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Pandemic Meditation Resources
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Pandemic Meditations: Meditation resources for these unprecedented times

Created by Catherine Crisp, PhD, MSW, MSC Teacher

We live in the midst of a very challenging time with the rapid spread of COVID-19, the so-called coronavirus. As we find ways to cope with shelter-in-place orders and maintaining a social distance of at least 6 feet or more, people are searching for ways to calm themselves and find peace during these very stressful times. Below is a list of meditation resources that have been created and/or are being offered for these uniquely difficult times. Unless otherwise stated, all meditations and resources are being offered at no charge.

Calm App COVID-19 resources: free meditations from the Calm App.

Center for Healthy Minds (UW-Madison): several five-minute practices for challenging times

Chris Germer meditations: meditations by Chris Germer, one of the co-founders of the Mindful Self-Compassion program. Not specifically for COVID-19 but applicable anytime.

Dorlee Michaeli: Covid-19 Anxiety And Stress: 30 Free Self Care Tools: a collection of tools compiled by the creator of the Social Work Career COVID resources below.

Down Dog yoga app: a great yoga app (my favorite) and free for different groups for different time frames during COVID-19.

F*ck that: An Honest Meditation: not specifically for COVID-19 but it seems appropriate now because sometimes we need to drop a few F-bombs or have someone do it for us. Caring for Self and Others in Times of Trouble: Some Spiritual Tools and Tips

Greater Good Science Center Guide to Well Being During Coronavirus: the most comprehensive list of resources I’ve seen including a variety of articles and meditations.

Headspace COVID-19 resources: free meditations from one of the most widely used meditation apps.

Headspace Plus free to health care professionals: requires you to register with your NPI number.

Insight Meditation Society daily meditations: teachers include the well-known Sharon Salzberg and others.

Insight Timer Resources in time of coronavirus: a collection of resources from my favorite mediation app.


Jack Kornfield Pandemic Resources: meditations and talks from a well-known meditation teacher. Not a meditation site but a site with great compassion resources and feel good stories. The name is taken from the fact that karuna means compassion in sanskrit.

Kindness Resources: resources to help us be kind to ourselves and each other.

Mindful Junkie live 5-minute meditations: live meditations via Zoom; see site for details and times.

Mindful Junkie meditations for medical professionals and first responders: via Zoom; see site for details and times.

Mindful Magazine COVID-19 resources: resources from one of the leading mindfulness resources.

Find Calm and Nourish Resilience course: free 30 day, self-paced course offered by Mindful Magazine. Registration required.

New York Times: An Ecotherapeutic Meditation in Ten Steps: an interesting meditation from the NYT.

Onbeing: A care package for uncertain times: “A collection of podcasts and poetry for however you’re processing this moment.”

Rick Hanson: Being Well Podcast: Fear in the Time of Coronavirus: talk by psychologist and author on fear during these challenging times.

Rubin Art Museum Rubin Care Package Art And Practices For Navigating Our World: if you want something a little different, check out their resources.

Sharon Salzberg COVID-19 resources: meditations via SoundCloud as well as links to many of the resources included in this document.

Simple Habit COVID-19 meditations: other sites these meditations are free but there is no explicit indication of this on this link. However, when I clicked on some of them, they appear to be free.

Social Work Career: COVID-19 Resources for Social Workers and Therapists: a collection of resources that goes beyond meditation.

Sounds True Resilience in Challenging Times: resources and meditations by different teachers and authors.

Tara Brach Pandemic Resources: meditations for these times by one of my favorite authors and meditation teachers.

Facing Pandemic Fears with an Awake Heart: brief talk and meditation

Ten Percent Happier live meditation: hosted by Dan Harris and a variety of meditation teachers, this live meditation is offered daily at 3 pm Eastern time.

Ten Percent Happier Coronavirus Sanity Guide: more resources from Ten Percent Happier.

Thich Nhat Hanh COVID-19 Resources: Practice Resources in a Time of Uncertainty: resources from one one leading meditation teachers in the world.

Tricycle Magazine online practice sessions: daily virtual meditation sessions offered by leading meditation teachers. Time and teacher varies by day. Registration required.

United Nations Coronavirus meditations: Meditation and yoga from the United Nations

Catherine Crisp, PhD, MSW, Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher

Compassionate Connections, LLC