#291 - The Angry Chicken: “Rastakhan’s Reveals”


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Pre-Release is coming back

2 Brawls

  1. In Rastakhan’s No Cards Barred brawl, you’ll be able to construct decks using the cards that you open during the Pre-Release event. There are no restrictions on class or duplicates in this one, so you can harness all the mayhem of the Gurubashi Arena!
  2. There’s also A Royal Recipe, a pre-constructed brawl that will have new deck recipes from the upcoming set for you to play with! You won’t need to have pre-purchased packs in order to play this brawl.

Card Talk


Loah: Gonk, the Raptor

Cards synergize around the Druid hero attacking and killing minions.




For ref. Already covered.

Champion: Wardruid Loti

Doesn’t appear to synergize with any new Druid cards





Other Druid cards

But there is Beast synergy being pushed. It’s just Loti isn’t a Beast until she transforms.


For ref. Already covered.  


Still waiting on Loa, and Spirit.

Champion: Zul’jin

Quickly paged through Standard Hunter Spells. Highlighted notable cards in blue.

Standard Hunter Spells that can backfire:

Arcane Shot, Hunter’s Mark, Bomb Toss, Grievous Bite, Toxic Arrow, Kill Command, Flanking Strike, Wing Blast, Explosive Shot,

Standard Hunter Spells that can’t backfire:

All Secrets, Bestial Wrath, Play Dead (unless a DR can backfire), Secret Plan, Tracking, Cybertech Chip, Dinomancy (though you’d lose Berserker Throw), Flare, Goblin Prank (friendly), Animal Companion, Deadly Shot (specifies enemy), Unleash the Hounds, Dire Frenzy (could buff your enemy’s Beast but you’d get the 3 +3/+3 copies), Multi-Shot (specifies enemy), Spellstone, To My Side!, Crushing Walls (specifies opponent)


Stampede (no mana to play Beasts),



Beast Synergy



 For ref. Already covered.

 For ref. Already covered.

Other Hunter cards



We’ve already seen Jaina’s Loa and Champion, but there are some new cards. Doesn’t seem to be any overt synergy with the Loa or Champion.


Some elemental synergy.


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Champion: High Priest Thekal

Champion has been revealed. So far only one minion that appears to be a direct tie-in.




We saw Shirvallah at BlizzCon but now the Spirit has been revealed.

 For ref. Already covered. 

Other Pally Cards

 For ref. Already covered. 


Champion: Princess Talanji



Other Priest Cards





Champion: Captain Hooktusk

Pushing for Pirate Rogue



For ref. Already covered.  


Loa: Gral, the Shark



For ref. Already covered.   

Other Rogue cards


Champion: Zentimo

We talked about him last week. But there’s some new Shaman spells.

For ref. Already covered.   


Loa: Krag’wa the Huge

Hasn’t been revealed yet. But the Spirit has.




Other Shaman Cards



Have already covered their Champion and Loa. One new card



Loa: Akali, the Rhino

Still waiting on the Spirit. No new Rush minions revealed yet.


Champion: War Master Voone

Dragon Warrior



For ref. Already covered. 

Other Warrior Cards


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Move to next week

File:Hakkar, the Soulflayer(90190).png

File:Corrupted Blood(90191).png






Skipping many.


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Since the new ranking system is bringing in new players, where is a place to learn the lingo of the game, or CCG/TCGs in general? (control, midrange, ping, etc)


What deck so you guys hope gets some support this set. example, pali quest got some support with that 2 drop who keeps buffs.


do you think they could come up with new ways to play if players could experiment themselves? Like if friends could play with higher life, 4 copies, different powers, etc. Much like how EDH was born.


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