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Kingston Elementary School

349 Fairburn Avenue


(318) 759-2500

Fax: (318) 759-2503





“Home of the Cubs”

Christy WIlliams                                              Principal

Stacy Pollard                                                   Assistant Principal

Mary Jo Duddy                                                    Counselor

Megan Hembree                                               Instructional Coach

Denise Aldrich                                                    Secretary

Elizabeth Hood                                                      Clerical Aide

Jennifer Lee                                                School Nurse

Emily Cryer                                                Librarian

Necole Douglas                                               Cafeteria Manager

Ardis Haley                                                       Head Custodian

School Colors:  Burgundy, Gray, and White

School Mascot: Tiger Cub

Serving Grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

Kingston Elementary School

Kingston Elementary School

The property Kingston Elementary is now built upon was part of the William Giroud Burt, Jr. estate.  His son William Giroud Burt III, who was known as “Little Giroud” by his contemporaries, lived at this location of approximately 61.5 acres in the log style home.  He died on October 21, 2007.  The house and 3.5 acres was inherited by Mr. Johnny Lee Hammons.  The rest of the land, approximately 58 acres, was inherited in undivided interests between Mr. Hammons and members of the Burt-Glassell family. Mr. W.G. Burt III’s sister, Mrs. Margaret Ann Burt Glassell died on November 28, 2010.  Her children and heirs, Margaret Adger Glassell Nance and John Woodburn Glassell, Jr., partitioned with Johnny Lee Hammons on July 13, 2012, parting 43.5 acres to the Glassell-Nance family.  The Bossier Parish School Board purchased this property on January 29, 2013.  Mr. Robert Nance, husband of  Mrs. Margaret Nance, was instrumental in property negotiations.


At 84,570 Square Feet, Kingston Elementary is designed for a student capacity of 1000 and is larger than most schools in the parish.  The street name, “Fairburn” is literally translated “lovely brook” and is a reference to Willow Chute Bayou which circles the site of Kingston Elementary. The beautiful exterior is a “green” masonry with a dramatically lower carbon footprint due to use of recycled fly ash.  The bricks used in the school require 81% less energy to produce than traditional clay fired bricks and are made with a large recycled product content, which is diverted from landfills.

The irrigation is provided via a collection system of four 10,000 gallon tanks.  The water collection system at Kingston Elementary is designed to collect both rain water and condensate water from HVAC equipment. The 44 classrooms can remove approximately 300 to 350 gallons of water from the building each day. This is water that can now be used to water plants. Condensate water usually goes into the sewer system.  This puts less water in the sewer system for treatment.  The collected rain water is diverted from runoff thus does not contribute to downstream flooding.



Kingston Cubs, Always LEAD


Kingston Elementary is a community united in our efforts

to become the highest performing elementary school,

 in the state of Louisiana.


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Kingston Elementary School! What an exciting time to be a member of the cub family! This is an extraordinary time in education full of opportunities to grow as individuals and as a community.  I believe in our educational system.  We persevere, we challenge, we inspire, we teach with passion and we LEAD with excellence.  Kingston Elementary will continue this tradition of excellence.

The vision for Kingston Elementary School is one in which we are united as a community in education seeking and supporting the most rewarding opportunities for our children.  A strong foundation in reading and mathematics is critical for all students.  In addition, student discovery in the sciences and in the arts is very important.  We will continue on our track to “Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead” and the integration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics will be the fuel to empower our children.  

I look forward to an exciting year serving you as principal.  We are a professional learning community and together Kingston Elementary will continue to be a school of excellence in this great school district.


           Christy Williams


Students entering Louisiana schools for the first time will be required to present an official birth certificate, social security card, an updated Louisiana Health Card and two forms of residency verification.

  1. One(1) current utility bill showing the physical address for service within the District;


  1. One(1) of the following that shows location of residence within the District:
  1. Property tax records with one (1) other form listed here;
  2. Mortgage documents or property deed; or
  3. Apartment or home lease or, if no lease, a notarized statement of the verified property owner (see school registrar for additional information required).
  1. If the student resides with a legal guardian, the court decree must be provided.

Kindergarten registrants must be 5 years of age on or before September 30, 2019.  A registration form and emergency card will be filled out at the time you register your child.  

By the order of the Louisiana Legislature, students will be required to have the following immunizations:

• 4 DPT vaccines - (Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis or whooping cough)

• 2 MMR vaccines - (Measles, mumps and rubella)

• 3 Polio vaccines

• 3 Doses Hepatitis B vaccine

• 2 Varicella vaccinations

These immunizations are necessary for kindergarten children as well as any student entering Kingston Elementary for the first time.  One of each vaccination must have been administered since the child’s 4th birthday.  Proof of these immunizations must be on the white Louisiana Health Card, available at the Bossier Parish Health Unit, at your local physician’s offices or at Barksdale Air Force Base.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact your school nurse through the school office or the Bossier Parish School’s Nursing Department at 549-7250.


Parents are requested to keep alternate and emergency phone numbers up to date in the event of an emergency.  Parents are required to provide proof of residency at the beginning of each school year. Please keep the homeroom teacher and office informed as to any changes in your address or phone numbers.  Any changes that need to be made on the registration form or emergency card during the year must be made in person at the school office by the parent/guardian.


A parish school nurse will provide services to our school.  The work of the school nurse includes hearing and vision screenings for designated students, assisting teachers with health education at all grade levels, making home contact when the situation warrants, and assisting with first-aid and administering medication.


Keeping students healthy is a concerted effort between school personnel and parents. For the health, safety, and well-being of our students, it is essential that each child has up-to-date emergency information on file in the school office. If there are any changes in the emergency names or telephone numbers during the school year, the school office should be notified immediately. The following are helpful guidelines given by the Bossier Parish School Nurses to consider when deciding whether your child should attend school:


Due to state laws regarding medication guidelines, only prescription medication, accompanied by a prescription from a doctor and completed medication forms will be administered during school hours. It is preferred, if possible, that all medication be given before and after school. The school must be informed of any possible reactions a medication may cause. For more information, please refer to the Medication section of the Bossier Parish Handbook located in the back of this handbook.  An adult must bring prescribed medication to the school office to observe and verify the count and receipt of the medications. For the safety of all students, students are not allowed to have any medication on school grounds (this includes prescribed and over-the-counter medications).


7:55 a.m.        Doors open - cars and buses will begin unloading 

Students report to their homerooms upon arrival.  Students who need to eat breakfast may go directly to the cafeteria upon arrival.  Breakfast ends promptly at 8:10 a.m.

8:15 a.m.        Tardy bell rings and classes begin

The front doors close at 8:15 a.m.  School personnel are no longer on morning duty.  If your child arrives after 8:15 a.m., an adult must come inside and sign the child in at the reception window.  There is NO SUPERVISION AVAILABLE for students at school before 7:55 a.m. and after 3:15 p.m.  Parents transporting their children should plan to arrive at the school between 7:55 a.m. and 8:15 a.m.  We do not allow early drop-offs except for 5th grade cheer and safety squad members who help in car and bus line.  We appreciate your help in providing for your children’s safety in the mornings.


Good school attendance is an important habit to develop and nurture within children – not only for their success as students in school, but also for their success as responsible adults in their chosen careers. We recognize students with excellent attendance at the end of each nine-week grading period.

Attendance guidelines can be found in the Bossier Parish School System Student Handbook located online at the Bossier Parish Schools district website or attached to a printed copy of the handbook. Refer to this section for a definition of excused and unexcused absences. These guidelines are strictly enforced by the school system as well as the Bossier Parish Truancy Office.

Your cooperation in ensuring your child is at school on time daily is appreciated and very important. Attendance is critical so we can achieve the state mandated requirements for teaching and learning. Most importantly, it is impossible to make up the direct instruction and hands-on learning experiences your child misses when absent, tardy, or checked out early. Teachers at Kingston work hard to make every minute count!


All students should arrive on time. Students should be in their classrooms by 8:15 a.m. to avoid being marked tardy.  Students arriving after this time must be checked in at the office by an adult before going to class to avoid being marked absent for the day.  Tardies may be excused with a doctor’s excuse.  Tardies should not be a regular occurrence.  Continued tardies will result in a referral to the Bossier Parish Truancy Office.  The truancy office will address tardies after the 5th tardy.  Tardies accumulate the entire school year.

If you know your child will be absent, please call the office by 9:00 a.m and notify your child’s teacher.  Please remember to plan vacations around school holidays when school is in session August-May. Trips of this nature are not excused absences. The principal may excuse such trips under extenuating circumstances related to issues such as a parent’s deployment or critical family situations.  Classroom discussion and activities are a vital part of the learning process and cannot be replicated.  Though they may choose to do so, teachers are not required to prepare work packages in advance for students who will be out for a period of days. Tests following absences will be administered at school upon the child’s return.


We encourage you to schedule your child's doctor and dental appointments after school hours.  Please come to the office first to check out your child. The office will then call for your child to be dismissed.  Student check-outs will not be allowed after 2:30 p.m.  Check-outs disrupt the learning environment at the close of each day and constitute an afternoon tardy just as a late check-in. Excessive check-outs may warrant a referral to truancy.  A photo ID is required for all check-outs. Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds unless given permission by the principal or the principal’s designee. All students must be signed out in the office by the parent or designee.


When severe weather creates hazardous conditions, the regular school schedule may be suspended to ensure students’ safety.  Parents and guardians should monitor the local news reports via television and radio stations.  In the event of the school closing or early dismissal, the school will notify the parents and guardians before the students depart.  Please know that we will do our best to ensure the safety of your children.


It is very important that Kingston Elementary be made aware of, and have on file at school, any legal papers that deal with unique circumstances concerning your child.  Simply noting on the registration card a statement such as “Do not release my child to.....” is not enough.  Documents providing evidence of custody must be a CURRENT legal order, judgment, or decree signed by a judge. A petition or transcript is not acceptable.  Please be advised that the natural mother or father can obtain their child or information from school at any time unless a court order is on file indicating otherwise.


We ask your cooperation and assistance in maintaining a classroom environment conducive to the development of good study habits and uninterrupted academic instruction.  You can help by:

1. Limiting the messages you wish us to deliver to your child to those of an emergency nature only.

2. Notifying the office of any change in the way your child will go home by NOON.

3. Establishing a system at home which helps prevent forgotten lunches, homework, etc.

4. Bringing a forgotten lunchbox, binder, or homework to the reception window.

5. Emailing any communication to the teacher during the school day.



The school cafeteria is maintained as a vital part of child nutrition and school wellness programs. To encourage good nutrition, a well-balanced lunch is offered at a reasonable price every day. Every student is required to eat in the school cafeteria by purchasing a school lunch OR by bringing a sack lunch from home.


A computerized system maintains current lunch balances and your child’s purchases will be recorded in the system each day he or she purchases items from the cafeteria. Even if your child brings a lunch from home, he or she may purchase milk, juice, or water through the cafeteria daily. Cafeteria fees must be paid on a regular basis and accounts cleared by the last school day, May 21, 2020.  Student privileges may be limited for excessive fees owed; such as, participation in 5th grade fun day. We encourage parents to prepay in advance as much as possible to avoid lost or forgotten lunch money. If you write a check, please be sure your child’s name and student identification number are on the check to ensure proper credit. Please make checks payable to:  Kingston Elementary Cafeteria.


MySchoolBucks.com is an online payment portal especially designed to allow parents to make quick and easy online payments to their children's school accounts. The system allows parents to manage their children's lunch accounts quickly and easily. From the parent login:

The 2019-2020 school lunch prices* are:

*prices subject to change


NO SOFT DRINKS are permitted in the cafeteria (even in sack lunches) except in thermos bottles. NO OUTSIDE FOOD SERVICE FOODS (i.e. restaurants, fast food) will be brought in except in a sack lunch from home (must be removed from restaurant-labeled cartons, wrappers, bags, etc.).


If your child has food allergies and cannot drink milk or eat certain foods in the cafeteria, please contact the school nurse and cafeteria manager immediately.


Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their children. We have reserved tables inside and outside for parents/visitors and their children to sit together and eat during the child’s regularly scheduled lunch time.


If you need information regarding the lunch program, please contact our cafeteria manager, Necole Douglas at 759-2568.


Parents are encouraged to allow their children to ride the bus or form car pools to reduce congestion in our school parking lot.



We are excited to share that after careful consideration, our school will now be using a program to help organize the school dismissal process and improve safety. This program is a phone application downloaded onto your smart phone (found in the app store) and will allow you to notify the school of pick-up changes and authorize others to pick-up your child from school, alert you when your child has been picked up or sent home on the bus, as well as help organize the car line during pick-up.


The registration process is easy and we ask that all parents register with the phone application as soon as possible. Several resources are included below to help you understand how to use the application and assist you with this transition. Please make sure you register with your personal current mobile phone number or the app will not allow you to access your child’s information for security reasons.


If you do not think the school has your mobile number on file or if your child does not appear in your app’s home page, contact support@pikmykid.com mailto:support@pikmykid.com after registration, with your child’s name, school, grade, and updated contact information for you.


Anyone who will be picking up your child should also register themselves with the application. Their screen will be blank and they will not have any authorization until you allow it within the app.


Please note: If you want to know more, go to this link https://www.pikmykid.com/features/for-parents/

For security reasons, phone calls to change the method of transportation for a student to go home are prohibited.  If you do not have a way to access Pikmykid online, than written notification from home will be required in order to change afternoon transportation. You may send it with your child or come to the school office in person before noon to make the change. The office will make the change in the Pikmykid portal, so the child and teacher are aware of the change.  This must not be a regular occurrence – only in cases of emergency.  Carpooling is encouraged; however, parents must get a tag from the school office for each child.  If someone is in car line requesting to pick up a student and does not have a school approved car tag, then he/she will be asked to park and go into the office and show identification.  Our children’s safety is top priority and these policies and procedures will be strictly enforced.  

We have designed procedures so car line is a safe place for our students and families.  Staff members are on duty to assist students and parents with the flow of traffic in and out of the loading area both in the morning and after school.

Morning Line-Up:

Two lines must be formed once in the parking lot; then drivers will

politely merge into one line at the gate on the south side of the parking lot.

 Students will exit the vehicle from the passenger side.

***After 8:15 am, parents need to park their vehicle and check their child in at the front office.****

Car Line Policies:

Morning Procedures:

Afternoon Procedures:


School bus guidelines have been adopted by the Bossier Parish School Board in order to provide safe transportation to and from school.  It is a privilege, not a right, to ride Bossier Parish school buses.  All Board policies are strictly enforced on school buses and at the bus stop.  Bus drivers are permitted to make reasonable rules for the safe and proper transportation of students.  Please arrive at your assigned bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival time of the bus.  Students will not be permitted to exit the bus at a different stop without principal’s approval. Parents will need to provide a reasonable, written explanation of why this student must get off at this bus stop. In addition, students will not be permitted to ride a different bus without approval from the principal.  Please refer to all Board policies (BPSB Policy: JCDAD) concerning school bus conduct.



In order to keep parents more informed about student performance, a progress report is sent on the Thursday of the 5th week of each grading period.  Report cards will be sent home on the Thursday following the end of each nine-week grading period.  Please sign and return one copy the next day.


October 17th

January 9th

March 19th

May 21st




Communication is an essential part of the educational program. We believe it is very important for parents and teachers to maintain close contact concerning student progress. Your child’s binder will be a great communication and organizational tool and should be checked daily.  Please visit the school website, http://kingston.bossierschools.org , for pertinent information.  Faculty and staff have e-mail addresses which is another great tool for communication between home and school.  Each staff member’s address is:  first name.last name@bossierschools.org.  For example, our principal’s e-mail address is christy.williams@bossierschools.org. 


The purpose of grades is to communicate to students and their parents the progress that is being made.  Graded papers will be sent home on a common grade level day.  Please sign and return these papers the next school day. You will also receive a progress report at the mid-term of each nine-week grading period either in print or electronically. Parents may monitor student progress through the parent portal in our district-wide student information system, Illuminate. Grades are updated and published at least weekly by the classroom teacher. Parents will be provided information regarding registration and use of Illuminate.




We encourage you to visit our school, attend your child’s programs, and become an active part of Kingston Elementary!  Strong parent-teacher bonds and healthy communication between home and school are vital to a child’s education.  Teachers are expected to communicate with parents in helpful and appropriate ways, and such communication is expected to be timely, respectful, and professional.  We ask that parents communicate in a similar manner.  Social media use is widespread.  The best way for the school to address a problem is for parents to communicate directly with the appropriate teacher or administrator.  Posting complaints or concerns on social media will not help address the problem or concern.  Negative comments about members of the school community are disruptive and inappropriate.  Please use e-mail or call the teacher directly.  Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

Education is a partnership between home and school.  We desire a close working relationship between parents and teachers.  Parent-teacher conferences are an essential part to building the partnership.  Teachers will arrange one conference in the fall and one in the spring with each family.  Additional conferences with teachers should be arranged in advance and take place before school, after school, or during the teacher’s planning time. Conferences can be scheduled by sending an e-mail or note to the teacher, leaving a voicemail for the teacher, or by calling the school office.



Visitors must be prepared to show a picture ID. This policy is parish-wide and for the safety and protection of each child.  Everyone must scan their driver's license at the office before entry into the main part of the campus.  Be sure to obtain a visitor’s pass at the reception window.


Personal party invitations should not be sent to school to be distributed unless all girls/boys from the grade/classroom are included. Gifts, bouquets, balloons, etc. should not be sent to school. We also discourage children from bringing gifts to give one another. There will be no birthday parties during the school day. Birthday snacks may be sent on the child’s birthday. Please check with your child’s teacher to determine the best time for these to be shared with the class. Parents are asked to drop the snacks off at school in the morning.


The two approved school parties will be Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  The room mothers/fathers and the teachers will organize these events.  In order to teach children good nutritional habits, we ask that sweet and sugary snacks are limited and balance them with other choices which include proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fruits and vegetables.  At times, special classroom events may be planned by the teachers to coordinate with the curriculum and the teacher may ask for assistance from the parents.  If you have been informed of a food allergy in your child’s class, please be especially mindful of that need when preparing any kind of food to send for the whole class.  



The School Building Level Committee (SBLC) functions within the general education program. The team receives referrals from classroom teachers and parents who wish to explore strategies that would enable a particular student to experience greater success in the classroom.  The goal is to assist students to remain in and benefit from the regular classroom education program.  The SBLC consists of the child’s parents, the school-level chairman, their classroom teacher, the school counselor, the school psychologist/diagnostician, and a school administrator.


It is the policy of Kingston Elementary School to set standards for the responsible use of electronic resources. Computers, electronic devices and the internet provide access to vast, diverse, and unique resources in a global community. Our goal in providing students, teachers, and staff access to electronic tools, a computer network, and the Internet is to promote educational excellence at Kingston Elementary. Access to district electronic resources, within or outside the school setting, including the Internet will be available to students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner and abide by the requirements of this policy. All electronic devices and computers are to be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner.

Access to the Internet has opened up vast resources for school entities in Bossier Parish and throughout the United States. Access to the Internet also opens up the possibility of students having access to possibly defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, or illegal material. The Bossier Parish School Board will use its best efforts as required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), including filtering software, in order to limit such access and to restrict access to only those areas of educational value. However, parents should understand no matter how much supervision and monitoring the Bossier Parish School Board can utilize, there will always be the possibility of my child coming into contact with these things. Notwithstanding this fact, please recognize the importance of your child becoming technologically aware in an increasingly technological society. Parents that do not wish to consent to the use of their child’s photos and/or work for publishing on the district and/or school website or publications, should contact the school to refuse consent.

Kingston Elementary is not a “Bring Your Own Technology” school. We are fortunate enough to be able to provide every student with their own electronic devices at school. All personal devices (including, but not limited to: cell phones, smart watches, tablets) that have photo and video capability, as well as text message capabilities, are not allowed to be carried or worn during the school day. These devices must remain in a student's backpack in the off position until the student leaves the school campus. Failure to follow this procedure will result in disciplinary action. 


All curriculum materials,  textbooks and library books are loaned to students for their use during the school year. All items are to be kept clean and handled carefully. Students are required to pay for lost or damaged books. Any lost or damaged book must be paid for before another book is issued. Payment must be made in cash or money order.


Please label all outerwear and any possessions with the child’s name and homeroom teacher.  Parents are encouraged to check the lost and found periodically.  Any unmarked or unclaimed items are put in the uniform closet or taken to a charitable organization at the end of each 9 weeks grading period.



Each grade level has a school supply list and each student must provide his/her own school supplies. Please inform the office of any financial need or hardship.  In addition, a school fee is required to be collected from all students.  Parents can make payment arrangements by contacting Christy Williams at 759-2505.


Kindergarten to 5th Grade:


The school fee per student is $20.00 and includes the school-wide binder (grades K-3) with folders and pencil pouch, ZEARN binder, curriculum folders and the technology fee.  The technology portion will support online access to supplemental programs used by students at Kingston Elementary.  Students will not receive their school-wide binder, ZEARN binder and binder supplies until at least half the fee is paid.  


Parents may pay the school fee now via PayPal (additional $2 charge).  Fees will continue to be collected until August 31, 2019.  Payments can be brought to the school office or mailed to Kingston Elementary.


Kingston Elementary will implement a school-wide positive behavior intervention and support program.  Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) is a statewide program that strives to accentuate the positive behavior of students thus decreasing the occurrence of negative behavior.  The Kingston Cub expectations for behavior will be taught and reinforced throughout the year.  


     L – Listen to others

     E – Expect excellence

     A – Always come prepared

     D – Do the right thing




Car/Bus Line




Listen to friends and adults

Follow teacher’s instructions

Listen to all adults

Use quiet voice

Listen for your name to be called

Listen to the duty teachers

Voices off

Listen to all adults.

Hands and eyes ready to listen


Stop when whistle blows

Look at your teacher

Line up correctly

Keep it clean

Use resources wisely

Use excellent manners

Line up in assigned area

Remain seated

Set a good example

Focus on your own behavior

Do not disturb


Wear proper clothing and shoes

Zip and Flip

Quickly and quietly enter and exit

Get all items the first time through the serving line

Keep belongings in backpack

Enter vehicle quickly and safely

Walk on the right side of the hallway

Stay in your place

Zip and Flip

Bring your best manners


Make smart choices with the equipment and friends

Use facilities appropriately

Inform office of vandalism

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

Finish with a clean area: table and floor

Use time wisely

Wait safely for your ride

Keep hands and feet to yourself

Walk directly to destination

Enter and exit quietly

Recognizing student excellence and achievement is an important part of the PBIS program.  Students will be honored for excellence in academics, reading, attendance, and service.  Academic celebrations will be held at the end of each nine weeks’ grading period.  Please watch the school calendar and the website for celebration information.


The teacher is primarily responsible for discipline within his or her classroom.  The school-wide classroom rules are:

Rule 1 – Follow directions quickly.

Rule 2 – Raise your hand for permission to speak.

Rule 3 – Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

Rule 4 – Make smart choices.

Rule 5 – Keep your classroom happy.

Diamond Rule – Keep your eyes on the target!

School rules apply throughout the school day, anytime a student is on campus or on a school bus, and anytime a student represents Kingston Elementary or participates in an event as a member of the Kingston student body.  

Students earn DOJO Points.  Cub Coupons will be given by the homeroom teachers for each positive DOJO point.  Teachers have a token economy system in their individual classrooms for students to “pay” for various things with their cub coupons.

Once a 9 weeks, students with a 85%+ positive DOJO record will be rewarded.  Each quarter is not inclusive of the others.  All students have an opportunity to improve and earn rewards as well.  The tentative rewards and dates will be posted on the school calendar.

If a student receives a “Positive Behavior Referral”, then the parents of the child will be contacted..  



Students who have maintained good attendance, good behavior, and have not been suspended from school or the bus during the semester or assigned to GASP the last two school weeks prior to a field trip or special event will be eligible to go on the trip or participate in the event.  Each grade level may have specific guidelines for certain trips that will be sent home with the students outlined in the permission slip.   If overnight or out-of-town trips are taken, the administration will establish and enforce specific guidelines for the trip.

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” 

      ~ Aristotle

Kingston Elementary Uniform Policy 

Kingston’s school colors are burgundy, gray, and white.  Uniform items consist of our main colors with accents of navy.  Please read the uniform guidelines carefully.  

Uniform Policy for Girls


Tops: white sailor collar blouse; white Peter Pan collar blouse (navy piping optional); white oxford shirts; white, gray, or burgundy polo shirts long or short sleeved; performance shirts and t-shirts displaying the school logo on the pocket area and sold only by Kingston Elementary may be worn everyday - Shirts must be tucked in at all times. The only exception is the girl’s sailor blouse.  Undershirts/Turtlenecks – white, gray or burgundy only worn under uniform shirts/blouses.


Bottoms: Cotton blend twill pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, and capris in khaki or gray; Plaid 54 shorts, pants, skirts, skorts, or jumpers (available locally at Sports World and Shreveport Gymnastic Supply Co.)  Jeggings and leggings are not approved as uniform bottoms.


Jumpers/Dresses: Plaid 54 or khaki jumpers, burgundy or gray polo-style dress (not navy)


Belts: brown, black, white, navy, khaki, gray (silver), plaid 54, or ribbon belts with school colors only.  Belts must be worn with pants that have loops.


Hair Bows & Ribbons: school colors only – burgundy, navy, gray (silver) and/or white


Outerwear*: cardigan sweaters, pullover sweaters, jackets, blazers, coats, sweatshirts (no hoods) in SOLID colors of navy, gray, burgundy, or white; sweatshirts and jackets sold by Kingston Elementary. The sweatshirts and jackets that you purchase in the school spirit store are the only sweatshirts that can be worn with a hood inside the school building. Hoods will not be aloud to be worn over the head inside the building.


Socks: white, navy, burgundy, or gray socks; solid white, navy, burgundy, or gray footed tights or ankle leggings.  (no black or printed; tights or leggings)


Shoes: Shoes should be suitable for P.E. class and recess. Flip-flops, slippers, Crocs or similar shoe, slides, and shoes with wheels are prohibited. No heels larger than ½ inch (“flats” only if worn).


Uniform Rules:


·       All uniform bottom lengths must be appropriate for school.

·       *Non-uniform outerwear is not allowed to be worn inside the building.

·       Coats/shirts may be monogrammed with name or initials – no larger than 3 inches.

·       Kingston Elementary approved spirit shirts can be worn on Fridays.

·       Students may wear club shirts of the organizations of which they are a member on Fridays or designated day.

·       Girls may not wear earrings larger than ½ inch. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.

·       Mohawks, designs, or lines in the hair are not permitted.  Natural hair color only.

·       Hats, scarves, head coverings, or bandanas are not allowed to be worn inside the building.


 Uniform Policy for Boys


Tops: light blue or white oxford shirts; white, gray, or burgundy polo shirts long or short sleeved; performance shirts and t-shirts displaying the school logo on the pocket area and sold only by Kingston Elementary may be worn everyday - Shirts must be tucked in at all times.  Undershirts/Turtlenecks – white, gray or burgundy only worn under uniform shirts/blouses.


Bottoms: Cotton blend twill khaki or gray pants and shorts; Plaid 54 shorts; cargo pants and shorts in khaki or gray are acceptable


Belts: brown, black, gray, navy, khaki, and/or burgundy - Belts must be worn with pants that have loops.


Outerwear*: cardigan sweaters, pullover sweaters, jackets, blazers, coats, sweatshirts (no hoods) in SOLID colors of navy, gray, burgundy, or white; sweatshirts and jackets sold by Kingston Elementary. The sweatshirts and jackets that you purchase in the school spirit store are the only sweatshirts that can be worn with a hood inside the school building. Hoods will not be aloud to be worn over the head inside the building.


Socks: Solid white, navy, burgundy, black, or gray socks - no show style, crew, or ¾ length permitted


Shoes: Shoes should be suitable for P.E. class and recess. Flip-flops, slippers, Crocs or similar shoe, slides, and shoes with wheels are prohibited.


Uniform Rules:


·       All uniform bottom lengths must be appropriate for school.

·       *Non-uniform outerwear is not allowed to be worn inside the building.

·       Coats/shirts may be monogrammed with name or initials – no larger than 3 inches – pocket area only.

·       Kingston Elementary approved spirit shirts can be worn on Fridays.

·       Students may wear club shirts of the organizations of which they are a member on Fridays or designated day.

·       Girls may not wear earrings larger than ½ inch. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.

·       Mohawks, designs, or lines in the hair are not permitted.  Natural hair color only.  

·       Hats, scarves, head coverings, or bandanas are not allowed to be worn inside the building.


Note: The administration reserves the right to amend the dress code policy as needed or as new fashion fads occur. Please write student names on the inside label of all uniform items. All lost and found items will only be stored for a grading period, and then unclaimed items will be given to Goodwill or placed in the uniform closet.


Vendor options*:  Academy, Frenchtoast.com, Old Navy, Ranchland, Shreveport Gymnastics, Sports World, Target, Wal-Mart


*Kingston does not promote any specific vendor.  The vendors listed do carry our uniform colors.  

2019-2020 Kingston Elementary School Handbook

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