The Slides

The three parts of the mechanical system are connected by a series of slides. These slides are made of laser-cut acrylic, and are attached to the pegboard.

If you move any of the other parts of the system, you can quickly move the slides around so that the Legos will still flow from the isolator to the detector to the sorter, no matter where they are. The only constraint is that the Legos have to travel from the top of the board to the bottom, since nothing powers their movement other than gravity.

The Catcher

The first slide catches the single brick that falls out of the isolator. The wide design allows it to catch this brick no matter how fast you spin the isolator and how much it bounces around.


These three smaller slides are only attached with at one point on the pegboard. The advantage of a one-pin connection system is that they can be removed, replaced, and repositioned extremely easily.

The Chute

For the final slide, it takes the brick from the tilting plate and moves it into the cup. We originally had one for each side of the tilting plate but then realized we only needed one on the right side as our stepper motor has the ability to spin the rotating disk all of the way around.