Delicious Food Specials

Soup of the day-Cup $4 Bowl $6

  1. Creamy tomato basil

2) Sweet potato and black bean chili

Quiche of the day with side salad $6.50

Garden toast$7.50

Toasted rustic slice, jalapeño cream cheese, sprouts, tomato, roasted red pepper Coulis, pickled red onion

MEat ball Parm $11.25

House made marinara, spinach and shredded parmisan on a French loaf

Harvest panini $11.25

Roasted sweet potato, chai spice glazed red onion, cranberry coulis, goat cheese, spinach on rustic bread

MEd Toast $7.50

Hummus, sun dried tomato, olive tapenade, tomato feta salad, roasted red peppers

Open faced Caprese$7.50

Rustic toast with fresh mozzerella, tomato, balsamic vinaigrette, pesto, and red pepper Coulis

CAprese Sandwich $10.75

Fresh mozzarella, pesto, seasoned spinach, seasoned tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, served grilled on a ciabatta loaf

BReakfast Burrito $11.75

Fresh Spinach, roasted potato, cheddar, sun dried tomato cream cheese, egg frittata, tomato Coulis, and chipotle aioli

Breakfast bowl $9.75

Fresh Spinach, roasted potato, black bean chili, egg frittata, feta, jalapeño Coulis, tomato coulis, and fresh cilantro

Coconut Curry Bowl $9.50

Coconut milk, chickpeas, cinnamon, fresh ginger and red onion over millet

Millet Mushroom Burrito $11.25

Roasted sweet potato, sautéed mushroom, rosemary goat cheese, roasted red pepper Coulis, roasted jalapeño Coulis, and fresh spinach

Falafel Wrap $11.25

Fresh baked falafel, tomato coulis, feta cheese, fresh cilantro Coulis, tahini dressing, and fresh seasoned spinach

Veggie Stack $12.00

Roasted beets, roasted sweet potatoes,pest, red onion, rosemary goat cheese, roasted red pepper Coulis, Fresh cilantro, served with fresh seasoned spinach salad

Prices ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE   $0.50 charge on some take-out items

Weekly Drink Specials

*Our new cold brew coffee maker is here and you can now enjoy so many tasty drinks!*

Special Freeze $6.00

White Chocolate Mint

Your choice of milk (2% or soy), Organic cold brew,, white chocolate and peppermint

Special Latte $5.50

Salted Caramel Mocha

Your choice of milk (2% or soy*), organic espresso, chocolate, caramel syrup, with a salted caramel drizzle

Matcha Green Tea

Your choice of milk, matcha green tea powder, honey

Special Smoothie $7.50

Refresh and Replenish

Apple juices, passion fruit, mango, kale and fresh ginger

Orange Creamcicle