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STEAM teacher

Room 200



Welcome to STEAM class!  STEAM  is an approach to learning using Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math  to guide students in their learning through inquiry and critical thinking hands on activities.   Students will also be developing their 21st century learning skills: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity.  

So what will students be doing?

This year students will use the design engineering process to explore the following  topics: electrical engineering, environmental engineering, 3d design, coding.   Students will keep a blog to document their learning.

Classroom Management

Classroom Rules

Students will only be in STEAM class for twenty days for ninety-six  minutes a day.  Therefore, rules will be established quickly and will be expected to be followed from the first day of class.  

  1. Give Respect: Listen to what each of your classmates contributes.  Always collaborate and communicate with  your classmates.   Inappropriate language and unkind words are never acceptable.  You do not have to like your classmates but you MUST show respect.  
  2. Outstanding Effort:  Always do your best. Be honest with yourself about what “your best” is. Learn from your mistakes and always give 100% effort in whatever you do. Set personal goals and be engaged in your learning.  
  3. Take Responsibility! Enter the room promptly, quietly and go directly to your seat to review your goals for the day.  Bring your charged chromebook, STEAM Notebook, your enthusiasm and good work ethic every day.

 If you are absent, come see me at the beginning of class when you return.  This is your responsibility.

4.  Miscellaneous Rules and Information:

STEAM is a hands on inquiry based class.  Often times you will be collaborating with a small group to achieve a common goal.  You will be working with a variety of materials, from aluminum foil to 3D printers.  Consequences will be strictly enforced.  

Reminder: If you are not following the classroom rules, I will first give you a reminder of behavioral or work expectations.

Warning: If you continue to not follow the rules, a verbal warning and possibly remove you from the group or work situation.

Lunch Detention: Lunch detention will be assigned for that day or the next day, depending on which period you have class.  You will receive a lunch detention slip and be expected to get parent signature and come to my classroom during your lunch period.  During lunch you will complete any work that needs to be completed or complete additional work given.

After School Detention with Mrs. Poster: You will receive a detention slip that day.  The slip will need to be signed by a parents, and detention will be served after school the next school day.

After School Detention through the office:  A detention slip will be sent home through the office.  You will be expected to return the slip and serve a one hour detention after school.


Formative Assessments:100% of overall grade

This includes all activities, classwork,blogs, simulations, and projects completed within the classroom.  

This is Unified Arts rotation ____________ and therefore will be graded in marking period ______________.  

I look forward to working with you and your child this year in STEAM! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  


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