How to make your Meet run faster 

Do you find your Meets running slower? There are a few tricks and settings you can apply to remedy this challenge!

  1. In the settings of your meet, change your resolution (and have students on the meet do this too). This may make things a little more blurry than high def-  but standard def is usually just fine!


  1. Reduce your tabs that are open - the more that’s running, the slower it will run!
  2. Don't have a background - although fun, this slows down the Meet for you.
  3. Your layout will slow things down, however, I know you need to see everyone. If you’re in a time you don’t need to see everyone, you could change it to a spotlight to run quicker. (If you join your meet twice, set the one you use to present content to spotlight mode- it will run quicker). If you’re a student, do spotlight mode and you will always see the person who is speaking.
  4. Use your PHONE for audio (host) - this is in your settings, which is kind of neat! This will help especially if you’re presenting a video.  No one will see your phone number but using your phone for audio helps the video run smoother on the Meet. It also allows you mobility as you can have your phone (or earbuds/headset) with you and move away from the computer.