Purchasing Roundtable

Session B | Notes taken by Ashlee Cadwell & Chris Manese


  1. How does warehouse know what school to take items to if they don’t get a hard copy of PO?
  1. They can look in PS
  1. How many sites have Sally and Mark visited?
  1. 20
  2. Another district will be visited tomorrow 10/23
  1. How can new requester see reqs done by previous employee?
    A. CRC can give access to this by HEAT Ticket
  2. How can a site see all reqs done by their site?
    A. pull query and sort by site.

B. maybe an access issue?

  1. Can reqs show total amount on stores reqs?
    A. it does not but Sally said to add this to action items
  2. Change payment terms on PO


  1. Need to add comments to POs that have already been completed
  2. POs unknown (district specific) query that Debbie has make public for everyone
  3. L.Holt wants query that shows all expenses, reqs and POs against a budget code
  4. Make query M_REQ_PENDING_APPROVER_014 public for other district use.
  5. District should be able to see requisition history from an employee that is no longer with the district. May need to submit a HEAT ticket or run queries.
  6. Total dollar amount on the Stock Order, they don’t know how much the dollar amount is for the req? Other districts run a query.
  7. Notes on POs after its been dispatched/closed. Is there a way to add a notes field?
  8. REQ_STATUS_APPROVER_ID - Query does not work, need to able to see each approver and how many pending reqs. There is a similar query available. Sher Hoff shared her private query: M_REQ_PENDING_APPROVER_014 which was made for her. EBS will develop a new query and make it public for district use.

ENHANCEMENT REQUESTS - Forms submitted by districts

(Purchasing: Requisitions)

E2: Add the field SUPPLIER NAME to the printed requisition form - Yes

E3: Add the Budget Code/ChartString and requisition number to the printed requisition form - Yes

E17: Add stock number to Requisition form - Yes

(Purchasing: ePro)

E1: Want the ability to save (Save for later) a partially completed requisition before entering the chartfields - Yes

E51: Ability to change the accounting date on ePro requisition - Yes

(Purchasing: Purchase Orders)

E16: Add site and requisition number in the purchase order inquiry page (within Review PO info) - Yes

E28: Update Default payment terms - Yes/No 50/50 - Requires more discussion with districts

E44: Ability to change the supplier after dispatching a PO - Yes

E45: Allow a buyer to change the PO UOM - Yes

(Purchasing: Purchase Orders PO Form)

E6: Print school district name on the ship to on PO - Yes

E8: Remove district code and the leading zeros from PO number - Yes

E9: Add Chartstring to PO - Yes/No 50/50

E10: Print Fixed Asset on PO when it is a fixed asset - Yes/No 50/50

E43: Add Page numbers to PO - Yes

E46: Make PO number larger on PO - Yes

(Purchasing: Integration)

E15: Set up PO Punch out for Amazon - Yes

E100: Mass upload template for non stock items