Sans smiled at his work. “Good,” he murmured. “The Souls have been crystallized. I think this timeline’s ready for their human.” He turned and walked away, calling back over his shoulder, “Hey, Alph. If this one turns out to be a Genocider, can you evacuate the monsters?”

        Alph pushed his glasses up on his face. “I can try,” he answered. “But the emergency elevators won’t work if the human is a Neutral, so it’s gonna be tough to call.

        “That’s alright. Just get them out.” Sans grew dark. “We don’t want a remake of the Origin timeline, now do we?”

        “Of course not. I’m a girl in that timeli- oh. Now you’re gone.” Alph sighed, returning to his lab.

        Frisk stared down into a hole. “It went down there!” she exclaimed. “This is bad… this is really bad…”

        “What?” Frisk’s friend Vincent looked down the hole. “Huh. It doesn’t look that deep.”

        “I know, but I don’t want to go down there! What if I can’t get out?”

        “I’ll go with you. That way, if you get stuck, I can lift you out.”

        “Thanks, Vincent.” Frisk smiled. Vincent had been one of her best friends since they’d known each other. She’d met him when they’d been exploring in the same forest. He’d sprained his ankle, and Frisk had helped him out of the forest. Ever since, the two had been inseparable. People had teased them, but each was too popular at their schools for the teasing to last long.

        Vincent glanced back at her. “So what are we looking for?”

        “My handbag! It has my phone and my wallet in it.”

        “Wait.” Vincent turned to her. “You got a purse?”

        Frisk grew red. “It’s a handbag, fool!” she exclaimed.

        Vincent chuckled. “Okay, okay. So let’s go down there and find that purse.” Before Frisk could take a swing at him, Vincent jumped into the hole.

        Several seconds passed, but no sound came out of the hole. Frisk began to get worried. “Vince?” she called. “Vincent? Are you okay?”

        Vincent called back faintly, “I found your purse! But I’m kinda stuck. Can you get down here?”

        “I’m coming!” Frisk yelled. She jumped over the rim of the hole and fell.

        And fell.

        And kept falling.

        She blacked out before she hit the ground.

        Frisk came to at the bottom of the hole. She groaned, sat up, and looked around. She was sitting in what appeared to be a field of golden flowers. The flowers were not moving at all, which was fitting, since she was in the bottom of a-

        Hole. Frisk suddenly remembered her fall. How deep was that hole? she wondered. She looked up. The top of the hole was so far up, she couldn’t see it. Looking up made her dizzy, so she turned back to her immediate surroundings. She was sitting in this field, inside a large cavern. She stood up. The flowers underneath her were unmoving… save one. A single flower faced her, dancing on its stem. It appeared to have… a… face?

        “Howdy!” The flower stopped bouncing. “I’m Flowey!”

        “You… just…” Frisk couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

        “Talked? Yeah. It’s kinda my thing.” Flowey started bouncing again. “You’re new here, aren’tcha? You’re in the Underground. Here, you’ll meet all kinds of monsters! But don’t worry. They won’t hurt you! I’ll see to that...” Flowey’s eyes narrowed. “...because I’m going to get you first!”

Suddenly, huge vines sprouted from the ground. “Ready to play, human?!” shrieked Flowey. “Because your time-out is almost over!”

Frisk stepped back. “Not today, compost!” she yelled, as the vines came down at her. She jumped, landed on a vine, and ran up it.

“Hey! No fair!” Flowey complained. “You’re not supposed to be athletic!”

“Yeah, well, bite me!” Frisk jumped another vine and landed on the ground.

Flowey’s face appeared from the vines surrounding Frisk. “That can be arranged,” he growled.

The ground shook. Flowey launched himself forward. Frisk pulled back and rammed a fist into the middle of the flower.