Happy Friday Pilots!


Important Dates:

As we continue to settle in to the league structure, we’re better able to define a timeline for the league. With that in mind, see above for a schedule of important dates for this season. Additionally, you’ll see bi-weekly newsletters from the admin staff, in order to provide more consistent updates on the progress of the current season.

Interleague Play Now Open

We are opening interleague play for all tiers effective immediately. If you have not done so already, please join your tier-wide channel on Slack. This is where you will find opponents from other divisions within your tier. Tier channels are already cretated in slack, no need to create a new one. THey are formatted as #[tiernumber]_[tiername]. So players in the outer rim would join # 4_outerrim

For a reminder on how to set up an interleague match, check out our player guide!

Alternate Art Cards

Expect an announcement soon on our Season 6 alt art card. As a reminder, the season 6 alt art card will be designed for X Wing 2.0

Additionally, we will reprint previous alt art cards in the 2.0 format once we know the full text.

Thanks, as always, to our sponsors

We’ve been able to implement a lot of really great things into the league, and a lot of that is due to the financial support we’ve received. We appreciate every single participant that provided any level of support. An additional thanks needs to go out to the Scum and Villainy Podcast (our founding sponsor), along with Gold Squadron Podcast, the Mynock Squadron Podcast, Team Hooters, Team J.A.W.A., Voros Otos X-Wing, and Pittsburgh X-Wing.