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Can Practicing Martial Material Arts Reduce The Teens Social Anxiety?
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It's not unusual to feel anxious about mundane tasks such as going to the grocery store or waiting in line for an important meeting. However, some people find this a daily burden. Social anxiety disorder is a condition that prevents people from engaging in meaningful and enjoyable activities. Social anxiety disorder affects approximately 15 million people. There are other options than medication. People are looking for other ways to reduce anxiety, and martial arts could be one of them.

Martial arts training has been shown effective in relieving general anxiety. However, social anxiety has its unique characteristics. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, a social anxiety disorder can be defined as "persistent fear of a particular social or performance situation." People who live busy lives and need to be social can benefit from social anxiety.

Let's examine how martial arts can help you or your teenager fight social anxiety.

The Individual Among Friends

Fear of meeting new people is a major part of social anxiety. People with social anxiety tend to have a smaller social circle, making it difficult to make friends. Martial arts are a great way to socialize and give people with anxiety a chance to push their boundaries.

You won't feel any pressure from a team sport in most Martial Arts, but you will still be able to benefit from working with people and learning in a structured environment. Teens with social anxiety often feel more at ease around others when working on a task than in social interaction. Social anxiety sufferers can jump into social activities by learning structured, ordered, and organized martial arts methods.

Fear of performance

People with social anxiety are afraid to perform in front of others. Everybody is bound to feel anxious when they have to give a speech or perform a test in public. For teenagers suffering from social anxiety, routine activities seem almost impossible.

The structured learning of Martial Arts and the belt system can reduce social anxiety. Martial arts teens need to be able to perform and follow the routines that are appropriate for their group. A blue belt follows the same curriculum as other blue belts. Reducing the pressure on teens can help to reduce performance anxiety.

The only exception is belt testing. Performance and practice are performed among the other teens and instructors, not in the public eye. Even though belt tests are made public, only a small group of friends and family usually attend. Sometimes the requirements for belt testing are done as a whole group. Making it as accessible to people with social anxiety as possible helps them overcome it. It also keeps the stakes low and lowers the intensity of the experience.

Martial Arts, Worst-Case Thinking

The hallmark of social anxiety is "catastrophic thinking," or the tendency to assume the worst outcomes in any situation. This negative thinking pattern can be overcome with martial arts.

People fear physical violence and the possible injury that could result. You will soon see how safe martial arts can be. Sparring can be done without risk if you have the right training, supervision, and gear. James Martial Arts Academy's programs exemplify how reality is more frightening than our expectations. This perspective can help anyone pursue their goals with less anxiety.

Social Anxiety and Teens in Martial Arts.

Social anxiety differs from general anxiety. This is because social anxiety often begins earlier in life, typically in the early teens. General anxiety usually manifests in the early thirties. Martial arts offers a wonderful opportunity for parents to provide a structured and safe environment where their child can practice social anxiety management.

Teens across the country have missed school and other extracurricular activities because of the pandemic. Although some things are starting to improve, teens still have much to learn about social skills, like interacting with peers and teachers. Teen martial arts classes can be a great way for teens to socialize. James Martial Arts Academy has specific classes for teens. Martial arts is a great way to improve your self-esteem.

Anyone can enjoy martial arts at any age. Many people over 60 have struggled with social anxiety for years. Even if you don’t experience social anxiety, it takes away many opportunities for adults who do to meet others. Martial arts can allow you to make new friends, meet new people and improve your health.