ESAC Conference 2018 at the CFHSS Congress

University of Regina, Regina, SK.

May 28-30, 2018

 Official Congress Campus Map

Extended Program

A Note on Building the Environmental Studies Community

ESAC is a relatively small scholarly association and thus its annual conference is small as well, but its scale affords an opportunity to build Canada’s environmental studies community. At this year’s conference, as previously, we hope you will take a little bit of time to get to know other members of this scholarly community; our intention is to build a network which extends far beyond the scope of the Annual Meeting!


CFHSS Congress Registration & Congress Map

Keep in mind that ESAC is one of dozens of conferences taking place at Congress. We have a relatively informal ESAC ‘sign-in’ on the morning of May 28h, but the main Congress registration (where you pick up your Congress access and name badge) takes place at the Congress Hub. The Congress Hub is located in the Centre for Kinesiology (CK; see campus map here).


We invite you to visit the Congress 2018 ‘Plan Your Trip’ page for further information about local amenities (including access to the library, printing services, the computer lab) and other information about local transportation, accommodations, etc!


Sustainability at Congress

The following is a note from the Congress organizers and the University of Regina. As the Environmental Studies Association of Canada, let’s make sure to lead by example here:


We encourage you to visit the Sustainability Around Campus link to learn more about the collective commitment to sustainability that inspires the teaching, research and campus life at the University of Regina.


Water Refill Stations

To help promote the use of reusable water bottles and bring awareness to the environmental damages done by bottled water, filtered water refill stations are located on the main floor of every campus building.



The University of Regina’s Security staff are on duty 24 hours a day, year-round, via foot patrol, bike patrol and mobile patrol to respond to security needs and emergency situations. For more information on campus safety tips, consult the University of Regina’s Student Safety Guide.


Campus Security - Main Office

Research Innovation – RI 120

When calling, state it is an emergency. As the campus is made up several buildings with distinct addresses, please become familiar with the name of the building you are in to help with location.


Walk A Long

A 24-hour free service that offers staff and students a safe walk to your car or anywhere on campus or the surrounding area. Call 306-585-4999, or press the Walk A Long button on campus pay phones (no coins required).

ELEMENTA Call for Papers

Schedule at a Glance

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Monday, May 28, 2018

8:30am First Nations - FN 2000

ESAC ‘Sign-in’, Morning Coffee and Refreshments

Sign in, say hello to old friends, and meet new ones!
Get caffeinated!

8:45am First Nations - FN 2000

Welcome Address from ESAC Interim President Ryan Katz-Rosene

9:00-10:15 First Nations - FN 2000

Keynote Address with Dr. Patricia Elliott, University of Regina

Watchdogs United: Connecting Environmental Researchers and Investigative Journalists

Dr. Patricia Elliott


Coffee Break

10:30-12:00, First Nations - FN 2000

Climate Change and Academia: Addressing the Carbon Footprint of Scholarly Conferences [Special Roundtable & Workshop, co-hosted by the Canadian Society for Digital Humanities]

Chair: Dr. Constance Crompton


Problematizing Academia’s Carbon Footprint

Ryan Katz-Rosene

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions “White Paper on Academic Aviation”

Simon Donner

The Flying Less Initiative and Strategies for Climate Action over Inaction

Peter Shepherd

Experimenting with Teleconference-based Conferences

Geoffrey Martin Rockwell

Part II: Action (Workshop): Reducing Academia’s Carbon Footprint


Lunch Break (lunch not provided)

1:00-2:45pm, First Nations - FN 2000

Panel: Public Education for Environmental Change: An Interdisciplinary Encounter

Chair: Kathleen Aikens

Exploring the Role of Municipal Climate Change Education: A City of Saskatoon Case Study

Panelist: Shannon Dyck

Exploring The Disciplines of Carbon and Climate Change in Energy and Transportation

Panelist: Margot Hurlbert

Lessons from Pan-Canadian Research on Sustainability Education in K-12 Schools

Panelist: Kathleen Aikens

The Role of Universities in Public Education about Climate Change: Problem-Based Interdisciplinary Research and Messaging Strategies

Panelist: Garrett Richards

2:45-3:00pm, Fresh Air Break

3:00-4:30, First Nations - FN 2000

Panel: Carbon Narratives in Saskatchewan: Stories of Leadership & Laggardship 

Chair: Garrett Richards

Burn the Money on the Steps of the Legislative Building: Misunderstanding the Economic Costs of Carbon Pricing in Saskatchewan

Panelist: Brett Dolter

Saskatchewan’s Media Vision and Framing of Carbon Capture and Storage

Panelist: Margot Hurlbert

Rhetorical Strategies Used by Governments to Defend Stances on Carbon Pricing: Comparing BC and SK

Panelist: Garrett Richards

A Pathway Forward? Putting Carbon Capture in Context with Sustainability Transitions

Panelist: Martin Boucher

4:30-5:15pm, First Nations - FN 2000

ESAC Annual General Meeting (AGM)

(Food and drink provided)

Please come to this AGM where we will hear an update on ESAC’s present membership and financial standing, hold any required elections to fill open Board positions (please consider putting your name forward!), and have a bite to eat while we’re at it!

NOTE: May 28th (3:30pm - 5:00pm at Campion College - CM Auditorium) ESAC is Co-sponsoring the Sexuality Studies Association’s interdisciplinary session on: "Decolonial Sex and Relations at the End of a World," a talk featuring Dr. Kim Tallbear, University of Alberta.

5:30-7:00pm, First Nations - FN 2000

Film Screening: Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy Environment (2016)

Followed by a discussion with filmmaker Silver Donald Cameron.

7:00-7:30pm, Riddell Centre - RC 170 University Theatre

Buffy Sainte-Marie Concert!

7:30-9:00pm, Research Innovation - RI 101.6 Atrium

ESAC Wine and Cheese Reception & Poster Display

Hors d’ouvres & cash bar (but first drink is on us!)

Come have a drink on ESAC’s tab, enjoy some hors d’ouvres, network, and examine the following posters (authors will be available for informal discussion):

Posters on Display:

Environmental and Health Study of Industrial Metals Inc. and Mission Industries Area, South Saint Boniface, Winnipeg, Canada

Folarin Solademi

Canada's Nationally Determined Contribution to the Paris Agreement: What is Fair and What is Fair Share?

David Daniel Maenz


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

9:00-10:15, Luther College LC 100

Individual Paper Session A: International Development & Governing Sustainability

Chair: Andrea Olive

Bangladeshi Colonized Peasants Socioeconomic Scenarios and Green Technology use Dynamics in Bangladesh

Kazi Abdur Rouf

Institutional and Organizational Innovation for Climate Change Governance: The Case of the National Climate Institute in Suriname

Kalim U. Shah

10:15-10:30, Coffee Break (Coffee and Juices Provided)

10:30-12:00, Luther College LC 100

10 Minute Theses Session A: Forestry and Climate Change, from Local to International

Chair: Kathleen Aikens

Effects of Red Alder Density on Growth of Douglas-Fir and Western Redcedar

Chengdong Fang

Effectiveness of Polycentric Governance in REDD+ implementation. The Case of Quintana Roo, Southeastern Mexico.

Lissel Hernandez-Gongora

A Comparison of Competition Indices for Individual Tree Growth Models in Geroge Lake Forest Stand

Yijia Yu

10:30-12:00, Education Building ED 318

Individual Paper Session B: Green Energy & Transition

Chair: Ryan Katz-Rosene

Normative Narratives, Sustainability Transitions, and Climate Change: The Confounding Case of the Canadian Oil Sands
Nino Antadze

Towards a Sustainable Economics for Climate Protection:
Ethical Building Blocks for Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Economy

Mishka Lysack

Situating Community Energy in a Map of Alberta’s Electricity System
Lorelei L. Hanson

12:00-1:00pm, Lunch Break (lunch provided for participants of the 10MT sessions - at Luther College LC 100)

1:00-2:45, Luther College LC 100

10 Minute Theses Session B: Alternative and Indigenous Perspectives on Sustainability

Chair: Keshab Thapa

The Phenomenological Nature of Intuitive Interspecies Communication

Viktoria Hinz

Exploring the Roles of Traditional Food in a Contemporary Indigenous Community

Hannah Muhajarine

Supporting the Gulf Islands Clam Garden Project: Identifying Health Concerns and Policy Options using One Health

Tricia B. Fleming

Exploring the Impact of Wind Power Development on Sense of Place in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Makenzie MacKay

Taking up the Plow (Again): Exploring the History and Resurgence of Indigenous Farming Practices and Food Production in the Prairies

Peter J. Friedrichsen

How can Collaboration Lead to More Sustainable Environmental Outcomes?: Engaging Indigenous Communities, Proponents, and Government Agencies in Saskatchewan’s Boreal North

Tegan Brock

1:00-2:45, Education Building ED 318

Individual Paper Session C: Environmental Security and Political Economy

Chair: Celeste Digiovanmi

The Role of Collaborative, Power-Sharing Mechanisms in the Progressive Securitization of Climate Change

Naomi Wellington

Moving Beyond GDP: Vermont’s Experience in Measuring “Genuine Progress”

Anders Hayden

From Waste to Wealth

Tamufor Ndang Emmanuel

Is Water Privatization Right for the Canadian Prairies?

Tyler Henry James Hutchinson

2:45-3:00pm, Break

3:00pm-4:45pm, Luther College LC 100

10 Minute Theses Session C: Enviro-Social Issues and Environmental Management

Chair: Garrett Richards

Leadership Skillsets and Competencies for Managing and Implementing Sustainability Plans in Canada

Ziqi Chai

The Changing Dynamics of Energy in Cities

Martin Boucher

Parliamentary Response to Climate Change: A Comparative Analysis of the Parliaments of Canada and Zambia

Sylvester Kaonga

The Rise of H2Ottawa

Celeste Digiovanni

3:00-4:45, Education Building ED 318

Individual Paper Session D: Food, Agriculture, Resources, Environment

Chair: Ulrike Hardenbicker

Saskatchewan’s Protected Areas Network: The Need for Connectivity at the Energy-Food-Water-Land Nexus

Andrea Olive

Ruminants and Climate Change: The Politics and Unsolved Mysteries of Enteric Fermentation

Ryan M. Katz-Rosene

“Keep the METRO & say “NO” to Food Basics”: Ecofeminist Analysis of Gentrification, Food Access, and Environmental Racism

Cameron Butler

5:00-7:00pm, Riddell Centre - RC 170 University Theatre

ESAC Keynote Address with Winona LaDuke 

Building a Multi-Cultural Democracy: Religion, Culture and Identity in America

Winona LaDuke

7:30-9:00pm, Indian Palace Restaurant (4030 Albert St.)

ESAC Dinner Social

A chance to sit back, unwind, and break bread with your colleagues after a long day of conferencing!

Note: Participants can register and pay for the 'ESAC Banquet' through the Congress Registration System.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

8:30am-10:15am, Luther College LC 215

Individual Paper Session E&F: Faith, EcoJustice and Environmental Knowledge

Chair: Joanne M. Moyer

“You Relied on God and Your Neighbour to Get Through it”: Social Capital and Climate Change Adaptation in the Canadian Prairies

Amber J. Fletcher

Faith-based Environmental Engagement in Canada: Opportunities and Challenges

Joanne M. Moyer

The Difference Different Ontologies Could Make for an Unfamiliar Future: New Ways of Knowing and Being in Times of Trouble

Chelsea Power

CO-Production of Transdisciplinary Knowledge for Sustainability: The Role of Skilled Facilitators Working Across a Nation Network of Sustainability Organizations

Maureen G. Reed

The Duty of Courts to Uphold Intergenerational Equity

Zakiah Kassam

We Will Protect What We Love: Sacred Ecology, Environmental Activism and Earth Love

Ronnie Joy Leah

10:30-12:00pm, Luther College LC 215

Individual Paper Session G: Regional Ecologies

Chair: Celeste Digiovanni

Using an Enriched Institutional Analysis and Development Framework to Advance Lake Governance and Management: The Case of Lake Diefenbaker, Canada.

Jania S. Chilima

Reusing Buildings: Heritage Conservation and Sustainability in Regina, SK

Vanessa Mathews

Gender and Climate Adaptation in Rural Saskatchewan

Angela Culham

10:30-12:00pm, Luther College LC 100

Individual Paper Session H: Decolonizing the Environment

Chair: Tamufor Ndang Emmanuel

Community-Led Post-Secondary Sustainable Education in Two Island Lake First Nation Communities towards Mino Bimaadiziwin

Shirley Thompson

Community Voices on Mining in Wasagamack First Nation, Manitoba: A Case Study

Panelist: Keshab Thapa

12:00-1:00pm, Lunch Break (not provided)

1:00-4:00pm, Meet at 1pm in front of Room 215 at Luther College

Annual ESAC field trip!

Guided Walking Tour around Wascana East Lake and Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Bring walking shoes!

5:00-7:00pm, Centre for Kinesiology – CK 122

CFHSS President's Reception

(Hors d'ouvres provided by Congress; first drink included for all Congress participants)

The President’s Receptions are a long-standing Congress tradition and an excellent networking opportunity.

*NOTE: On Thursday, May 31st at Noon, ESAC is Co-sponsoring the Society for Socialist Studies' session on: "Queer Layers for Life Meaning", [Location: Education Auditorium EA 106.2]