Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 04/25/2019 @ 6:30pm

Location: Black River High School Middle School Library


I. Call to Order-JB @ 6:39pm

  1. Roll Call-Pat Pullinen, Joann Wilson, Suzy Buckley, Uli Donohue, Melissa Perrino, John Bannon, Marissa Selleck & Jo Bania, Mt. Holly Elementary School’s Home Schooling Liaison (attended until 7:13pm)
  2. Approval of Agenda: Additions & Deletions-Legal Contact added as 5. To III. Business, Updates; MS added 6. Press Release Update; MP has a Booster Club & OMS Update to add to 1. Contacts.  JW motion, JB 2nd.  Passed.

II. Approval of Minutes

  1. 04/18/2019-Need to add Names of attendees.  MS corrected, PP made motion, JW 2nd, Passed.  

III. Business

  1. Updates

1. Contacts Update-PP’s Castleton Contact who, assists in running professional programs, agrees it would be a great resource to partner with BRA for college credit classes; also, spoke with the Alumni contact for BRHS who is gathering contacts for an updated Alumni Mailing List and will share with PP.

JB-Will follow up with student outreach, inviting a few members; also, the social studies classes have had some discussion on the matter.

CH Special Ed-Table until CH can attend with an update.  Discussion about various special education needs and opportunities/support and how to be able to provide these resources; how best to support the individual student’s needs in the best way possible.  

        *Follow Up-PP has possible Special Education Specialist

SB, School Play-Instead of providing a refreshments table suggestion offered to insert our brochure in the programs for the 3rd-6th grade play on June 4th.

MP Contacts-Booster Club chair Andrea Sanford reached out to communicate some information w/ BRISC.  Their next meeting is Wednesday, May 8th.  Good opportunity to coordinate with them.  Also, OMS offered that by June it would be a good time for BRISC to approach OMS.  Their June meeting is Thursday, June 20th, @ 2pm.  

        *Follow Up-JB reminded us that Suzanne Garvey had suggested we get

        involved with association meetings, ie: Winter Place, Solitude, Okemo

Valley’s Women’s Club, etc.

2. Posters/Flyers via JW-Two different versions drafted, using photos provided by herself and Otis Nelson (all scenic, none of people for liability reasons); opted for version with larger photos.  PP-Suggestion to list specifics of school choice tuition opportunities; as well as clarifying intramural/rec/school sports; adjusting the language of carrying on the tradition of being known as “The Presidents” and colors of maroon & white; and, lastly, tradition of the Tuttle book

        *Follow Up with who discuss future of Tuttle book

SB (for Jo Bania who had to leave)-Mt. Holly students who are interested in creating posters for us.  Also, once we have the flyers confirmed JW will go back to our marketing contact who will draw content from the flyer to create the posters.  Group agreed on 50 posters, 2 sizes to be ordered, 25 of each 8.5 x 11, & 11 x 17.  Will order 200 flyers.  Lastly, JW has a draft of a parent letter, JB suggested reaching out to Anne Gardner to proofread it for us.  MP also offered KG as a great contact to edit it.  Also has pens, pencils, and bags available for swag to hand out.

        *Follow Up-JW to forward parent letter to MP to discuss with KG

3. Athletics Update via MP-Invited PP to be on our sub-committee for the Athletics, PP accepted (includes MP, MS, HT, JT, & HP).  Has a google doc

started with contacts.  PP will help organize.  Reviewed quickly update from last week for JB & UD about discussion with OMS the possibility of being a track program educationally for OMS.

        *Follow Up-Prepare discussion with OMS in June

4. Wine & Cheese Event via MP-Hosting wine & cheese meet on Wednesday, May 15th.  Purpose to just be available for discussion.  Members attending include JB, HD, & MHJ.  MP will follow up with invitees.  Following event could be coffee & donuts (Big Eyez, Java’s, etc).  As well as a possible event with Stem Winder’s via Wendy and John Neal.  JB offered Weston Playhouse event as well.

5. Legal Updates via JW (via HT)-Educational Contact offered that her husband will provide pro bono legal help.

        *Follow Up-Check with HT to reach out & invite contact to meeting/event

*Executive Session Motion by PP to discuss in further detail, 2nd by JW: Executive Session from 7:41pm to 7:46pm

6. Press Release Update via MS-Drafted one version, confirmed last week to submit to Vermont Journal on time.  MHJ edited & suggested we add some information about our pedagogy; specifying that it will be student-centered/individualized and offer college prep and extracurriculars.  

      B. Discussion

1. Finalize School Fair-Set Up: MS & JT & PP, 1-3:30.  JB & SB, 2:30-4:30, JW, 3:30-5. (Students & parents there from 1:30-4:30)

Core Academics, 1:1 discussions with students & parents about academic tracks as well as interests for extracurriculars and sports.  PP-Teachers?  We will be able to offer competitive packages.

        *Follow Up-Meeting next Tuesday April 30th @ 3pm to prep for

presentation in JB’s room.

JB-Forming a board will help lead to offering a “Letter of Intent” to hirees.

2. Ludlow Enterprise Funds/Grants-Provides $11,000 for funds, application predicates sound very appropriate for BRISC.  Letter drafted for chair/co chair to provide for requisites.  

        *Follow Up-JW to share electronic version of grant with UD & JB

3. Fundraising & Forms Timeline-Provide a tangible visual aid to share with community and other coordinating resources.  This is the organizational process to make this happen; time is of the essence.  Also, JB submitted the two grants, one for People’s United Bank & one for Heritage.

IV. Public Comment-PP suggested adjusting Donor Wall on BRA webpage to show we have more donors/donations than it shows.  Possibly add a graphic

        *Follow Up-UD to update webpage

        *Follow Up-MP to share video utilizing Otis Nelson’s photos with JB to display at

        School Fair Event

We might be able to coordinate the Donor Wall with Alumni resources

MP: 3 ideas she’s heard from other local schools-Hunter Safety, Butchering, & Construction Equipment Certification

V. Suggested Items for Next Meeting-Next Thursday’s meeting postponed until Thursday, May 9th, 2019 due to School Fair Event on the afternoon of May 2nd.  

-School Fair Event Update;

-Grants Update;

-Webpage Update;

-Posters Update;

-Timeframe Discussion; and,

-Community Resources Outreach (RP)

VI. Adjournment-Adjourned by JB @ 8:27pm