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Asher Penn is an artist, filmmaker and publisher based in Canada.

2004: Graduated from RISD with a BFA in photo.

2005: Began making artist books and photo zines.

2006: Made 3 Music Videos for Ryan Trecartin’s music label XPPL.

2007: Moved to NYC to work at Printed Matter & Karma bookshop.

2008: Conducted interviews and shot portraits for Sup & Bad Day.
2012: Launched
Sex Magazine, releasing 10 quarterly issues.

2015: Sex Magazine’s anthology published by Powerhouse books.

2016: Produced experimental documentary Maggie Lee’s Mommy.

2020: Relaunched Sex Magazine as a print publication.

2023: Completed Physician, Heal Thyself about Dr. Gabor Maté.

He is currently working on a feature & short film based upon

the writing of cult anonymous author Delicious Tacos.