Have fun learning how to make your own pasta, the right way! Attend this class for a hands-on experience in preparing authentic and delicious classic Italian dishes that are sure to impress. The menu is composed of a 3-cheese tortellini in a sundried tomato marinara sauce, herbed garlic bread, spring greens salad with an herbed Italian dressing, and sparkling soda.  Just imagine music playing, sauces bubbling, and everyone having a good time! Then end the experience by enjoying the fruits of your labor with your family or friends while dining at a beautiful tablescape. It doesn't get much better than this!


Asian cuisine is heavily centered in heritage. The simplicity of the food mirrors the ease of the lifestyle. Come indulge in this hands-on cooking class that will take you on an exploration of the vibrant flavors Asian cuisine offers by learning how to prepare smoked salmon sushi, vegetable sushi, shrimp and pork pot stickers, and miso soup. Also includes non-alcoholic sake. No Asian affair would be complete without a little themed music to inspire your culinary experience! Then end the cooking class by enjoying the fruits of your labor with your family or friends while dining at a beautiful tablescape. This will be a time you will never forget!


Come explore the cuisine of Eastern Africa. Allow your taste buds to dance from the authentic mix of spices and seasonings. This hands-on adventure will entice you with the rich and flavorful foods from the Motherland. Prepare berbere baked chicken in red sauce, curried red lentils with yams, ye’abesha gomen greens, injera bread, and a sparkling hibiscus beverage. The journey ends with a themed tablescape and safari-influenced music playing as you enjoy your meal. Feel free to leave your passports at home!



You won’t have to wear a sombrero to feel like you’re enjoying street food in Mexico City. Instead, come as you are to experience the ultimate Latin cookout. You will make the corn tortillas for the Mexican beef tacos, pico de gallo (served with tortilla chips), guacamole, refried beans, Mexican rice, and sangria punch. Come bask in the heat of Mexico without the hassle of traveling south of the border.


Don’t let a travel ban stop you from enjoying the traditional eats from Cuba. You can explore the streets of Havana in the kitchen by making Cuban pork steaks, black beans with sofritas over steamed rice, a Cuban salad, and faux mojitos. Salsa music will inspire you to get your hands (and feet) moving while you’re creating these cultural delights.  Your taste buds will thank you for this culinary journey to the island south of Miami.


A hint of curry in the air is all you need to embark on the rich, earthy flavors of India. The warmth from the spices and seasonings will have you smiling from ear to ear while you partake in butter chicken, Indian rice, cabbage with chickpeas, and chapati bread. Also includes mango lassi. Rest assured, this meal will leave you full and happy.


Let’s take a trip to Northern Africa to discover the rich, vibrant colors of this region’s delicious foods. The menu includes Moroccan spiced salmon, tfaya couscous, carrot salad, and khobz flatbread. Coupled with the soothing taste of sweet mint tea, this menu will have you wrapped in the warmth of the spices and seasonings of this region.  


Now you know this meal will make you wanna ‘slap your mama’ when you’re finished eating because it will taste just that good! Come prepared for fried chicken, green beans, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and sweet tea … everything that’s required for a down home delicious meal.


Your tastebuds will dance to the beat of this menu after the first bite. Come prepared to create the most delectable picadillo mendocinas (empanadas) with a creamy chimichurri sauce, provoleta with toasted bread, and ninos envueltos (cabbage rolls). You won’t be disappointed!


Egyptian food is rich in history. The food is a large part of the country’s culture. This menu includes traditional favorites like Koshari (rice, lentils, and macaroni), sayadeya (white fish), and Umm ali (bread pudding). These are regional culinary delights that will surely satisfy your palette.


This menu packs a flavorful punch with dishes that embrace the French culture and traditions. Learn how to make provencal chicken, apple and brussel sprout salad, and black lentils. The pleasant surprises are in the simple recipes and in the amount of flavor each one yields.


The cuisine in this region is diverse while having a degree of homogeneity. It includes Arab, Iranian, Kurdish, and Turkish dishes. Our menu consists of fattoush (salad), smoky baba ghannouj with black olives, pita bread, persian rice, djaj bil-bahar II-asfar (Iraqi yellow spice-rubbed chicken) served with a persian cantaloupe drink. Sounds interesting? Good, because there’s more to this cuisine than falafel and hummus.


Take a journey to “Nawlens” (New Orleans) where the music is energy, the people are friendly, and the food is life. Dishes like blackened fish, dirty rice, a cajun vegetable medley, and beignets will have you tappin’ your feet to the jazzy rhythm of this delicious food in no time.


Barcelona is the city people around the world flock to for vacation. With a little imagination and some culinary direction, you can discover this wonderful city through food. Just envision patatas bravas with smoked paprika aioli, authentic paella, and catalan cream all laid out in front of you to enjoy as you please.


Peruvian cuisine reflects local practices and traditional ingredients to create a magical culinary creation. Some of these dishes date back to the Incas. Two of the standard staples of Pervian cuisine are corn and potatoes; both of which are reflected in this menu. Peruvian-style roasted chicken with green sauce, rocoto relleno (stuffed peppers), and causa (potato casserole) served with chicha morada beverage will be a delight to discover.


The Caribbean islands offer breath-taking scenery, fresh seafood, and friendly people. Their eclectic cuisine not only embodies the spirit of the islands, but it also fuses the flavors of African, Creole, Cajun, Latin American, and Chinese cuisines into their dishes. That’s what makes this menu a uniquely flavorful one. Enjoy coconut shrimp, cilantro lime rice, and roasted broccoli while sipping on sparkling mai tai punch and rocking to an intrinsic caribbean beat.


Jerk chicken, peas n’ rice, mango salsa, and ginger beer (non-alcoholic, of course). This is the food that will have you finger snappin and foot tappin like a local in no time. The deep, earthy yet spicy flavor of the chicken is the perfect compliment to the rest of the menu. This cuisine coupled with the rhythmic sounds of the island is the perfect combination for a chilled experience.


The Jewish meal components are Ashkenazi; as they originated in Eastern Europe. Heritage plays a huge role in the evolution of food in the traditional Jewish meal. This menu of Shakshuka with pita bread, potato latkes with shanklish, Isreali salad, and a raspberry rose seltzer beverage honors the tradition and good tastes of a Jewish meal.


There’s nothing like experiencing crisp white linen, fresh fragrant flowers, and good food. That’s what makes this menu so special. A smoked salmon platter with a fresh vegetable relish and whipped cream cheese, potato and brussel sprout hash, devil eggs, and fresh carrot ginger orange juice, along with a decorative fruit platter, is the perfect start to a victorious day.


Dear carnivores, plant-based doesn’t mean taste-free. In fact, vegetables have deep flavor and intense taste. You just have to learn how to cook them to achieve this level of yumminess. Marinated portabella mushrooms, cauliflower mashed potatoes, and lemon garlic grilled asparagus served with sparkling fruit-filled spa water.


Are you ready for these mouth-watering, tastebud drippin amazalicious appetizers? If so, step up and get in to be wowed by these cauliflower cakes with avocado mousse, fried zucchini balls with a roasted red pepper dip, harissa hummus with mini pitas served with a sparkling lemon red zinger iced tea.


Rawlicious, delicious, and nutritious. This menu will make you hum “yum.” Enjoy spiralized zucchini noodles with an avocado sauce, heirloom tomatoes with green harissa, a kale caesar salad, and coconut pumpkin spice balls. All of this is topped off with a peaches n’ cream smoothie using homemade almond milk.  

FOOD n’ KISSES        



All dishes are homemade from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.

All menus can be made vegan or vegetarian.

All classes come with a printed recipe booklet.


Questions? Send Chef Angela-Michelle an email at Angela@CulinaryKisses.com