Chapter 5

The Midpoint

        The Elders had a large list of assignments for the Lord of Tachyon this month. As to the whole situation of the black market actually going down, the Elders could rest easier with the faith that Neoum can spend some time on smaller issues, so that the Order is more appealing to the other sentience that work under the Order. These missions have been waiting for a few years to properly be addressed, and may have taken longer if Neoum wasn’t here. Jelnorelus had made the decision that Neoum will have to be out and about if he were to dodge this secret assailant that’s after him. The other eleven Elders had a bunch of tasks that need to be done, so I will make sure those things are down by our prime executive, being Neoum.

The meeting started with each of the twelve Elders actually meeting in the first time since the vanishing of the previous Lord of Tachyon. Sulfern was even able to attend the meeting, even though most of the other elders disapproved of his methods, Jelnorelus felt that he did contribute to the development to Neoum’s understanding to the Order as well as one of his only friends. I guess that’s two reasons to actually have him out there isn’t it. Jelnorelus was concerned for the young one, but she knew that if he couldn’t handle the situation, then what likelihood would she have to actually make any significant change in that situation. Jelnorelus had the main observing chair of the Elders as she had been the Master Elder for the past ten thousand years, which gives her the ability of having the decision of breaking the tie in the absence of the Lord of Tachyon. Thus she had been the primary leader of the Order since Neoum’s father had past, which has been quite the difficulty for her to adjust to. She had to work for centuries just to get the position that she would need to keep the Lord of Tachyon in her life, only for him to lose his own. This was one of Jelnorelus’s common thoughts when she would become annoyed with the political garbage that was building up from continuous issues that each of the species of the Order has with the fact that they no longer care for the Tachyeans that try to aid them, nor the other species that they would use to trade and interact greatly with. Then the economic value of the Unity bills have deteriorated into a mad house of inflation almost to the point of absolute uselessness. The elders were the most frustrating part of the process where yes, her position was more powerful than any of the other’s positions, many of the Elders disagreed with her ideas. They regarded her as too radical with the changes that she wanted to make, especially without a Lord of Tachyon to enforce such acts into the Order. Now with Neoum as the head of the Order, Jelnorelus will just have to have him side with her ideals so that reliable change can occur to fix the mess that has generated by the power vacuum of a Lord’s of Tachyon absence.

She was ready to address the agenda of the Lord of this coming week, as Master Elder must do, so that the other Elders can confirm the route that was being taken by the Lord. It was the Lord of Tachyon who would create the route so that he doesn’t have to stop halfway to one location to have an entirely different, more dire situation. The Twelve of them were ready for the Meeting of the Elders to commence. {Today, for the first time for over ten thousand years, we finally have the opportunity to adjust the agenda of the Lord of Tachyon Neoum. With that in mind, we must know that the list he prepared had the following established on it: Fix the electrical problems of the Fowlerycans, manage the smog development in the Yteracks’ system, and create the first established Tachyium charging facility for the two and twelfth district in the second galactic grouping. Are there any immediate changes that come to mind about this route?} The Elder of Commerce Known as Hertacor rose. {I believe that The Lord should be more focused on the current situation of the inflation problem, We cannot continue to have such irresponsible courses of action applied to the atmosphere that is the economic struggle of living in each of the Galactic bridges. I will not tolerate the lack of attention to the billions that suffer from the fact that we cannot keep up with the demand of actual living.} Jelnorelus paused Hertacor for the moment. {Is there anyone in favor of the Lord of Tachyon addressing the inflation problem?} I know that you want to always have the attention Herta, but we need him to feel that we aren’t going to turn down everyone of his ideas right now. For all we know, the situations that he’s referring could be more than what we’re expecting. I hope that he gets at least one of these things. Four of the other Elders agreed with that statement. One of the Elders known as Fragnet added that they should also adjust the Tachyium leveling in the bridges so that more space can be given to the citizens to live on, which makes sense for her position as Elders of Tachyium Constructional Functions and Developmental Living of All. {Alright, Thank you for the proposal Fragnet, does anyone want to focus the effort onto the restructuring of the Tachyium on the Galactic Bridges?} By that statement seven of the Elders agreed for the proposal.

Sulfern, you haven’t even given a thought to any of this yet, have you? I wonder what’s going on inside that deranged little head of yours? Are you thinking of how this will not at all affect the rest of your day, about the endless number of foolish things that you want to do for the people’s entertainment. I’ve seen some of the vulgar things that you do on the daily, beating children for fun, having fun with the endless number of women you have on a beck and call, put people through that monstrous game of yours. You shouldn’t be here, except that you really are the closest person we have to the general public, they’ll adore him to the day he dies. That an Neoum wants to help him become the Elder that he use to be so fawned of being back in the days he was the Writer of the Universe. I pity him so much, Neoum has to work with some of the most horrible people in the Universe, I can’t understand how he’s able to handle so much of our problems with such stableness. I feel that I will never be able to do what he works so hard to do. It’s just like how his father amazed me, but with more accomplishment as to how I feel about it, as if he was the best employee or something. I want him to achieve everything he can, but I want him to also understand that he needs to slow down or else the job will render him to a state of dysfunctional non repair. This really is my last passion in life isn’t it, caring for this boy.

After a few more adjustments from the other committee members, it was almost time to start the final decisions that would set the route for the Lord of Tachyon. Jelnorelus had about given up the idea that they would allow a last minute change of just letting Neoum do what he originally wanted. {Is there any other opinions to discuss before the closing of this meeting?} The room was silent, it seemed that no one wanted to dare break the mental concentration they were having on each other. Then Sulfern rose from his seat. {Maiden of the Elders, I have something to propose to the official routing of the executive Tachyean. I want to share my opinion on the matter of how we have gone through this whole procedure without any care of having the opinion of the very executive that will be carrying out the Orders that we are prescribing him. I think that this is just a mess of a system, and not at all what I remember from my whole experience when it comes to the assignment of the Lord of Tachyon. I, Being the eldest of all the Elders of this official arrangement, believe that it’s my duty and privilege to adjust the end result of the route before we create problems with the executive. In fact, in the days of the great Lord of Tachyon Legalacy, we had established that The Lord of tachyon should have the final say in the routing of his assignments. It was the job of the Elders to recommend the points of reference that they felt were good for the Lord to consider for change if the Lord of Tachyon thought that it was worth the change. We should honor the decisions of every lord of Tachyon for they established the power, so it shall be carried out. I want you all to understand the importance of the trust that we have to him, and that he needs to know that very trust is existing so that we all can achieve the end goal that we have all been striving for. I believe, my fair Maiden of the Elders, That we have a responsibility to allow the Lord of tachyon to at the very least prove that what he wanted to achieve for this route will be beneficial to both the Order, and to its citizens.}

{Alright, with that statement from Sulfern to rap up the discussion, who believes that we should change the route of the Lord of Tachyon?} Six of the Elders stood to that decision, thus it would be a tied vote. {Alright, as you all know, in the case of the tie we have before us, I have the decision to challenge that by giving the opposing side the extra vote in the absence of the Lord of Tachyon. In which case, I will side with the side against the changing of the route.} Then one of the members, known as Jadsender, rose from his seat, seemingly angry toward Jelnorelus. {I would like to point out that there’s one problem with that decision, it’s simply that the Lord of Tachyon is no longer absent from his duties, thus we should wait until the Lord of Tachyon is here to make the true final decision.} {That seems like a rather sound idea, except if you want the opinion of the Lord of Tachyon, then you’ll have to interrupt a very important meeting that he’s having right now, as he has to observe the Galactic Showdown as a guest host while I’m here telling you the proper way to run this meeting. Also he is in fact absent in that regard, for if he wasn’t then we would have been out of this meeting about a day ago.} Sulfern didn’t even move from his spot when transmitting that, yet it felt that he was standing above all the other Elders, even Jelnorelus. This was quite a shock to everyone indeed. {Then it truly is settled then, the route will not change, only the recommendations will be submitted once we finalise the results of this meeting.}

A couple of hours of finalising pass and the meeting finally comes to a close. {Thank you all for coming to this meeting, you are all now dismissed.} Jelnorlus felt relief that it was all over, and was now ready for some relaxation for a bit. She decided that could wait a moment for Sulfern was the key player of that meeting, thus she had some questions for him. He was up to something big, for someone doesn’t just be quiet during the whole meet up until the last moment to completely change the outcome, not without reason. I need to make sure that he isn’t trying to make the Order his own playground of chaos. {Good job out there Sulfern. I’m very impressed that you could be so genuinely serious, I thought that you were just going to be a bother to the meeting. You took the whole meeting into your own hands, and dropped the bomb on us without warning. You really are quite the wild card, aren’t you.} Sulfern looked to be a bit tired from what Jelnorelus could tell, but not in the way of exhaustion, rather in the form of irritation. {Maybe you should be the key player next time, it is your job as the Master Elder, isn’t it?} {That was more of the expectation that I had in mind.} {Yeah, but Neoum told me to be nice, thus I did exactly what you wanted, and allowed your idea of keeping Neoum’s route unchanged. By the way, I would at least see how he would respond to that idea before allowing this to be the outcome. At the very least, I like how revolutionary you wanted to be, but I guess I will be the one remembered for this one.} {Wait, so you knew that’s what I wanted? How did you figure that out!} {Relax maiden of the Elders, I simply did what every Tachyean would do to survive with their fellow Tachyeans, read their mind.} {Sulfern, that’s an invasion of privacy, and also how could you get into my mind, isn’t it harder for others to enter Tachyeans minds?} {Of course it is, but I’m a Tachyean to, a powerful one at that. You shouldn’t underestimate my power Jelnory. Even though you are physically the strongest tachyean outside of the Lord of Tachyon, I would be the Tachyean of the Highest intellect. You really should at the very least try to put some effort to blocking foreign minds into your head by the way. It’s kinda obvious that you want to kill me where I stand, but Neoum would have a fit if you did, thus you do nothing. I’m impressed that you thought I was going to have some ridiculous idea of having a way to rule the Order like a ‘playground of Chaos’, but I rather play with you and the boy instead, it’s so much more fun to do that. Thank you all and I hope to see you all again real soon.} And with that, Sulfern had left the building. Jelnorelus was quite confused, but realised that he may have been right to have some of those opinions. He really is one of the most intelligent minds of the Universe. Too bad he spends the greatness of his mind on mindless activities, but everyone has suffered from the lost of Legalacy. He use to be so great, an inspiration to everyone that would aid to the development of the happiness that he was known for.


In the world of the Fluxwol, homeworld of the Fowlerycans, the atmosphere of the planet is that of a mainly oxygen (eighty-two point three percent) with a secondary elements of Hydrogen (twelve point seven percent), and Carbon (three point six percent) in the mix makes for a very easily flammable sky for any that live on the planet. Especially when the skies of the planet tend to be full of storm clouds makes it one of the more actively monitored worlds for the Tachyeans to make sure that the inhabitants aren’t in any major storms when trying to leave planet. If they were to try, the charge from the lightning would both overload the Tachyium temporarily, and by doing that the safety systems could shut off, causing the travelers to burst into flames. The situation would normally not be as extreme of a problem for there would be at least two Tachyeans keeping records of the storms as well as creating effective storm directors so that they would be able to miss the landing areas for the solar bridge.

The problem is that since Legalacy had vanished, the hatred towards the Tachyeans drove away the primary protection of the storms. The people have been able to get the storms to stay clear of the bridge landings about twenty percent of the time, thus the travel to the planet decreased to a current two point three percent of the old travel rate. This has in turn caused the economic stability of the planet to fall extremely below standards of the Order as well as cause the inhabitants to be virtually stuck on their planet without support. Currently there has been the Tachyean of the system trying to keep up with running the storm guiding, but she also has the responsibility of managing the other seven inhabited planets in that system so there’s minimum assistance from that standpoint. The major problem of the technology that’s used is simply that it hasn’t been automated by any of the Tachyeans that were working there for they expected that there would be a continual amount of Tachyeans supplied to the area as the planet needed constant monitoring anyways.

The leader of the Fowlerycans, Ambassador Wyvex has been requesting the assistance for his entire term as ambassador, along with the last hundred and eight ambassadors before him. The length of the Ambassador's term would about fifteen years in office, thus the response of the tachyeans have been a bit of an issue. The Order has tried to give support of the planet only to have issues with the staffing of the tachyeans as they didn’t want to aid in hazardous conditions in terms of the population. Most of the population of Fluxwol are very anti-Tachyean in their beliefs of the Order being corrupt for they didn’t support the Order when the Lord of tachyon had past without a trace of a replacement in sight. What most of the Order doesn’t understand is that the race of Tachyeans are a very religiously active community of their belief in the ruler Electruthez, thus when the Lord of Tachyon dies without an offspring represents the end of true connection to Electrithez. They all had lost the ability to serve for they couldn’t see the light that once lead then down the proper path. With that, they were blamed for the crumbling of order within the Order. The situation leads to many attacks toward the tachyeans with a lot of complaints of non efficient working areas, delaying the proper times for the problem to be fixed. The issue has led to only more frustration on both accounts for nothing is being achieved.

As for the rest of the effect this conflict has been spreading toward the Order is mainly more aggression toward preventing the collapse of the Order. This situation has only been a problematic issue that all sides can’t resolve. Ambassador Wyvex has been trying to be the first to be noticed by the return of the Lord of Tachyon with many examples of how previous actions of a Lord of Tachyon have aided their people. “I Know that in the more recent centuries, our society has been shifting toward a more drastic approach to the tachyeans in the area for they weren’t supporting us when their Lord had past. I understand that they were selfish in the way of allowing their lost take the primary focus when the rest of the Order had been relying on them to help the most they ever had in such a time of need. I too, am not truly satisfied with the results that were presented in the aftermath of the tragedy. I do though think that they have the heart and mind to aid us once more in our time of urgency. We are at the lowest economic level that we have ever experienced beyond the point of joining the Order. This relationship that we’ve been developing has only created a cycle of useless actions in finding a solution to this major problem for the past a thousand and a half years. This is the time of change, for it is the first time that we have had a new Lord of Tachyon for about a hundred centuries. I don’t want to be the one that’s forgotten by the Order any longer, and I have the trust that this new leader will help us understand where we need to go to find our solution.” The crowd outside the main office of the Ambassador office had bursted into a cheer of acceptance as the Ambassador had aimed for.

He started to head for his office, chatting with the other diplomats. “Sir, are you positive that you want the bridge to send people in this time. We aren’t even sure if the Lord of tachyon will be able to make it in time to make sure that this trip will be safe.” “Yes , I agree with Tren, this could be a large gamble that I would try to bet on. This is risking the lives of hundreds, possibly thousands, and if such a thing were to happen, an entire revolt could occur. Sir, I respect you as a leader, but I wouldn’t be behind you if this ends up blowing up in our faces, or more appropriately, their faces.” I know that’s it quite the risk, but I can’t let the people fear the Tachyeans any longer, it simply is costing us too much in the economical field of things to the point that it would lead to a revolt either way, just one would take a few more years than the other.” “Sir, there must be another way to have them trust the Tachyeans outside of possible rescue of their lives. I mean, this could lead to them hating the tachyeans even more than before if the Lord of Tachyon isn’t successful in the attempt?” “Yes, Ufast could be onto something. I wouldn’t want you to destroy the reputation of this current Lord of tachyon in this little experiment of yours. I rather test them in a more basic trust exercise that would allow the people to see the good of the Lord of Tachyon.” “Yes, of course I could just have the Lord of Tachyon do like a trust fall exercise, or something like that to start the build up of his trust, but I see that I’m not very popular with the anti-Tachyean citizens, and obvious so would the Lord of Tachyon, so that could lead to an undesired fate. Such as, oh I don’t know, assassination of myself and the Lord of Tachyon, which would cause the complete destruction of the Order, and possibly set everyone in the Order back hundreds of thousands of years, include us. I don’t want you to feel bad, and I know that the Lord of tachyon could easily save me from such an attempt, but that would anger the people. They would think that he was using his powers to take advantage of us, so they would want him to use none of his abilities leading to him not being able to protect me in such an event. Don’t you think I’ve been trying to find the best way for the people to understand that the tachyeans aren’t our enemies, but our greatest allies like back in the days of Legalacy. I just want to hope for the best, and if it doesn’t work out, I hope that the pain will be quick for I did what I thought would be the right thing to do for our people.” “Sir, I think that was very well thought out, but I don’t know if I can stand at your side in such a situation.” “Me neither, I don’t want you to think that I don’t value our friendship, and allegiance to you, but I think it would be saver for both myself and Ufast to just leave for a bit until this calms down.” “I understand, you two shouldn’t have to suffer from my actions if they result in negative outcomes. Stay safe my friends, I hope fair wishes toward you.”

The bridge was schedules to enter orbit within the next few hours as Wyvex was watching the sky in the living area of the Ambassador’s office. He wasn’t sure if it was for the best to allow this to unfold the way it would. He had already verified that the Lord of Tachyon should be arriving before the bridge does, but he wasn’t sure to exactly how much before he would be able to make. Would he even come to report to me if he did come. I didn’t think he would just not, but at the same time he is an all knowledgeable being with powers far beyond any normal Tachyean. I believe that’s true enough to help aid my people, so please my Lord, do not let me down. I need to get out there soon don’t I? I just want to watch from here until it’s all over, but I have a responsibility to my people to do this without fear, without regret. Wyvex started his descent to the observatory in front of the waiting press.

The crowds of people waiting to leave on this coming shuttle was very about two thousand. This was a larger turnout than Wyvex had predicted, but nevertheless, it was time to see how this would end up, but the Lord of Tachyon had not arrived as of yet. The people were starting to get a bit antsy about the situation and wanted to get the show on the road. It was about an hour later, and the people were able to see the bridge entering the atmosphere, and to the right was a strong storm coming in at full speed of hundreds of miles per hour. Wyvex was starting to sweat a bit from the coming storm, but had hope of the Lord of Tachyon to fix this. Then the first strike hit the bridge.

It was kinda obvious to the public that the surge of energy had caused some damage to the bridge as well as the sky was raining fire toward the citizens. The Tachyium shields had the ability to keep them protected, but with the storm going on, it would only be a matter of time until the shields to were hit. In a whisper, Wyvex cursed, “Why the living light haven’t you arrived yet Lord of Tachyon. My people are in danger and you still are behind on time.” As more strikes of lightning were encasing the bridge, it had finally touched down to the loading area. The crowd started to load up onto the bridge at a very fast pace. People were panicking, and Wyvex seemed to be choking on some screams that he was trying to swallow. The last of the people loaded into the bridge. Then the sky was starting to crackle at a much louder rate, indicating that a large bolt was about to hit the Bridge most likely, it being the largest object in the area. The bolt started,and it seemed at all of time just stopped. The people, the storm, Wyvex, everything, except one thing was still going. The Lord of Tachyon had arrived in front of the bolt, about to take it head on. As time resumed a large flash filled the skies throughout the planet, with a large ball of flames ascending back to the heavens. Then the storm started to direct itself into directions away from the bridge. The bridge was able to repair rather quickly as well with seemingly more abrasive shields for the next storms. Wyvex was relieved that he came through as the Lord sat next to him, a bit jumpy from the shock.


In the Waremerger system of the first galaxy, the Yteracks have been one of the most active in establishing without the Tachyeans interference. The only issue to this is that with the progression they’ve been working toward has populated they system with large amounts of industry that has caused lots of smog to generate. Such smog is toxic to the lives of many of the worlds for it can cause immediate effects to their skin and internal functions. This process is able to kill most of the population within a week at most if the Tachyium shields didn’t filter the air, as well as the Tachyean of the system. The Tachyean though can’t keep stretching himself so much over the four major planets that need the purification.

The government of the system hasn’t been asking for assistance from the Order about the smog either, for they believe that if they did, it would cause the businesses to be condemned for their hazardous waste. The government was funded primarily by the productivity of the major businesses for the amount of jobs generated by the work in the industrial areas. It has also generated more work to clean the toxins that the businesses have been producing, so the corporations monopolised the cleaning industry. The government has no choice but to listen to them or else with lose the economic control they have developed on the first galactic bridge.

The Order has been trying to crack down with regulations, but with the issue that the Elites have been out all over the galaxy, mainly trying to keep the levels of the Black market down as well as make sure that other systems haven’t started full blown war. This has been about the same positions that the Elites have been stuck at since a few decades after Legalacy past. The Elders can’t properly direct them for they haven’t been able to accomplish the primary goals of most of their objectives. Then if they do, they will have to check up on that situation , and move onto the next one with hope that they can continue to handle the stress of the disability of the Order. The only way for the jobs to get finished faster would be direct intervention of a Lord of Tachyon.

There is one Elite that is meant to assist the Lord of Tachyon with the duty of purifying the air on the worlds, but the Lord of Tachyon hasn’t arrived yet, and wouldn’t for another day. The Elite was known as Refthen, and he had been trying to arrange an appointment with the general committee of the system for the past week while waiting for the Lord of Tachyon. The general committee view him as a brute that will attack then on command, when is probably the weaker of the Elites. He needed to talk about the regulations that they were ignoring the fact that he has the new supply of Tachyium that can completely replace the production systems that are generating the smog.

{I know you fear the lost of the sitting that you have in the galactic bridge, but if you continue this hazardous manufacturing, I will be forced to have the Lord of Tachyon establish a block on this system until it has been properly quarantine. That would result in losing you position on the bridge and you will not be able to continue the supplage of your exports for you won’t have anyone to export to.} “You think that we would actually lose our access to the other trades, and I bet you also think that we will be arrested for the crimes of taking control of our solar bridge to transport iot to the other nearby systems to boycott your rules.” “I think this guy means business, too bad that he isn’t supposed to do business.” They started laughing in the screen that he was talking to them through. “So you want us to knock it off, to stop polluting the system. Okay, I will make you a deal, if you can make sure that by the end of the first twenty four hours of the ‘Lord of Tachyon’ arrival, the entire system will be as purified as possible by our standard of purification. Then we will stop the deals with the industries, and switch back to the Tachyium energy for our industrial advancements.” {Oh, then if that’s all I need to make sure is done then I will guarantee that it will be done to completion…} “Oh, and did I mention only the Lord of Tachyon can work on the purification of the system.” {Oh, then in that case, I will accept you deal for I know that the Lord of Tachyon will, and can achieve victory in your little game.} The committee only laughed louder than before at that statement. Then the message ended with Refthen concerned that he has made the situation worse.

Refthen believe that the Lord of Tachyon could do anything if he puts his mind to it for the power of any Lord of Tachyon is many levels greater than even the levels of an Elite Tachyean. He figured that if he would accept the deal that it would be the best chance to fix the current issue with that system, but now that he thought of it, they wouldn’t make a deal unless they would benefit them for they were already in a bad transaction with the major businesses that are pulling their strings. Refthen couldn’t imagine being stuck in a position of vulnerability for so long as their government had. It was sad that the Order had allowed the situation to get so far out of hand like it did. I know that I shouldn’t have done that, but I know that I wouldn’t have made that agreement without having faith that My Lord of Tachyon  could actually pull off this feat for he has the power, and the ability to definitely do this.

The next day came with no update as to the Lord of Tachyon location has been received to Refthen or any of the committee members. The attention to the details of the committee’s official Standards of Purification was the most crucial thing to Refthen for if the Lord of Tachyon were to defeat these corrupt politicians, it would take a lot of skill and cleverness to out best their strict standards. As he continued to look over the list, it seemed that there was an infinite number of small tasks that need to be addressed to the Lord of Tachyon before arrival. The more that he read of the list, the more it seemed to increase in demand. The amount of the list would take weeks of multiple Tachyeans, even Elites would need more hands to even near completion of the list. It was as if the committee was expecting this possibility, and decided to make the requirements unbelievably difficult for any being to finish. Refthen then started to get a transmission from the committee that was labeled ‘urgent”.

“I hope that you have finished our little document, and also that if you read, there was an update to the time the task will need to be completed.” “Oh yes, we needed this to be finished as so as possible if we are to properly adjust to the state of Tachyium powered equipment, thus it will be by the end of today.” “Sorry for any inconvenience, it’s just business you know.” {Wait, but the Lord of Tachyon hasn’t arrived as of yet, and with the length of this document, it could take weeks to be finished.} “Sorry, but we have to obey the binding agreement of the contract. IT would be against our political agenda to display a conflict with the powers that the people view as beneficial.” “I understand that you just want us to give you more time, but we don’t have the power on our end to void the agreement for all contracts that are made under our government are final. We were kinda expecting the Lord of Tachyon to be late to this meeting for he’s a busy person, and those extra days were to hopefully aid your process of accomplishing your job.” “To be fully honest with you, we were being monitored by the corporations that have caused this smog in the first place. We all here have been forced to cooperate with all of their demands or else the favor of the people would be lost, thus we would also lose our positions. We need to hope that Lord of Tachyon of yours can actually pull this off or else we’ll all lose.”

With that in mind, Refthen had to go immediately to the first polluted planet he could reach to start the large amount of clean up. Three hours had already pasted with only about twenty percent of what he needed to do for the first planet was done. Even with the aid of the Tachyean of the sector, it wasn’t going anywhere fast. Things were only getting worse as the factories started to go at an increased production rate, for it was almost as if more pollution was being generated than being disposed of. The two continued to work with more stress stacking onto them. They knew that the only hope for this sector would be to have the Lord of Tachyon assisting with the work. The two only continued their work at pro-spd one, so that they wouldn’t strain more energy until the near end of the job. The day keep moving forward with half of it done, and only about ten percent of the work being completed. The two tried to go faster, but feared that such a gamble could risk their likelihood of keeping up with the physical stress that the situation was generating onto them.

Then it came down to the last six hours, and the two were able to get a quarter of it done as a whole, but were starting to slow down from exhaustion of trying to complete everything. Then a transmission was coming in for Refthen from the committee again. “We have noticed that you have tried your best, but with the short time you have left, and the fact that you really are in a critical state, we will have to decide for your safety that this will have to end. We know that you will be unable to forgive such a harsh decision on our part, but we know it would be better for everyone if you didn’t get to overworked.”

The Tachyeans felt a bit insulted by such statements for they know that the politicians are referring to Legalacy for the fact that his sickness lead to a whole system being disintegrated. This rumor that the Tachyeans are ticking time bombs have caused many systems to fear the presence of them. This is why many of the Tachyium shipments to this sector have been prevented from entering the area, letting the corporations take control of this sector. The hope that the two had of finishing this mess had faded. It was all over, and there was no way to finish the rest in time. An hour past with the two resting from the work, frustrated with themselves as well as the fate of the issue. {I can’t believe that I made this only worse. I just should have waited for the Lord of Tachyon for guidance.} {I understand that you feel bad, but where is the Lord of Tachyon? I mean, this task was supposed  to be accomplished by him right? If he was here, we could have had an actual chance of finishing as well as not be in this mess from the start.} {Hey, he must have his reasons to be late…} Then a large surge of energy blasted through the sector almost instantly. The Lord of Tachyon has finally arrived.

        With the next four hours, the Lord of Tachyon went to each of the four major concern planets for about an hour to clarify the planet in full amount, leaving the waste in a collection area in the space near the star’s orbit. Then went to the Two to be updated as to how exact with the cleaning he would need to be in order to fix up the situation. The Lord of Tachyon had been moving from planet to planet at speeds of about pro-spd ten with ease. Able to get about five times the work done than the efforts of both of the other Tachyeans. By the end of the four hour, the Lord of Tachyon read other the document for anything that was missed and finished the last of the clean up with about twenty minutes to spare.

{Thank you, both of you for the work that you put into fixing up the parts that you did. I’m proud of both of you, so with that in mind, who would like to own up to agreeing to this contract?} {Sorry my lord, I didn’t mean to disappoint..} Then The Lord of Tachyon left. {Oh, I guess he has more to get done, doesn’t he.} {It’s okay, he will probably not be to mad at you.}

The transmission to the committee came in quickly after the job was finished. “We’re quite shocked as to how the corporations handle it, for they simply ended the call, and it seemed that they were starting to pack up their stuff. I hope they aren’t going to be too much more of an issue. Thank you for releasing their control on us, we will be starting on the reorganization of the industries very soon with those new shipments of Tachyium. We hope that you both could be able to enjoy a few days here before going back to your duties. We kinda guessed that the Lord of Tachyon has already left, so let him know that we welcome him, along with any other Tachyean to our beloved system. Thank you again, and enjoy your stay here Refthen.” The transmission ended with Refthen going to his quarters to take a nap. The other Tachyean, Tryan, went in with Refthen to make sure that Refthen doesn’t sleep for too long.    


In recent developments, there has been the discovery of easy charging of Tachyium without having to spend an hour of charging through the Tachyean of each district. The new method involves having Tachyium energy generators in the near orbits of the star(s) of a system, to then transport that energy through a similar structure to that of a solar bridge to connect the energy to other storage devices in each of the planets’ atmospheres that would then travel to each of the major concentrations of Tachyium. After that the device would then send drones to all the other Tachyium shards on the planet to charge each of them individually.

The districts of two and twelfth in the second galaxy of the Order of Tachyon have been requesting the need of these stations for the second district lost their Tachyean from an attack at the Emperor’s domain. This has caused many of the Tachyium supplies to lose durability over time, with no one coming to replace the previous Tachyean, it would be the best solution of having a charging station set up for the result of how unstable the system has been from the near war that’s been growing. The twelfth district on the other hand lost their Tachyean by the fact that they drove theirs out of the system soon after the death of Legalacy, fearing that at that rate, the rest of the Tachyeans were going to blow away the entire Order into confetti. This in turn has caused conflict with the tachyeans that have tried to replenish the Tachyium, and the citizens that believe that they’re in mortal danger.

By this point, the Emperor’s advisors have convinced the Emperor that they need the aid of the Tachyeans in order to establish the control of the empire. The other district had an assembly to have the slight majority decided that it was needed for the chargers to be set up. The governing group of the twelfth district believed that the Tachyeans hadn’t been the ones in the wrong, but with the rest of the system against the idea of them, it was hard to redefine the previous relations. The only problem with the setup process is rather hard to fix; Protecting the Tachyeans that would construct the chargers.

Because of the fact that both of the districts have been very hostile overall to both the tachyeans, and each other, the Order of Tachyon hasn’t been confident of sending new district Tachyeans. They did, however, send Elites to protect the people the best way they could think of so that war doesn’t occur in the second district, and then ease the stress from the fear of the Tachyeans. Then the time that would be needed to create the generators takes at least a week for most Tachyeans, and then to find the proper orbit it needs to travel will take another whole day to determine. The worst part of it all is the fact that Tachyeans need complete concentration in order to create the generator at the right size or else it will expand too much and start leaking, or will not expand enough, which could cause the generator to turn off for not having enough energy produced.

In the Second district, the Emperor was preparing for the first battle that will begin the war of their system. “I think today will end with a major blow to all of this progress. If they are able to strike my bare flesh, then the War will begin, if not, then it will be a sign that I would be too powerful to challenge, thus they will surrender to my authority appropriately.Make sure that was written to the utmost pristeen form of literature that I have ever heard. This may be the most important thing I will be remembered for, and I don’t want it to be a joke when it is being read hundreds of years from now.” “Okay my ruler, I will make sure that all of that is recorded properly. I must asked though, is there any way of preventing this war sir?” “And I thought that you of all people would support me in this endeavor, but I see that I will be the only one with hope that this war will not start.” “You really have faith in the Tachyean, don’t you my sire? I’m sorry to question you, but what if the Tachyean isn’t ready for the shield to completely be revived? You could lose your life out there.” “Then I lost my life with honor to my people that I fought for them until the end. If I survive, then my people will cheer for I prevented the war that would completely ruin us. It all relies on the Lord of Tachyon to determine our fate.”

“We need the people to understand that we are going to fall back into the age of darkness. This can’t continue or else we will destroy ourselves.” One of the higher diplomats yelled at the rest of the politicians. It was the day of discussion on how they will introduce tachyeans back into their society. “The problem is that the people view these godly beings as literal explosives. We can’t just say ‘look, we’re introducing the tachyeans back, hope you aren’t going to throw a fit, bye,’ they will just create a riot. “That’s the least of our problems, if they even have a hint of an idea that the Lord of Tachyon is the Tachyean that’s coming to construct the charger for us, then we’re all doomed.” “People, people, remember who it is that’s coming to assist us though. The Lord of Tachyon, he is supposed to be one of the most powerful beings in the universe right. This should be an easy fix to everything. I bet that he already has the charger made, and is going to just drop it off here and leave. “If that happens then were the luckiest government in the entire universe.” “Well, I for one don’t have that kind of faith in just…”

Then a flash occurred in the sky, leaving a signal sent to the office of the diplomats, reading off the log of the charger with full completion. “I guess sometimes your right, then the other times your very, very correct with your predictions.” “You know what Bob, I don’t have the time for your stupidity.” “Okay Phil, just remember, I was the one that was right with this.” “Shut up!” “Okay retard.” The two only continued to argue while the rest were in a trance of amazement by the miracle that just happened right before their eyes.

“I’m ready for this, support me my faithful subjects. I will fight for honor, and for the hope of a better future.” Emperor Wregyor prepared on the battlefield, ready for the challenger that approached him. An Elite was watching from the out skirts of the battleground, ready to intervene when needed. “I will be your opponent.” A beast of a being, about six meters in height with six legs, and scales durable enough to defend from level five Tachyium. Wregyor was an above average height of a Gvernmas, about three meters, with purplish hairs that extended from his arms and other limbs to the floor. His weapon was a simple Tachyium blade that had one alteration to it; it’s dual tipped piercer. He prepared for the warrior to draw his weapon, but realized that the claws on the beast were the size of his own arms. Under his breath, he released, “This is going to be my finest hour. I hope that my legacy will be able to hear this story spread through this world and many others, for this is my lasting impression on the people.”

Wregyor prepared his blade, and charged his enemy with full force. The attack would have knocked most warriors to their knees, but this attack was proven useless in comparison to the enemy as the beast swatted away Wregyor in one fast smack of his hand. Wregyor lost grip of his weapon, once he started reach for it, the beast knocked it about fifteen meters away and was about to strike him with his claws. Wregyor prepared his shield to hope for the best that he might survive the attack. The claw was about a tenth of a meter away when the shield started to brightly glow and expand to be just in front of the area the claw was going to impale. The beast was outraged by the result, and thus started to pound on the emperor as he began to rise. The he was using started to gravitate back toward his hands. Wregyor caught the sword and blasted into the beast’s leg with even more energy than before. It toppled over the beast, leaving him on the floor, and the emperor began to stab away at it with powerful attacks. The Beast hand been defeated, and for he didn’t get touched on his bare skin, the other army fled in terror for Wregyor became the strongest warrior they’ve seen. “Thank you, my Lord of Tachyon, you have proven that you truly are greatest in your right as well as mine.”



        Sulfern had returned to his solar bridge after the meeting about a couple of weeks after it ended. He was enjoying the time at the system the meeting was held, for he hasn’t been able to travel until after the first season of the Ultimate Showdown ended. It convided him that he needed to not put his heart on the line with his work like that. It did take a year for it to settle properly, but he had finally gotten the freedom of being stuck in the role of the insane game show host, and final test of the Lord of Tachyon. Neoum, you are quite the remarkable individual. I hope your rule of the Order will be of a legendary one. Your father was one of the most enjoyable I’ve met in my life time, but you so far are going to gain the position of the most respectable one. Sulfern went to his room and sat in his throne. It’s good to be back in charge. I can’t wait for the next game though. It’s not living without the risk of the next role to play.

        {Where is the sly dog of a ruler. Chanon, where’s the Lord of Tachyon? I need to discuss the little arrangement from his time hosting the Showdown!} The transmission device nearby had a younger secretary of the Jarthsen species that irritatedly responded with, “Okay then, I’ll check up on his arrival... It says that’s he isn’t here yet.” {What, I thought he would have made it for sure, what’s the meaning of this! All I wanted tonight was to chat with the man before I have to go back out their and slave away for those pesky producers! They weren’t even a thing until the second season when the Order decided to start breathing down my neck about the proper regulations of show business! I can’t even advertise for the children anymore!} “Quit complaining, your lucky they didn’t shut it down! I for one think your little game wasn’t very appropriate for…” {Now why are you yelling at me about it, I can hear you just fine from heard without all the shouting.} “Sorry, you were shouting at me, so I thought I would join in.” {Okay then, I guess I’ll quiet down a bit, I just wasn’t sure if they could hear me that well.} “Who are you talking about Sul, there’s nobody else here. Unless your referring to the others that you’ve been talking about that have been listening to you.” {Well I think something is trying to contact me, okay! I shouldn’t have to justify myself for everything I believe.} The two continued for another half-hour before Sulfern decided to talk a shower.

A moment later Neoum stepped through the door of the waiting room with the secretary sitting at her desk. “Oh there you are, Sul was just complaining how he needs to talk to you.” {Oh, well I guess I made it on time?} Neoum was extremely tired from the assignments that he was previously doing. To then receive an important message to get there immediately only made him more exhausted from the work. “Oh, well he’s taking a shower at the moment. I think he will be out in about a minute though. I suggest to just relax for a bit before he starts to go on another rant.” Neoum went to the chair near the wall to rest for a bit. Five minutes past and Sulfern calls out to Chanon to let Neoum in.

{Neoum, buddy, I can’t believe that you made it. I expected that you would take longer.} {Well, I got everything down on time, so here I am. What exactly is the emergency that you needed me for?}{Oh right, I needed to thank you for running the Showdown as well as receive a thanks for your protection out there with taking your spot.} {Oh, yes, I think it was for the best. Because of the fact that the assailant was there, I knew it wouldn’t have been any average bombing. You being there was the best thing the Order could ask for.} {I try. Oh and where’s the goods that you promised if I was a good boy with the other Elders.} {Here you go Sulfern, your reward for being nice. I have to get going though. Until next time friend.} {Until next time.) Neoum was about to leave when Sulfern remembered something. {Wait, the assailant left a note at your spot. I didn’t tell anyone about it yet, but I would keep it to yourself for it might be your only lead on their identity.} {Thank you again Sulfern, you really have done some good for me.} With that, Neoum left, and Sulfern was left with his prize, a picture of him releasing his first book, The Development of Light: the story of before Eletruthez. {That boy really knows a proper reward doesn’t he.}


I must say, Neoum really has been working hard on actual progress of the Order. I’m going to have to change that now wont I. For now I will let him feel as though he has bested me. Let’s see if he can figure out that little message of mine before it’s too late.