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Summary and Dates

In December 2017, ORMA will be running its elections for the Representative Council. This council will form one of the three primary bodies of ORMA governance.

Virtual affiliates and caucuses will each be able to send a delegate to the Representative Council. More details are below, but some important dates:

A Note on Inclusion

It’s time for Our Revolution Massachusetts’ (ORMA) first democratic leadership election.  This is a critical opportunity for us to hear new voices and build new leadership within our organization.

It’s no secret that there is a general tendency for certain demographic groups (particularly white men) to assume leadership positions within an organization.  We believe that all of us, including white men, have a critical role to play in ORMA, and we hope that all ORMA members will be active participants in discussions about inclusion and anti-racism and strong supporters of bringing diverse voices to the table.  As you think about who should represent your group, we ask you to consider whether there are people within your group that bring new experiences and perspectives that we need to hear more from.  This includes people of color, women, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, working class and poor people, individuals with disabilities, or simply other members of your group who can bring a fresh point of view to ORMA.  Perhaps this includes yourself - if so, we hope you will consider running!

While we have allocated seats on the Representative Council for caucuses, please do not assume that a member of your affiliate who identifies with one of these communities will simply be able to obtain a caucus seat instead – encourage them to run for an affiliate representative position!  If we truly want Our Revolution to be “OUR” revolution, we must be intentional in our efforts to make space for new voices.

Detailed rules for Virtual Affiliates and Caucuses

  1. Each virtual affiliate or caucus must file its intent to send a representative to the ORMA Representative Council by December 1, 2017 via the form at https://goo.gl/forms/vzKkhuTqRLWhOY092
  2. Representative Council Member Responsibilities: Council representatives are expected to attend quarterly meetings held in varying locations around the state and participate in additional standing committee meetings.
  3. Provided the following conditions are met, each virtual affiliate or caucus will determine its own method for electing a member to send to the ORMA Representative Council.
  1. The election must offer each member of the virtual affiliate or caucus an equal vote (no appointments or “superdelegates” or the like).
  2. At minimum, a “member” must be a member of ORMA. Additional qualifications are at the virtual affiliate or caucus’s discretion, but must be clearly specified in advance.
  3. The election must be held in a manner that is accessible to all eligible voters (e.g. in a facility that meets ADA standards; online processes must accommodate members who are visually impaired.)
  4. The election must be announced with sufficient advance notice to make full participation possible. Virtual affiliates or caucuses must copy us on the announcement to their membership (at orma-elections-committee@googlegroups.com).
  5. Affiliate members who feel their virtual affiliate or caucus violated these standards are encouraged to resolve the matter within the virtual affiliate or caucus, but may raise a complaint with the ORMA Elections Committee (orma-elections-committee@googlegroups.com). The Elections Committee will assess the complaint, speak to the virtual affiliate’s or caucus’ leadership, and may request that the virtual affiliate or caucus re-rerun the election as a ranked-choice, instant runoff poll.
  1. Affiliates are encouraged to accept unaffiliated individuals as new members if requested.
  2. Affiliate leaders are encouraged to invite women, underrepresented ethnic and class groups and individuals with disabilities to run.
  3. Affiliate leaders are encouraged to ask all candidates to provide a diversity statement as part of their campaign. A diversity statement can describe any of the following and more: how you represent a historically underrepresented group, your experience working with underrepresented groups, how you have handled working with someone whose background is unfamiliar to you and what have you learned from these experiences, how you will contribute to creating an inclusive culture within ORMA.

Virtual Affiliate Election Deadlines

  1. December 1st, 2017 is the “filing deadline.” Each virtual affiliate or caucus must file its intent to send a representative to the Representative Council, via the form at https://goo.gl/forms/vzKkhuTqRLWhOY092
  1. Each virtual affiliate (but not caucus) must also provide their membership list to the ORMA Elections Committee in order to send a representative to the Representative Council to the ORMA Elections Committee (orma-elections-committee@googlegroups.com),
  1. The membership list will not be used after the election nor for marketing. It will only be used for the purposes specified below.
  1. To identify which voters are ineligible to vote or run in the unaffiliated election.
  2. To confirm that the affiliate meets the “10 member” threshold specified in the Structure description.
  1. The member list must contain at least full name and email address (for verification purposes).
  1. There is no deadline for virtual affiliate or caucuses to name the member being sent to the Representative Council by sending an email to orma-elections-committee@googlegroups.com .
  2. The elected member will be “seated” to the Representative Council as soon as the Elections Committee is notified.