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Sunday, February 17 2019

15:00 - 16:30 CET

Webinar with Gisela Batliner

Initial counseling
after an early diagnosis

Languages: German and Russian

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For parents

Parents will be reassured that, despite a loss of balance and confidence after the initial diagnosis, they will be able to regain their self-confidence and continue to be the world’s best expert for their own child.

For experts

Speech and language pathologists, early intervention therapists and teachers of the deaf will learn about the most effective way to structure a meeting with a family of a hearing-impaired child.

The topic

The presentation will hold concise guidelines on the aspects of of initial counseling which can provide the courage and drive parents need while trying to come to terms with their child’s diagnosis of hearing loss. It will become clear how children can benefit from this approach from the very first months of life. We will approach the subject from a closer angle via an interaction with the audience, building on their experience and questions.

The speaker


Gisela Batliner, MA, clinical linguist and SLP, holds an international Montessori diploma and has 20+ years of experience in early intervention and diagnostics of children with hearing loss and multiple impairments. She teaches extensively in pedagogy and qualification enhancement, provides mentorship and publishes articles and books. Therapy strand: natural auditory oral education (Morag Clark).

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Gisela Batliner

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