Richmond Virtual Tip Jar

As some of you may have noticed, there are a few changes going on around Richmond in the restaurant industry. No, a new trendy eatery isn’t on the verge of opening… restaurants left and right are being shuttered. This is a polite way of saying we are being forced to close our doors to our beloved patrons in order to curb the life threatening effects of COVID-19. Even though we have just started this weird isolated journey back towards public health and freedom, the consequences have already become too real for service industry workers. Most of us were depending on a good shift tonight to buy groceries, gas, or medicine; or a warm lucrative weekend to pay our larger bills such as electric, student loans, mortgage, car payments, or medical bills.

Some friends have already thought of us and reached out and we appreciate the thought when there is so much going on in the world. If you are looking for a way to support your favorite waiter/waitress/bartender/host here is one more easy way to let us know you have us in mind.

Give someone a tip here

Simply search for your friends here and you will see a venmo or paypal account affiliated with their name. Let someone know you are thinking of them and miss seeing their smiling face and look forward to hearing all their quarantine stories.

*The information on this list is self-reported by members of the community and this information is provided "as is". We do not monitor or verify accuracy of the information on this list, and make no representations or warranties regarding this list. Individuals who wish to send a tip are encouraged to independently verify the legitimacy of the recipient of the tip.

Get on the list here

Enter your name, place of employment, and venmo or paypal information in the attached form to be added to the available list. Then start sharing! Share the link to this page to co-workers, friends, family, and patrons to get the word out.

*The information you provide is minimal but open to the public. If you do not feel comfortable reaching out in this particular manner please do not let that stop you from spreading the wealth and continuing to pass this message along.

**When you submit your information, it takes a couple of moments to refresh and show up on the list. Please wait a moment before resubmitting!**


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Ideas for how to improve this effort, or to remove your information from the list: Email itsjustmelissak [at]