October 16, 2018

Dear Kiva Community,

Children’s Kiva Montessori Elementary/Middle School has experienced a lower-than-expected enrollment this school year, which has resulted in reduced funding and a budget shortfall. In an effort to balance our budget and ensure adequate resources for our students’ academic success, the Board has unfortunately been forced to reduce staff. As of October 26, 2018 our Health and Wellness, Drama, and Art will be integrated into daily Montessori lessons and works, rather than provided separately as ‘Specials’.  As additional funding becomes available through grants and donations, we will make every effort to expand these programs for our students.

Children’s Kiva Montessori Elementary/Middle School Board of Directors, with the support of the Children’s House Board of Directors, would like to announce that Alexia Hudson-McGrath has been appointed the temporary Interim Head of School. She will continue to serve dual roles, as both the Children’s House Director and our Interim Head of School on a part-time basis. Alexia brings with her many years of experience and expertise to help navigate the transitions we are experiencing.  As we continue to work through a leadership shift and budgetary constraints, don’t hesitate to reach out to Alexia at alexia@childrenskiva.org or the Board at bod@kivacharter.org with any questions.

The Hiring and Evaluation Committee has already begun the process of searching for a new Head of School. In addition, the Board welcomes two new Board members to our team: Melissa Gould and Jordan Meyers. Jordan and Melissa both bring valuable skills and expertise to our Board.

Our school was founded by and continues to be driven by passionate and committed members of our community who desire to offer a high-quality Montessori education for our students.  We are grateful for the role each of you play in our Kiva community.


Children’s Kiva Montessori Elementary/Middle School Board of Directors