Please keep your student home if they have even one of the following symptoms:

  • Fever or chills, Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fatigue, Muscle or body aches, Headache, New loss of taste or smell, Sore throat, Congestion or runny nose, Nausea or vomiting, Diarrhea

REMINDER:ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND EACH SCHEDULED CLASS EVERY DAY! Students will either be in person or remote for classes depending on their selection, but they must attend. If you do not attend each class in some way during the time it meets you will be marked absent from that class.

Daily Schedule:


Mon & Thurs

Tue & Fri



In person or remote

In person or remote

All remote





1st hour

8:15 - 9:10

1st Hour

5th Hour


2nd hour

9:15 - 10:10

2nd Hour

6th Hour


3rd hour

10:15 - 11:10

3rd Hour

7th Hour


4th hour

11:15 - 12:10

4th Hour



5th hour

12:10 - 1:10




6th hour

1:10 - 1:55

Intervention Time

Intervention Time


7th hour

2:00 – 2:45

Office Hours

Office Hours


Advisory- check in

Student Entry- Masks are required to be worn as soon as students arrive on campus and at all times in the building.  It is requested that students do not arrive prior to 7:50am to avoid large groups gathering. Students in 7th grade will meet by the gym doors behind the school and students in 8th grade will meet by the gym doors in front of the school. Please maintain a 6 foot distance while waiting in line. Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the building at 8:00am. Students will have a parent or guardian called to pick them up if a student has a fever greater than 100.4℉.

Breakfast- Students will be able to get a grab & go breakfast after they have entered the building.

Hallway & Stairwells- all hallways and stairwells are marked for one way travel.  Students will hug the lockers as they are moving between classes in the direction indicated by the arrows.  The stairwell by the art room is designated as up only and the stairwell near the nurses office is down only.

Lunch- Students wanting lunch will order lunch in 1st period and get a ‘grab and go’ lunch sack on their way out of the building after the last class of the day.

Student Exit- 7th grade students will exit at the front main gym doors and 8th grade at the front cafeteria doors.

Students symptoms during the day- If a student self reports or is exhibiting symptoms, they will be evaluated by staff.  Parents will be contacted if students need to go home due to COVID 19 symptoms.

Additional items:

QUESTIONS: Contact Edison by phone at 309-793-5920 or  principal Christi Varnes (christi.varnes@rimsd41.or), assistant principal Terry Coleman (, dean of students Tia Edwards ( )