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Homes aren’t corporations

EDITOR: There ought to be a law that prohibits corporate ownership of houses. We know the real reason that housing is so expensive is that there isn’t enough of it. But another pernicious reason is that housing is considered a commodity and Wall Street and the like have bought up hundreds of thousands of housing stock all over the U.S.

Instead of a family having homeownership, it relegates them to perpetual renting, which is harmful to our whole society. It’s just morally wrong. I would suggest a limit on how many housing units one person or entity could own, perhaps 100 units. Nobody needs more than that. Let them put their money elsewhere.

Home is sacred and should be protected as such. Homes are for families and not corporate profit. We need to get these home wreckers out of the market to try to get back to some normalcy so that people, community and society can thrive.

Anne Petersen


Sonoma Index Tribune December 14, 2021