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1.        Purpose

The Board endorses the creation of parental organizations such as PTO and Parent Advisory Councils as appropriate means of achieving effective and maximum feasible involvement of parents/guardians in the affairs of our schools.

2.        Guidelines

The Board expects all staff members to work closely and in harmony with the officers and directors of all parental organizations in the pursuit of the following goals:

  1. To involve parents/guardians and school personnel in a cooperative sustained system of activities which will increase the educational opportunities of the children both in school and at home.
  2. To improve school-home relationships by enabling parents/guardians and school personnel to:
  1. Define their relationship to each other.
  2. Define their roles as they pertain to the children served by the schools.
  3. Identify family needs and resources, including those of community, as well as school needs and resources.

  1. To provide teachers and administrators with opinions and viewpoints that will lead to a better analysis of the needs of students and more relevant program planning.
  2. To sustain parental interest through a program of training and consultative services.
  3. To develop the skills needed by school personnel to function effectively in a working relationship with parents/guardians and other community members.