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YL Program Rules
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Young Leaders Program

Rules Policies & Procedures

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Rules        2

Critical -- Read this!        2

Young Leaders Program Policies        3

Student Safety Policies and Procedures        3

Rules vs. Laws        3

Cell Phone Usage Policy        3

Photography and Audio/Video Recording Policy        4

Social Media Usage at Young Leaders Program        5

Social Media Policy        5

Social Media Permit        5

Disciplinary Action        7


The rules are created by the program staff and are as follows:

Any violation of the rules will result in Disciplinary Action.

Critical -- Read this!

Rules are not subject to negotiation, change, or disobedience. Any exceptions to these rules must be authorized by the Young Leaders Program Superintendent. Students who are found to be in violation of one or more rules shall be reported to the Superintendent. The consequences for breaking a rule can lead to dismissal and being sent home.  See Disciplinary Action for details.

Young Leaders Program Policies

Student Safety Policies and Procedures

The safety of the students is our top priority. As such, please carefully observe and adhere to the following rules and procedures:

Rules vs. Laws

Rules are created by Young Leaders Program administration. They are designed to provide a safe, educational atmosphere for students and staff. They are not subject to debate or revision, and consequences exist for violators of the rules. Please read and carefully adhere to all rules.

Laws are created by the simulated governments at Young Leaders Program. Breaking a law (a “crime”) subjects students to the consequences that exist in the law. Laws do not impact reality, and Laws cannot change rules.

Cell Phone Usage Policy

Unlike many programs, Young Leaders Program does not prohibit cellular phones on campus.  However, cell phones are regulated and must be used according to the following rules:

Photography and Audio/Video Recording Policy

Social Media Usage at Young Leaders Program

Social Media is a force for both good and bad in this world.  Young Leaders Program, striving to be on the cutting edge of modern technology, recognizes this fact and the impact of social media on the world.  As part of the Program and life in general, youth must learn how to use social media appropriately.  However, social media can be a distraction to the purposes of the program.  

As it is an important part of modern life, special policies have been enacted to ensure safe and appropriate use of social media while at Young Leaders Program.  The primary purpose of the use of social media at Young Leaders Program is to discuss elements of the program and provide information about the program to others.

Social Media Policy

Social Media Permit

Disciplinary Action

Young Leaders Program is designed for students who want to come, participate, and engage in the program fully.  Students who do not want to be there, or who do not want to participate are often unhappy and cause distraction or disruption to the program.  Dangerous or potentially dangerous behavior is also not permitted.  Young Leaders Program requires students to behave in a mature fashion and act appropriately at all times, to engage in the program, and participate fully.

We want students to enjoy themselves and have fun.  However, to maintain the integrity of the program and safety of all involved, disciplinary action is sometimes needed.  

For most violations of the rules, students are dismissed from the program and sent home.  There are NO second chances, warnings, or other attempts at correction.  Put simply:  students MUST adhere to ALL rules ALL the time.   Don’t break the rules!

In some rare instances, the superintendent may deem that a infraction of the rule does not warrant dismissal.  In that instance, the superintendent may, at his own discretion, issue a verbal and/or written warning, contact parents, confiscate cellular phones or other student possessions, or take other action as he deems appropriate.  Students who violate one or more rules AND are allowed this rare reprieve should consider the opportunity to correct their behavior as a privilege.  Students are expected to become fully compliant with program expectations and the requests of the Superintendent and also to engage in the program.  Failure to do so will result in dismissal.


*After hours is defined as 11PM to 7AM.

Young Leaders Program Rules, Policies and Procedures