a modern union of juice, food, and life

breakfast a great start of your Day       available 8am-12pm

ELLENOS unsweetened yogurt + granola  *gf

 choose from coconut/ figs or

 pepitas/ dates                                     $6   

   add: fresh fruit                          $1

     wildflower honey          $.50

 warm ancient grains cereal *gf      $7

a gluten-free blend of 8 grains and date molasses, topped with fresh bananas, coconut milk, valrhona chocolate & crushed almonds.

avocado toast                                           $8.50

seawolf seeded multigrain sourdough, labneh,oven-dried tomatoes, za'atar vinaigrette  

salads a mixture of seasonal vegetables

kale avocado salad *gf             $9 

 sunflower seed butter, roasted butternut squash, cauliflower, avocado, nigella & yeasted lemon vinaigrette             

quinoa*gf                                                     $9    

mixed baby lettuces, honeycrisp apples, feta, walnuts, sultanas, garlic tahini vinaigrette, and gluten-free cracker

anar mezze *gf                                                 $9

dips of chickpea, carrot and herb hummus served with marinated olives, feta, pickled vegetables & spiced cucumbers, gluten free-cracker


  pulses  the perfect source of protein

balila *gf                                           $6 

chickpea stew with cumin, turmeric, aleppo broth, parsley, lemon & gluten-free cracker   

mujadara *gf                                              $9 

green lentils and brown rice, caramelized onion, pickled cabbage, garlic yogurt, aleppo spiced pepitas & fresno chili


  fatteh *gf                                                $9 

 chickpea stew with garlic yogurt,                        caramelized eggplant, pine nuts

& crispy pita chips


                 egg                                   • $1.50

                 avocado                   • $1.25

                 Yogurt                        • $1.00

Extra vegetables.      • $0.75

Extra dip                    • $0.75

Grains            Ask your server

“The moment your whole being says ‘Yes, this is how I wish to feel’ memorize that feeling... It’s your home frequency” - Maryam Hasnaa



signature juices & drinks

              ask for a sample!

 anar              . $7

red beets, orange, pomegranate 

 green             . ● $7

lacinato kale, cucumber, celery, fuji apple, lemon

 refresh             ● $7

carrot, ginger, orange, coconut water, orange blossom

 yellow no. 5       .    $7

pineapple, sweet pepper, lemon, rose water

 turkish iced coffee         ● $6

cardamom coffee, date molasses, hemp milk

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/BObKVOG-69BG5Efk_cL1tuN_TjCyJ2WVSRMyN4mcNPT_B-6fHgRwV-GalDmVQfYSC8XsXWvVSqbALlfB7W271BpMdIemqKDbwCZh-o36vV_owZSauoVs03H5dKUUkDWlY9M0mD14 tea blends
 exclusive blends from the finest herbs and spices by The Harbor Herbalist

fruity fresh $3  milky oats, dried seasonal fruits, hibiscus, ginger & cinnamon

rasayana $3  tulsi, peppermint, cardamom, gotu kola & rose

anar special blend $3  assam tea, nettle, mint & rose

lavish garden $3  ceylon tea, cardamom, lavender & vanilla bean

lush $3  lapsang souchong, kukicha, nettle, cedar tips & jasmine


https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/tuOalQV92Ff0IjHe47P0S9FRF2oC9t1s9kkP0tj93pIqfualDK2imUy5G0vRHSk5drE3y45sZV_fJFu9laGfNfn0A0Yx_XplQP-rOF_mgLoXqEmvyc7yChs3DgBWXa6lxr_gtKOychai $4

 original masala served hot or iced

power snacks

carrot cake & banana bread [gf] $6

energy bar [gf] $3.50  

sesame bar [gf] $3.50

spiced mixed nuts $5

Good health is an investment, not an expense...