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Conditions for Autumn Team Gathering (Work Week) 2020
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Buddhafield Autumn Team Gathering (Work Week)

The purpose of the Autumn Work Week is to build the conditions for us to strengthen our connections and friendships and deepen our Practice.

We want to create ways for us to work together. We will be looking at how to move forward with key projects.

Because of the ongoing pandemic regulations our Autumn Work Week will not be the Buddhafield space we might be used to;

We need to be aware of how many people are attending and so ask that everyone confirm their place via RSVP link sent by email.  

In addition to the pre-existing reasons to ask attendees for personal information, there is now the added responsibility of being able to assist with the tracing of COVID-19 infection if an outbreak occurs.

Please read the following conditions before you confirm attendance:

If you or any of your party have symptoms of COVID-19 or been in contact with anyone who has, you must stay at home.

There is a closed barn and a Village hall, but most of the time we are aiming to be outside. You will need to be prepared for all weathers, with both rain and sun protection.

If you are shielding or are covid-19 vulnerable please do not attend. .

If you develop symptoms after arrival you will need to return home straight away.

Unfortunately, we cannot currently provide accessible toilets. Please take this into consideration before confirming.

Meetings will take place in areas that have had a covid secure risk assessment. By confirming to attend you agree to comply with any signage and seating directions which are in place to support the safety and confidence of everyone.

In order to adhere to Government guidelines, outside of work meetings we currently ask that we gather groups of six. Our requirements will change as necessary with any new guidelines.

Social distancing rules apply to everyone at all times on and off-site. The well-being of the local community is extremely important to us and so we ask you to be considerate.

Anyone causing distress to others by not observing covid guidelines may be asked to leave.

We will provide plenty of hand gel, soaps and sanitizers to protect you during your stay but recommend you bring a personal supply as well.



We will provide compost toilets and showers and covered meditation and yoga spaces with limited spaces. You should bring your own Yoga mats and meditation cushions.

Electricity will only be available during meetings at the Village hall.

More information about the venue’s facilities: 

Being considerate of your neighbours:

We ask for a LOW NOISE policy from 9pm. Sound systems and amplified music are not welcome. Be considerate of your neighbours. Tents do not sound insulate well!

As with all Buddhafield events this will be a drug and alcohol free space.