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PGA JL 2021 Program Guidelines
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PGA Jr. League 2021 Program Guidelines

Updated January 6, 2021

This document is supplemental to the Back2Golf Youth Activities Addendum and was created in alignment with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Organized junior golf programming is not permissible in Phase 1 unless authorized by state and local health authorities, so this document provides additional options for running PGA Jr. League activities in Phase 2. These guidelines underwent review from medical advisors and the CDC with the intent of resuming the program in the most responsible manner possible.

General Clarifications


League/Team Composition


Equipment Sharing

Game Day



Inclement Weather:

Selecting the Team’s Ball In Play:

The following rule adjustments should be made to limit the touching of equipment and maintain distance between partners.

Concession of Putts:

Leagues should consider following the automatic “two-putt” rule. If a team’s first attempt at a putt was not made, they should pick up the next putt and move on.


At no time should groups of players or spectators be congregated around an area of the golf course. This is especially important when it comes to the end of a match. Coaches should implement responsible practices for the completion of matches, such as:

Recognizing that PGA Jr. League is a game that brings families and friends together, it will be crucial to maintain the community feeling while social distancing. The end-of-game experience can be a time where people come together and celebrate teamwork and togetherness. Consider the following best practices to maintain a fun experience:

Preparing for When Someone Gets Sick

If someone associated with the program becomes sick, Captains, Coaches, and parents are expected to follow the reporting guidelines outlined by the CDC. Captains and Coaches will be the point of contact for parents to communicate when a person tests positive for COVID-19 or was exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.  Captains and Coaches are expected to inform all relevant health officials and close contacts as contemplated by the CDC recommendations and their state and local health authorities.