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Holey Hiker Backpacking Bidet instructions for International Customers
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Unfortunately the “online store” will not be set up to accommodate international customers until next year. If you would like to buy a Holey Hiker Bidet you can send payment using one of the following:


Venmo           Paul-Bogush  if it asks for my phone # = 8176

Google Pay

International shipping is a flat $15 USD + $10 for the bidet = $25 USD total

If you would like to order more than four please contact me for a shipping quote.

If you would like to purchase a bidet please pay with the method above and then send me an email to with the following information:

I will email you when I ship it.  It will take approximately 3-5 weeks to get to most places in the world. If it takes longer please let me know and I will check on it.


If you have any questions please email me at