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DEMANDS; pls offer written way only, own or direct units only, with photo and price:

1) CAT gensets: 3516 - 3520; FUEL: NG; purchase only.

2) GEN SETS; 25 MW, 50 Hz; Fuel: NG; YOM mid 10's onwards and max 15 000 running hours; purchase only.

3) Silver ore; Ag > 50 %; need abt 20 TpM; purchase only.

4) TETRA PAK Pasteurizer; purchase only

5) Acetic acid production line; OUTPUT: abt 5,0 TpM; purchase only.

6) Modular oil refinery; INPUT: abt 200 TpD of crude; OUTPUT light oil; purchase only.

7) Stenter Frame; WW 1 800mm; Horizontal chain; Gas/Oil heated 6-8; YOM mid 90's onwards; chambers; purchase only.

8) Stenter Frame; WW 3 200mm; Oil heated only; Horizontal chain Pin/Clip; YOM 00 onwards; 7-10 chambers; purchase only.


OFFERS: Industry supply, logistic; see now more photos in: 

1) Complete Rolls-Royce diesel engine; abt 6,0 MW; brand new still in wooden cases incl spares; Price 0,15 MUS$ ex stock; sale only.

2) LPG tanks production plant; Price: abt 35,0 MUS$; sale only.


OFFERS: Manufacturing industry plants; see now more photos  in: 

1) AIR JET LOOMS; YOM mid 00's; WW 2 800mm; 6 colors; sale only.

2) HIGH TEMPERATURE MULTI FLOW DYEING MACHINE; YOM late 90's; VOL.: abt 1,0 T; sale only.


OFFERS: Chemical industry plants; see now more photos in:

1) Gasoline Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU); recovers 98% of hydrocarbons in a vapor stream; skid mounted; YOM late 90's; Price abt 0,8 MUS$ ex works.

2) NANOtechnology; colloidal silver: 99.99% pure silver and deionized water; kill more than 650 different pathogens in a very short time; Non-toxic and harmless to human beings, animals; medical, healthcare, cosmetics able; sale only.

3) OIL Refinery; INPUT: abt 1 000 CBMpD; OUTPUT: LPG, Gasoline LSR 7 HSR, DO, kerosene; HFO; Price: abt 15,0 MUS$; sale only.

4) CO production equipment; OUTPUT: abt 1 TpH; YOM mid 00's; skid mounted; sale only.


OFFERS: Power generation plants; see now more photos in:

1) Diesel engines driven power plant; abt 50 MW, 50 Hz; complete switchgears, panels, transformers; abt 11 000 running hours; reported in v. good condition; Price: abt 3,5 MS$ ex plant.

2) 82 MW GE; YOM ely 00's; Combined Cycle Power Plant: 2 x 30 MW; LM2500 + 22 MW STG Set, available for sale with IMMEDIATE Delivery.


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