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Commuter Contract
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I realize that Duncanville ISD provides transportation for scholars to travel to and from Mountain View College; however, I wish and hereby accept responsibility for the transportation of my scholar. In so doing, I acknowledge that:

_______        1.  The school will not be providing supervision of my child while traveling.

_______        2.  Neither I, my child, nor any other party is an agent of the school for this


_______        3. The school, school officials, and school personnel are not, in any way,

liable or responsible for my child while driving or riding in non-school provided transportation between sites.

_______        4. This Transportation Waiver applies only to my child. Due to liability issues my

child is NOT permitted to transport any other scholar to and from school.

_______        5. There is no school liability insurance or school vehicle insurance coverage

for my child for this alternative to school transportation that I am choosing.

Accordingly, I hereby waive this available school transportation for my child on a daily basis for the 2021 - 2021 school year.

Scholar’s  Name ___________________________________________        DISD ID# _____________________

Parent/Guardian Name __________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Emergency CELL # ______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________________        Date __________________

A scholar may not be excused from riding school transportation until this form is completed and approved. A copy of the scholar’s Driver License and Proof of Insurance is needed for final approval.

Approved By _______________________________________________        Date __________________

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