogs nose and they were out for blood we came lookin’ for her. “Hey Roy?” the Maro kid asked. “Yeah Mar?” Roy asked. “Are we still hanging out at your house or should I just go home?” Marlo asked with a concerning look. “We’ll let you go Roy go have fun! Just watch out for the Bulldogs they’re out for ya.” Duggs said with a serious look. “They’re out for me!?! UGH! C’mon all of you if they catch one of us that ain’t good.” Roy stated jogging to her house. “Hey Duggs?” I whispered “Yeah Diggs? Whatcha need?” My brother said catching up to the rest. “I’m not so sure bout’ this Duggs I don’t got a good feeling.” I said slowing down. We all stopped it was the Bulldogs.

Nyla: We ran into the bulldogs full force too. “UGH BACK OFF I HAVE A BROKEN NOSE!” Faye exclaimed with an eyeroll. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FAYE?!” Roy said almost punching her again. “ I want to talk to Dad.”  She said smiling “You can’t”  I said patting Roy’s back. “WHY NOT?!” Faye screamed in anger. I looked over at Roy her eyes were watering as she looked up to stop the tears she said, “ He’s in the hospital… The doctor’s called me this morning saying he probably won’t make it.” Everyone’s face went white Faye she… she just laughed. That’s when I decided to punch her in the gut as hard as  I could too, which is pretty hard considering I box to earn money. “ UGH. WHY AM I GETTING BEAT TODAY?!” Faye said while aiming to punch Roy in the eye. “STOP! YOU GOT BEAT TODAY BECAUSE YOU ARE A SELFISH BRAT WHO DOESN’T  CARE ABOUT ANYONE!”  I looked to see who said it, Tor. It was Tor he never stuck up for any of us.

Tor: I just couldn’t stand seeing her get yelled at like that I had to act. Now the group probably thinks I favor her. I do. The only reason I do because she has it rough like me. Except she has it worse she is 13 with a full time job not to mention her sister and mother are always pickin’ at her. Also it’s because I REALLY LIKE HER her strong confidence and even though she has it rough she puts other first. It my not seem like I have it rough to the others, but I do and Roy knows that she’s seen my family. My dad, brother, sister, and me I have to teach my sister right from wrong since my dad won’t, my mom.  “TOR? You ok? You don’t look so good!” Roy asked me feeling my head with a concerned look. I looked around “Did you guys take me back?” I asked realizing I was in Roy’s spare bedroom. “Yup we did you basically passed out after stickin’ up for me!” Roy said yelling. I blushed she is always caring for everyone it hurts me now to see, she’s in pain. “HELLO? EARTH TO TOR EARTH TO TOR DO YOU COPY?” Astrid chimes in making the whole group laugh. “Yeah I’m here just off in space. EARTH!” I said while the group is trying to catch their breath.

Astrid: I realized when the whole group hangs out Tor and Roy are off in there own world it’s like they are communicating through their minds. See that’s the thing about me I don’t talk usually I observe. Observe my surroundings noticing the little things in life the little things are the things that matter because they lead up to the main event. “You guys gonna spend the night I could use someone to make breakfast?” Roy said smiling with puppy dog eyes. “I’m down” I said clapping for some reason. “Me too” Marlo said like he wasn’t going to already. “We’re in” Diggs and Duggs said in sync laughing also. “I was planning on it since I had nothing better to do!” Nyla said laughing and sorta crying. We all gave her a bear hug falling over and laughing. The next morning I found myself awake first I cooked some eggs and set the table. “Bang!” I heard a loud noise from what sounded like Roy’s room I ran in and saw Roy on the floor and Marlo laughing. “What happened?” I said while looking back and forth at the two. “HE PULLED ME OFF THE BED!” Roy screamed while slapping Marlo across the face. “OW! THAT HURT YOU KNOW!” Marlo said slapping her back. That’s when Tor came in and slapped both of them Marlo harder then Roy. “OW!” Marlo and Roy screamed, I just laughed. “Tor that was hilarious I’m dying hahaha” I said while laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

Duggs: I hate talking to others, I only talk to Diggs since he’s my brother and all. Sometimes I talk only when I feel something bad is going to happen or I have a smart remark. “Duggs WAKE UP!!!” Diggs screamed into my ear. “OW that hurt!” I said while I punched his gut. “Ok ok stop fighting kids. You aren’t 12 anymore.” Nyla said walking out of the kitchen with egg in her mouth. “Go sit at the table you're gonna make a mess!” Roy said grabbing some ice out of the freezer for her and Marlo. “Hey GUYS IT’S RUMBLE DAY!” Nyla yelled tripping over blankets on the floor. “I’m ok!” She yelled standing back up. “How do you manage tripping over everything?” Diggs said  while cleaning up the blankets. “I’m kinda upset Faye won’t be there I wanted to get back at her for laughing even though Nyla punched her in the gut.” I said laughing, while swinging punches at the air. “1... 2...3...PINNED!” We all heard Roy yelled. We ran into the room and saw Tor on the ground being pinned down by Roy. Roy may have been small, but she was strong and fierce she could pin anyone. “N-” Tor said and stopped as he saw us walk in. “HAHAHA! TOR GOT PINNED BY ROY! HAHAHA!” Nyla yelled while grabbing them both up.

Marlo: I was really confused. What fight? Is my precious Roy going to be in it? Will she get hurt? Will they drag me into it?  WHO IS IT AGAINST? WILL THERE BE WEAPONS? “You ok Mar?” Mar said while she threw an ice pack right at my head, “Your sweating like you saw a ghost.” “Well I’m not now thanks to you Roy” I mentioned sarcastically.  It was 10:00 am now so, the rest of the day we only set up first aid kits around just in case,we had lunch, and slept

At 6:00 pm

“Well time to go! Marlo you comin’?” Nyla said swinging the door open. “Nah I’ll stay just in case.” I was rubbing my arm nervously. “Ok suit yourself!” Duggs said running. That was the first time he said something around me. I didn’t know he could talk.

Tor: We were at the rumble it was the Bulldogs against us the Pitbulls. It was no weapons like a heater or switchblade all that stuff had to be left at home. I had a real good one too. “Who is stepping up to start from each group.” The Husky leader said, I guess here all “gangs” are named after dogs. I was about to step up against the leader of the Bulldogs Mike, but Roy did I cringed I didn’t want her to get hurt. Roy stepped up and Mike spat out “Little girl go back home!” That’s when Roy swang and knocked him clear out. “THE RUMBLE HAS BEGUN!” I ran up to Roy who was about to get topled so I tackled the guy. “Thanks Tor!” Roy said while punching a guy. “No problem!” I said swinging a person off my back. I looked over to Roy for a second then I felt a sharp pain in my side. I looked down to see a switchblade through my side I was bleeding out. “TOR NO! STAY WITH ME!” I heard what sounded like Roy as everything went black.

Roy: I was dying inside, I can’t have Tor die on me not him out of all the people why him. I was sitting in the hospital thinking about bills and I decided to check on my dad I asked the nurse to visit him and they said they moved him to a different room. When they told me the room I ran into his room to see how he was. “Dad! I missed you so much.” I screamed while running into his room. “Oh hi, honey.” My dad didn’t even sound like himself it killed me. “Hey Roy?” he asked with a serious look on his face. “Yeah dad?” I asked holding his hand. “I love you so much more than anyone in this world. You know I’m going to die soon and I don’t want you to go with your mother I want you to stay with Marlo until your aunt and uncle can take you I put that in my will. Everything goes to you the house, the money, my car, you get everything. He closed his eyes slowly and the monitor sounded off “Beep beep beep beeeeep” He’s gone, the nurses rushed in and told me to leave. I ran out and ran down the hall to the gang. “NO!” I crashed down to the floor bawling my eyes out, “HE WAS EVERYTHING TO ME, MY ONLY REAL FAMILY” The whole gang just stared at me, but somehow Marlo knew just what happened. He came over knelt down and hugged me. “What happened Roy?” Astrid asked while hugging me. “ MY DAD HE’S GONE! AND I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL MY AUNT AND UNCLE CAN TAKE ME!” I screamed not realizing I was screaming. “Please calm down miss. Also, your friend is awake and he asked to see Roy first. You can go in Roy.” I looked around at the gang and they all waved me in.

I walked in and Tor smiled. Then I could tell he saw my puffy red eyes and frowned. “What happened Roy?” He asked while going in for a hug. “M-My d-dad is d-d-dead. He j-just d-died.” I said hugging Tor crying into his shoulder. “Listen Roy I wanted you in here first because I wanted to tell you something important.” He said smiling. “Y-yeah what is it?” I said while he wiped the tears off my face. “The truth is I like you. A LOT. You make me laugh, you make me happy, you’re a little crazy and awkward, but that only makes me like you more. I’m telling you this because hearts are broken when words are unspoken. Love is more than words it is the action of devotion and care between two people. If you don’t like or love me back I’m fine with that just know that your loved.” tears streamed down his face I froze because I was crying too. “Tor…” I said wiping the tears away, “I don’t know what to say.” we both realized the gang was listening and just laughed. “ROR FOREVER!” Nyla yelled, “That’s your ship name!” We all just stared at each other and that’s when we heard the “beep beep beep beeep” the same thing I heard before my dad died. I looked over to see Tor the boy who I thought didn’t have feelings, but he confessed to me the same boy was still, lifeless. “NO, NOT ANOTHER PERSON I LOVE!” the gang looked straight at me when I said that. The nurses rushed in and they were trying to bring him back. Trying, trying, trying, no luck yet. After 5 minutes they came out “His heart is back and beating.” the nurses said with relief. I relaxed and laid across the two chairs curled up in a ball because I offered to stay the night with him.

Astrid: I knew how much Tor cared for Roy, but not that much. I’m kinda’ mad Roy was the one who knew I liked Tor yet she only showed she didn’t care about my feelings. She showed she put her feelings and herself before mine one of her best friends. I ran out of the hospital and all the way home. I flopped on my bed and cried.  One thing that didn’t bother me was that Tor was moving away to Tulsa, Oklahoma so neither of us could have him. He was moving to Tulsa as soon as he turns 18 or close to 18. I heard him telling that to his parents. Also, Roy is moving when her aunt and uncle can take her.

Duggs: Tor knows that Roy’s dad died. But he doesn’t know she will have to move. Roy usually comes to me to talk to me she is someone I can talk to. Even though we are 3 years apart I still like to talk to her. Roy, she is someone that listens, someone that cares what you say. I woke up and decided to go to the hospital. I’m on my way now I’m running just in case something happened. When I got there Roy was sitting outside his room. “Hey Roy!’ I ran over to to see what was wrong. “Oh hey Duggs.” Roy sad while she was sniffling. “What happened Roy? Where’s Tor?” his room was empty Roy was torn a part I could tell. “I don’t know he was gone when I woke up. What if h-he died because I fell asleep. This is all my fault.” She was trying to speak through sobs. I sat down right next to her to comfort her. “Did you ask the nurses?” if she didn’t I would laugh. “N-no” she said smiling with hope.  “HEY NURSE?” I screamed at the nurse walking by which made Roy laugh. “Yes sir?” the nurse said trying to be nice. “My friend Tor. Where is he?” I asked pointing to the empty room. “Oh Tor. He checked out this morning said he had to do something. “Oh ok thank you.” Roy chimed in crying. “Let’s go check his house.” I  said pulling Roy up. “O-Ok. But why would he leave without me.” Roy she looks like she died her eyes are puffy her face is pale and she has no emotion whatsoever.

Diggs: “HAHAHA I WOKE UP FIRST DUGGS!” I said looking where Duggs was sleeping. “Wait where are you Duggs.” I was worried now. Then I saw a letter that read.  Diggs I left to go check on Tor and Roy in the hospital. Don’t worry I’m fine I know you worry that’s why I left this note. -Duggs.  I was so relieved my brother was safe. I was so worried because he is my favorite family member. Eh, I might as well go to the hospital.  I was running to the hospital, but on the way I ran into the two people I was looking for. “Hey watch-” Roy said as she looked up at me, “Oops sorry Diggs!” I decided just to run along with them. “Hey where are we going? Where’s Tor?” I was out of breathe slowing down. “We don’t know we are checking his house now!” Roy yelled sprinting faster than both of us. “Oh ok. He left the hospital without you?” I asked while jogging along Duggs. “Yup, don’t know why.” Roy said wiping a tear out of her eye.  “It’s okay Roy. Turn left.” I said speeding up. We all turned left and walked up Tor’s porch steps. “I’ll knock.” Roy said while already knocking. “Ok, go right ahead.” I said sarcastically.  “Hello? Oh,” Tor answered the door and shut it. Luckily I stuck my foot in between the door and door frame. “Chill man what’s wrong, you confessed?” I said pushing the door open. “Yeah, … But she didn’t say anything back.” Tor looked down. “Yeah I did!” Roy screamed turning her back. “You were just dead man.” Duggs said with a smile “WAIT, DEAD!?” Tor looked surprised. I thought the nurses told him. “Yeah dead… I guess you lost your feelings for me when you died.” Roy said running off crying. “You had no pulse for 5 minutes, but the nurses got you back.” I said patting his shoulder. Next thing I know Tor is sprinting after Roy, but he won’t catch up. Roy is the strongest and the fastest out of all of us. Heck, she’s the fastest in the town.

Nyla: I woke up and looked at the clock. 10:00 IN THE MORNING!” I pulled on my shoes and ran to my house. As soon as I got there I saw Roy sitting on my porch crying. I ran up and gave her a hug. “What’s wrong Red?” I said because that’s what I call Roy when nobody is around. I call her it because her name means Red. “T-T-Tor h-he r-ran away from the hospital and got mad at me because I ‘didn’t’ answer his confession.” Roy was tough she only cried when she was real hurt I knew she needed me now. “Aww… Wait didn’t you say that you love him?” I asked because at the hospital she said she couldn’t lose another person she loved. “Y-yeah, but that was when he lost his pulse and passed out.” Roy said wiping her tears and trying to get into the house. “You wanna’ go in?” I said when she was twisting the locked doorknob. “Y-yes!” she said taking my key from my hand. “ROY!” I heard Tor yell. I ran down the steps to stop him. “Nope, you are my friend and all, but she needs some time Tor.” I said trying to hold back Tor. He pushed past me and got to Roy. “Roy I’m sorry! I didn’t hear you, I passed out!” Tor said hugging Roy. It was kinda funny to watch him hug her because he was at least a foot taller than her. “I’m sorry too Tor. I shouldn’t have overreacted.” Roy said hugging him back. “ROR IS SAILING!” I said running into my house. “What?” Tor said I guess he forgot when I said that in the hospital. “Uh nevermind” I said slamming the door behind me.  

Duggs: Diggs and I ran up to the porch he got there first. When I got there he just stood with his hand over his mouth. I looked over to Roy and Tor and saw them hugging and Nyla ran into the house. “Awwww!” I let it slip out of my mouth. Roy and Tor looked over at me and Diggs. “Are you two dating?” Diggs said with his hand still over his mouth. “Not yet.” Tor said and as soon as Roy noticed her eyes were right on him. “What?” Roy said reaching for Tor’s arm, but Tor, Diggs and I were already running.”

*TIME SKIP 2 WEEKS* (They only went to school and hung out)

We were racing to the park and “BAM” “AAAAAAH” We all stopped and looked to Roy, there she was laying on the ground. “ROY… ROY ANSWER ME!” Tor said picking Roy’s body up and running the way towards the hospital. “TOR WE WILL MEET YOU THERE!” Diggs was yelling with tears down his face. Marlo moved to California and it was already hard enough, but then I got put in charge of Roy and what did I let happen to her … get hit by a car! We arrived at the hospital we saw Tor in the waiting room pacing back and forth. Tor wasn’t a crier. “Tor, where is she?” I asked multiple times before I noticed Tor’s face. H-he was crying I hugged him and he just walked away. He was in pain. I ran up to a nurse and asked, “Where is Roy Walters? She is 13 about 4’ 5, short brown hair, grey and black eyes.” I asked almost shaking the nurse who was shorter than me. “I can not tell you unless you are family.” The nurse said pushing my arms away. “I am her family, well technically, her dad died about 2 weeks ago and my family are her guardians.” I said grinning at the nurse. “Room 215.” The nurse said pointing down the hall. I ran as fast as I could. I got in the room and noticed two curtains closed. “Roy?” I asked not knowing which curtain to open. “Yeah?” she said from what sounded like the left. I opened the left curtain and found Roy laying in her hospital bed a cast on her arm, cuts on her head, and her legs. “Are you just gonna’ stare at me?” Roy said laughing, “Oww” she quickly added. “So they’re only lettin’ family in.” I said rubbing my arm hoping she would get that’s why Tor isn’t here. “Oh so that’s why Tor isn’t here. I was wondering. What even happened?” Roy asked trying to itch at the cuts on her head. “EY stop that!” I yelled carefully pulling her arm away, “Your gonna’ get hurt.” I quickly remembered there was someone else in the room. “Please be quiet! Your giving me a headache!” the girl behind the other curtain said. “Sorry.” I said nervously. “Well, visiting hours are over I gotta’ go. Maybe they’ll let Tor come in tomorrow.” I said hugging Roy as a goodbye. “Yeah maybe.” Roy said putting her good arm around me for a hug. “Bye” we both managed to say at the same time.

Tor: I was feeling down. I didn’t know what to feel really. Sad? Upset? Scared? Worried? I have so many mixed emotions everything was going fine, boring, but fine. It’s Monday morning so I have to visit Roy after school. I ran to Diggs and Duggs’ house because I wanted to walk to school with someone because I can’t walk with Roy. “Hey Tor!” Diggs said pushing Duggs of the porch. “Watch it Diggs!” Duggs said while punching Diggs’ arm. “How’s Roy?” I asked while turning red. “She just has a broken arm, and some cuts on her head and arms. Oh, and she has something with her ribs.” Duggs said patting my back. “Ok thanks for telling me.” I said looking at the ground. When we got to school we split because we’re in different grades. Except, it was an exciting day at school because we found out about the Spring Fling! I already know who I’m gonna ask. ROY! “Hey Torrent!” I heard my friend Shay yelling. “Yeah Shay? I asked turning around. “I was wondering if you would want to go to the dance with me?” she asked me while looking straight into my eyes. “I really like you Torrent and I always have.” she just kept talking I didn’t know what to say. If I told her I like Roy, 2 years younger, she would make fun of me and tell everyone, but if I rejected her we wouldn’t be friends. “Listen Shay your really nice and all, but I have a girlfriend.” it just blurted out Roy is going to kill me. “Wait, what, who? When? Where? WHYY?” she was just shooting questions and I couldn’t lie about it no more except for the girlfriend part because she would soon be. “Her name is Roy. We’ve been dating for 2 weeks. Which is none of your business. Because I like her and she is someone who understands me.” I said blushing “Oh ok. Wait how old is she I haven’t seen her around?” she asked the question. “She is umm… thirteen.” I said quickly hoping she wouldn’t hear me. “13… Aww that’s adorable, but I still really like you!” she said blushing grabbing my hand. I saw Astrid watching us “Hey, Astrid? A little help.” I said waving her over trying to take my hand back. “Yeah Torrent?” she said because that’s what everyone calls me at school. “Can you help, she has my hand?” I asked because I knew she would, she always listens to me. “Yeah sure!” she said while pulling Shay’s hand out of mine. “Thanks!” I said running because the bell rang. “Where is he going in a rush?” I heard Shay saying while I was running.

I got to the hospital and went to Roy’s room. “Hey Roy!” I was so happy to see her. She was still, almost too still. “BOO!” she yelled opening her eyes and sitting up. “Why’d you do that!” I yelled jumping backwards falling. “S-sorry.” she said rubbing her cast. “No don’t say sorry I overreacted. I just got scared.” I said laughing. “It’s ok!” she said laughing. I came over to her bed and gave her a hug. I was sitting in the chair next to her bed when she said, “So, I’m getting out at five o'clock in the afternoon today.” she said smiling. “Ok that’s good!” I said when Diggs walked in. “What’s good?” he said coming over to give Roy a hug. “I’m getting out at 5 today. “Oh yay! Let’s go out to eat.” Diggs said dancing around. “CAN YOU BE QUIET?!” the girl from behind the other curtain yelled. “Yeah sorry!” Roy yelled back rolling her eyes. “UGH BE QUIET I DON’T NEED A REPLY!” the girl said again.  

This time I was mad, we only apologized. I walked over to the other curtain. “Tor no. It’s fine.” Roy said but I was to mad to listen. “I SAID SHUT UP!” the girl said again we were just talking. “Girl!” I opened the curtain and saw my mom. “Tor?” she said like she actually cared. “Nevermind I’ll be going.” I said walking back toward the curtain. “Wait, Tor, honey. I’m sorry for leaving you guys. I really am. It was just hard seeing you all everyday remembering what a bad mother I am.” she kept talking, I kinda’ feel bad because she had to work two jobs and we still didn’t have a lot. That’s the thing she tried so we still loved her until she left us with our ‘Dad’. “Please, Please forgive me!” she begged and I couldn’t hold a grudge. “Ok I forgive you.” I said smiling, “Well I gotta’ get back to my friend now.” I said waving her goodbye. “It’s about time!” Roy said hitting me in the head. “Well it’s 4:30 so let’s make our way to the front desk.” Roy said hoping up all read to go. “Slow down there! Careful you got hit by a car, not stung by a bee.” I said slowing her down. “Ugh fine Mr. Bossy!” she said pointing to the wall I ran into. “Ha!” Diggs said laughing so hard. “So where do you want to go?” Roy asked. We arrived at the front desk and the secretary said “Are you checking out?” Roy came up to the desk. “Yes I am. My name is Roy Walters.” Roy said handing the papers to Diggs. “Ok, goodbye!” the secretary said waving us goodbye. “So, where are we going?” I asked with my stomach grumbling. “We should go to the BLANK.” Diggs said. “Yeah I guess it would be nice to go somewhere the Bulldogs won’t be!” I laughed. “Yeah especially with your broken arm.” Tor added in.

Roy: I was so hungry that I could eat ANYTHING. Seriously. The hospital food they gave me was horrible. It was like I was eating mud. So as long as I get some REAL food in my stomach then I will be even more happy than I am. I’m happy because I’m with Tor. Yes, because I’m with Tor.  I really wish we were dating. To bad we aren’t. When we arrived someone yelled, “Hey Torrent!” I was very confused who else did this boy know? He isn’t such a social butterfly. “Oh hey Shay!” Tor yelled an I was mad who was he hanging out with?! “And who is this?” I said trying to cross my arms. “Awww this must be your girlfriend, Roy!” this Shay girl said I was as surprised as Diggs. “GIRLFRIEND!” I laughed “Good joke. My name is Roy, but since when are we dating Tor?” I said hitting him. Shay went blank “H-he told me you two were dating when I asked him to the dance and told him that I like him.” Shay said turning red. Wait SHE likes him no this can’t happen, she can’t take him. I won’t lose another person I won’t. “I-I didn’t!” Tor said defending himself and blushing it is obvious that he did tell her we were dating, I started turning red. “Y-Yeah he did, I wouldn’t lie!” The weird Shay girl said. “Mmhmm sure girl, sure!” I said getting annoyed with this girl. “UGH I’M NOT LYING, ASK ASTRID SHE WAS THERE!” Shay said. I might as well ask Astrid. Luckily I saw Astrid walk by the door. “Oh, hey Astrid!” I yelled running out the door. “Yeah? What’s up?” She replied turning around. “Did Tor say we were dating?” I asked blushing. “Yeah. Why?” She said looking concerned. “UGH Nevermind I need to talk to him!” I said running back in. “TOR!” I yelled and I didn’t care that everybody was looking at me. “Yes Roy?” he asked turning bright red. “WHY DID YOU SAY THAT I’M YOUR GIRLFRIEND!?” I screamed. “Because I want you to be!” He screamed back. I was speechless all I know is that I am turning bright red. “I-I feel the same way!” I said hugging him. Everyone around us was cheering and telling us how cute we are together. I mean all except Shay… she was just plain jealous. She stormed out of the hangout crying. I kinda’ felt bad for her. “Sorry to ruin the moment Roy, but we gotta get home!” Diggs sid pulling me out the door. As soon as we got home I called my cousin Ayla, “Hey Ayla?” I cheered into the phone. “Yeah Roy?” she asked. “I think I have a boyfriend!” I said blushing even though she couldn’t tell. “Awww that’s awesome Roy!” I could tell she was happy for me, but I didn’t tell her my dad was dead yet. “Also,” I said with a quiver in my voice. “Yeah Roy? What’s wrong?” she asked in a very worried tone. “My d-dad he passed.” I said as I started crying. “Oh Roy I’m sorry I’m sure we could take you in 2- 3 years, but do you have somewhere to stay?” she said in a comforting tone. “Yeah.” I said wiping the tears off my face. “Oh with who?” she asked. “Umm-” I was cut off with Diggs screaming “RUMBLE TONIGHT!” I am super worried now that Ayla heard about the rumble. “Rumble?!?!” She asked sorta in a yelling tone. “Yeah, Rumble. I’m in a gang, the Pitbulls.” I said in a rough voice. “Roy, gangs are nothing but trouble. Stay outta them!” Ayla stated. “Eh, to late I’ve been apart of it and so is my boyfriend now bye!” I said quickly hanging up the phone. Ugh, now she knows I’m in a gang and I fight in rumbles, well not this one. “Diggs, my cousin now knows I’m in a gang because of you!” I screamed running up to the room they set up for me. I slammed the door, locked it and plopped down on my bed.

*Two hours later*

I heard a knock at my door. “Hey, Roy it’s me Tor.” he said in a calming voice. I guess Diggs got him to calm me down. “Yeah?” I said while brushing out my hair. “Come out you’ve been in there for two hours.” he said that’s when I walked up to the door and let only Tor in. “I don’t want to go out there, my cousin she knows I’m in a gang. She won’t take care of me when it comes the time.” I said letting that I have to stay here only until she can take care of me slip out. “Wait what?  Your going to move in with her.” he said with his face getting dark. “Yeah in 3 years I’m moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma.” I said holding back tears. “You said 3 years your moving to Tulsa! I’m was going to move there when I turned 18.” He said that and somehow I felt secure again, happy. “I-I’m really happy now. With you and the gang. I don’t know what I’d do without you all.” I said hugging Tor. “Diggs! I’m sorry” I said running into is room and hugging him. “I forgive you. I’m sorry to, I knew you were on the phone I should’ve thought about what I said.” Diggs said hugging me back.

*Night Of The Dance!*

Tor picked me up from Diggs and Duggs’ house. Diggs gave him the old big brother speech you better not hurt my sister. Even though he’s not blood he sure is a good brother. *On the way* “Hey Roy?” Tor asked rubbing his arm. “Yeah Tor?” I said smiling. “Ya know this is gonna be the best night of my life. No matter what happens it still will be because I get to spend it with the girl I love.” Tor said tearing up. I couldn’t help it and I decided to hug him he was crying and he is the boy I love I couldn’t let him just cry. “Tor,” I said tearing up, “I love you too. You are the person I love the person in my dreams, no one can make me happier than you do.” We both are crying now and we both stopped and hugged each other. We pulled ourselves together, stopped crying, and finally got to the dance. *At the Dance* Me and Tor didn’t really dance we just talked and laughed. Come time for the slow dance Tor asked “Roy will ya dance with me?” I mean not the most romantic or romantic at all I couldn’t say no. “Yup!” I said laughing. We danced and tripped because we didn’t know how to dance, but we still had the best night ever. I couldn’t stop smiling when I was with Tor. He is the one I love, the one for me, the one person in this world that could seal the hole in my heart. 

*1 year time skip*

Tor: It’s been a year since me and Roy started dating. It’s our 1 year anniversary. I was going to Roy’s house then I got jumped by some Bulldogs. “Hey Pit!” Farrow yelled at me he was Mike’s younger brother “Where ya going with them flowers, to your girlfriend!?!” he was taunting me, but I just kept walking. Then some Bulldogs cut me off from the front. “Just leave me alone!” I said grabbing my switch from my back pocket. “OOO! Little Torrent got a switchblade, but he won’t use it! He’s to chicken” they were annoying, but I had to get to Roy’s. I love her and nothing can stop me from getting to her. I swung the switch and hit Farrow in the arm. “UGH! You actually used it. Now get him!” The Bulldogs were moving in closer. One of em’ kicked the back of my knees in making me fall. “Er!” I exclaimed not trying to show too much pain. They got out a switchblade and all I felt was a sharp pain down my cheek. That’s when Nyla came by. “Leave him alone!” She yelled taking out her switch. “Aww, your backup came” Farrow said flicking out his blade and pointing it at Nyla. “Diggs, Duggs, Astrid!” the gang jumped out including Roy. “LEAVE HIM ALONE!” Roy yelled tackling Farrow. I’m pretty sure she got cut. With the other Bulldogs distracted I pushed them off of me and we all ran to Nyla’s. Roy of course was still tackling Farrow and we hadn’t noticed until we got to Nyla’s. I ran back as fast as I could all I saw was a blur of Roy hitting and beating the Bulldogs up. Then everything went black the last thing I heard was “Give up little girl!” from Farrow and Roy screaming.

When I woke up I saw a bright light I noticed I was in the hospital. I asked the nurse why I was here and what happened she said I passed out of loss of blood and I got pretty beaten. She said my friend was in the waiting room waiting for me. I think it was Roy so I asked the nurse to send my friend in. It was Roy “Hey Tor!” She said hugging me. She had a couple cuts and bruises. She had one one her cheek in the same place I have mine. I was so glad she was ok. "Roy, I'm so glad your ok!" I said hugging her and not letting go "Except I heard you screaming." I was wondering how she wasn't beat that badly. "Yeah because you fainted!" she said pushing away awkwardly.. "Oh. Do you know when I'm getting out?" I said relaxing knowing that she cared. "Umm.... Not until tomorrow." She said smiling "But we can still  spend time with each other. I was happy that even if my plans got ruined I can still spend time with Roy. "Hey guys!" Nyla said storming in laughing. "Yeah?" Roy and I  both asked confused. "Oh, Diggs ran into a wall and then Duggs did. It was hilarious." she said ponting at the red spots on their foreheads. "O-ok. Well I'll be going down the hall to the cafeteria." Roy said while walking out of the room with a frown on her face. "Someone follow her!" I demanded. "Ok! Bossy!" Nyla said sneaking out of the room. "So what happened?" Diggs asked while Duggs rubbed the red spot. "Well, when I ran back Roy was still managing to fight them. Then I heard Farrow say, "Give up little girl!" while Roy screamed that was when everything went black. I was scared and nervous at the same time." I said hoping they wouldn't laugh. "That must of been hard. I know how it is when I heard Roy and you were beat I was very upset and down." Those words that Diggs said comforted me. I must have dozed off or something because Diggs woke me up saying that it has been awhile since the girls left. That's when Roy and Nyla walked in Nyla wrapping her arm around Roy. "What happened?" I said worried. "Nothing!" Roy said running out of the room with Nyla and Diggs after her.

Nyla: I was following Roy and she was trying to leave the hospital and go to her old house that no one bought yet. I followed her in and found her crying on the floor. I brought her back to the hospital to Tor. Tor asked her what was wrong and she stormed out. "ROY COME BACK!" Duggs and I were yelling trying to grab her. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" Roy was on the bridge of crying. What made her so upset? I felt bad for Tor his own girlfriend storming out furious. Diggs and I were catching up to Roy and FINALLY WE STOPPED HER! “Roy what’s wrong?” Diggs said grabbing her arm. “F-Farrow… H-he said… t-that I d-don’t d-deserve anyone because I’m just an idiotic little girl.” Roy was bawling her eyes out “Also, he was right because I lied to Tor when he asked why I screamed.” I felt bad for Roy she deserve more than the world could offer. She deserves more than anything could offer. “Wait you said you lied about why you screamed. Then why did ya scream?” Diggs asked bringing Roy up off the ground. “Because he cut me bad.” Roy said showing us a cut under her t-shirt sleeve. I could tell she pulled on the t-shirt so it would cover it. “Why didn’t you tell him Roy? He cares about you.” Diggs said holding Roy close. “B-because that’s the problem he cares, he worries for me, I didn’t want to put another thing on his shoulders.” She said still crying, “I’m the worst girlfriend and person ever.” I was worried I’d never seen Roy like this. “No you are not! You are the best person ever you care for everyone! You were just trying to pull the worry off his shoulders.” I was trying to comfort her.

We got back to the room and Roy ran up to Tor and told him everything. She showed him the cut too. *The next day* Tor was released and him and Roy went out to celebrate their anniversary.

Tor: I took Roy to do what my original plan was. I arrived at her house and knocked on the door. She opened the door and she was wearing jeans and t-shirt classic Roy. “Hey Tor.” She loved wearing jeans even if she wasn’t aloud or wasn’t supposed to. It’s also hilarious when she isn’t wearing jeans she acts really awkward. “Are you ready?” I asked Roy. “Yup! Let’s go!” She said walking out the door. “Follow me.” I said grabbing her hand and pulling her to the empty field. “Awww! Tor it’s beautiful. You set up a picnic!” she said running to the blanket. “Yeah and we’re watching the sunset too.” I said proudly, because I had set it all up myself. I also noticed again that we have the same scar in the same place. “Whatcha’ thinkin bout’?” Roy said punching my arm. “Eh- Oh our scars.” I said nervously. “Yeah they make us look tuff.” Roy said making a tough face. We both laughed. The sun started to set, we watched and drifted off to sleep. “Tor wake up Tor wake up.” Roy said shaking me gently. “What?” I asked opening my eyes. “I have to get home it’s late.” She said still shaking, but a bit harder this time. “Ok I’m up I’ll walk you home.” I gathered up the picnic stuff and we walked home. “Tor, Thank you for tonight I couldn’t think of a better way to spend our 1 year anniversary. I love you.” she said leaning on my shoulder. When we reached Diggs’ we saw the light in Diggs room on. Roy slowly opened the door and said to wish her luck I waved her goodbye hoping everything would be alright.

Diggs: Roy has been gone all night I’m starting to get worried. Then I heard the door open. Roy came up the steps and walked into the room quietly. I swung open her door “What are you doing back so late you had me worried.” I said going up to Roy and hugging her. “Tor and I were having a picnic and watching the sunset and we dozed off, I’m sorry.” She said plopping down on her bed. “It’s fine I’m just glad your ok.” I said walking out of the room and going in to mine and Duggs. Finally I felt like she was safe.

3rd Person: The next couple months the gang would hang out and at one point Astrid decided to become a Bulldog because she wasn’t “supposed” to be a Pitbull in the first place. Most people in the group took it pretty hard, she was a good member. Roy, she stayed strong. Because deep down she knew she too would have to move on from the gang, all of them would. Roy, Diggs and Duggs moved into an apartment down the road and are all still close, Nyla died in a car accident and Tor is still taking care of his siblings.