Topic - Innovations in Teaching and Learning

Meeting Coordinator -  Samantha Morra

Date and Time - 11/15-9:00am – 11:45am

Place -  Montclair State University - University Hall

Audience: Administrators, Library/Media Specialists, Teacher, Technology Directors, Communications

Website:      WiFi Directions



Topic(s) & Links

9:00 am

George Magdich

President NJECC

NJECC Announcements

9:15 - 9:30

Samantha Morra

Technology Integrator

The Elisabeth Morrow School

Intro to Innovations in Teaching and Learning

9:30 - 9:45

Annie Rasiel

English Teacher

The Elisabeth Morrow School

From Shakespeare to VR

9:45 - 10:05

Elissa Malespina

Teacher Librarian

Verona High School

Flipgrid and FlipAR

10:05 - 10:35

Arielle Goldstein

Technology Facilitator

Millburn Twp Schools

Sarah Rolle

Director of Technology

The Elisabeth Morrow School

Design Thinking

10:35 - 10:45


10:45 - 11:00

Sharon Cardia

3-6 Instructional Technology Coach

River Edge School District

3D Printing in 3-6th Grade

11:00 - 11:10

Cheryl Pasquale

STEM Supervisor

Hawthorne District

STEAM Project - EcoCarton

11:10 - 11:25

Lisa Zaranski

Computer Science Teacher

Hawthorne High School

Raspberry Pi

11:25 - 11::35

Cynthia VanderMolen

Ramapo Indian Hills

Regional High School District

AR/VR in the HS


Wrap up

Link to the Applied Digital Skills Workshop we are running at Rockaway on 12/11: