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2023 MS Summer Course Offerings
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Middle School Summer Course Offerings 2023

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Daniel Bonnel

Lifetime Sports

Students will gain the knowledge necessary to become an educated participant and spectator of several fun sports. The involvement in specific sports will provide an atmosphere that is enjoyable to the participants, promotes cooperation among peers and develops an appreciation for the degree of fitness necessary to participate. The following sports are included in Lifetime Sports: Bugball (soft contact dodgeball), Badminton, Bowling, Volleyball, Golf, Basketball, Soccer, Wiffle Ball, and other fun games.

Dennis Preston

CSI: Grain Valley

Learn how crime scene investigators and law enforcement detectives use logic and evidence (along with math and science) to solve crimes every day. Then, put your new skills to the test in daily labs by examining evidence and attempting to solve cases yourself! Dive in and examine the evidence with training from the teacher, Mr. Preston.

Kevin Schlotman

Dream Vacation

Planning a vacation has never been so fun! In this cross-curricular project, students will plan, budget, and journal about their "dream vacation."

Nick Leiker

Power Play

Looking for a place to run, play, and have fun? Coach Leiker is offering a PE course which will include a variety of different games from team sports (basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc.) to small group activities (badminton, pickleball, nitroball.) Don't miss out, sign up TODAY!

Heidi Adams

The Dirty Truth

Can Earth be saved.... or is Mars our only hope?

Life on Earth is precious and precarious. Everyday more species go extinct as our world becomes more polluted. People are fighting to make a difference but is it enough? Or should we look to the skies to save our species? You will choose to save our planet or abandon it for life elsewhere!

Benjamin Barnett

Fun with Engineering

In this fun class, students will learn about engineering. You will have the opportunity to work together to build different projects. You will also get the opportunity to do some fun STEM challenges as well as learning a little bit of coding. Activities include building a windmill, building a maze, and much more!

Ryan Cox

More Than a Soundtrack: How Music Makes the Movie

Quick! Think of your favorite movieā€¦ Can you hum or whistle any music from your movie? Does your movie even have music in it? I bet if you go back and watch it later, you will find there is more music than you realized! Movie directors use music in a variety of ways to make movies better for us to watch. In our class, we will go behind the scenes to learn how music is added to movies and why it is needed. You will get to see and hear for yourself the impact music has on scenes from movies, and you will have the chance to create your own music for certain characters or movie scenes! Sign up today to find out how Music Makes the Movie!

Enrollment is handled electronically. Ā Enrollment information will be distributed to students/parents in March and is available on the GVR5 website.