Hello Pilots,

First things first - congratulation to @rinehart for being the ultimate champion of Season 6 of the X Wing Vassal League! @rinehart came out as the winner after our Deep Core Top 4 bracket. You can see all of the top 4 matches, cast by our very own @scifighter, over at his YouTube page.

Now, on to the prizes. Many have been wondering about the timeline for Season 6 prizes, as well as the Season 7 launch, so we wanted to provide a quick update.

We are ready to begin collecting addresses for prizes, starting now. You can check out this nifty form to get your information over to us. Please, please, please, be sure to respond with your address EXACTLY as it should appear on the envelope.

If you’re not sure if we have your address already, or if you’re not sure that you need to provide it, feel free to send it over anyway.

With everything from X Wing 2.0 fully spoiled, retrofitting of our previous Alt Art cards is almost complete. Pilots who were able to complete 1 or more conditions will be able to choose between Luke Skywalker, Whisper, Guri (as Thweek is no longer in the game), or Ibtisam (as Braylen is now in a B wing). You can see Mark Moriarty’s masterful Luke alt art card here. Expect a glimpse of the others in the coming days.

Season 7 is being planned now. As previously discussed, the league will be switching to X Wing 2.0 moving forward. Everything released in the conversion kits will be legal right away, and we will continue to allow fully spoiled content as soon as it is available in Vassal.

Thanks for hanging with us as we shift gears into 2.0. The support that has been shown for the league has always been amazing, and we’re excited to explore a new iteration of X Wing with everyone!