Lunch Rotation: 7,6

Our Mission

AES provides a balanced education defined by a joyful pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, arts and service. We enable each student to be an inspired lifelong learner and a responsible, compassionate global citizen.

This Week in the MS: 

Sunday, January 13

  • MS New Parent Orientation, 2:00pm, MSCR

Monday, January 14

Day 1 - 1234

  • School Re-Opens / 2nd Semester begins
  • ASA Qtr. 3  begin Monday, January 22nd

Tuesday, January 15

Day 2 - 5678

  • Director’s Coffee, 8:30am, BCR
  • PSA Meeting, 9:00-10:30am, BCR
  • MS Assembly, 10:00am, HOP
  • Grade 8 SST, 11:50-12:35, MSCR

Wednesday, January 16

Day 3 - 2341

  • PSA Welcome Coffee and New to Delhi Presentation, 8:45-10:30am
  • Early Release
  • Faculty Meeting
  • Team Time

Thursday, January 17

Day 4 - 6785

Friday, January 18

Day 5 - 3412

  • MS New Parent Coffee, 8:30am, MSCR
  • ET
  • Welcome Back Party


Jan 19        

MESAC Super Saturday

Jan 22        

MESAC Send-Off Assembly, 10:00am, HOP

MESAC Season 2 Travel Meeting, 5:00pm, HOP

MESAC Season 3 After School Activities & Athletics begin

Jan 24

MS Parent Coffee, 8:30am, HOP

Board Meeting, 5:00pm, BCR

Jan 25-26        

NESA Winter Training Institute - Chennai, India

Jan 26

Indian Republic Day

Jan 29

MS Student Photos

Jan 30 - Feb 3

MESAC JV Soccer (ABA) & MESAC JV Basketball (DAA)

Feb 5

Director’s Coffee, 8:30am, BCR

PSA Meeting, 9:00-10:30am, BCR

MESAC/ASIAC Recognition Awards, 10:00am, HOP

Feb 13

MESAC Season 2 Recognition Awards, Main Gym

Feb 14

FCD Parent Presentation, 6:00pm, HOP

Feb 15

AES Faculty Musical, 6:00pm, Theater

Feb 16

PSA International Fair, 12:00-3:00pm, MS Field

AES Faculty Musical, 3:30pm, Theater


Welcome Back Party

An opportunity to share some of your favorite food and wine/beer from your travels. If you find great cheese, meats, wine/beer please bring it along to our welcome back party. There will also be food and beverages provided.

Location: 8 Kautilya Marg Ground Floor

Time: 4pm until late

link to Bus Sign Up 

Please sign up by the end of Wednesday, 16/1

Photo Contest

Share your holiday photos and at the welcome back party and we’ll chose our favorites from the following categories:

Office of  Teaching and Learning

Here is the link to the newly launched Office for Teaching and Learning site.  Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Amanda, Shirley and Rosy

Helpful Links:

MS Office Site - For everything you need


Here’s What We Know:

New Students We have several new students starting school this week in the MS. Students will arrive on Monday morning. Ambassadors will help get kids to classes etc. They will have their iPads at LUNCH!  Please do remember to add them to your Google Classrooms and make sure that they know their next destination if the ambassador isn’t there!

iPad Cases: We are working on an iPad keyboard solution. I have gotten a few new options that are hopefully working and not breaking. I plan to send out a survey in the next few days. A survey for the kids...are you using your keyboard? We are hoping to find out their usage but trying to make sure that it isn’t based on the case that isn’t working. Do they like they keyboard? The second survey will be for teachers. Would it work to have kids choose to have a keyboard case? Or is it important for you that they all have keyboards? Send me a note if you have a strong opinion!!

Professional Development Opportunities: A list of conferences for technology has been added to the office of teaching and learning website..under Other conferences.


After School Activities

No After School Activities in the week of January 14-18.  Middle School Season 3 After School Activities & Athletics begin on January 22.



We’re going to check out DVDS to students and parents and are thinking of integrating the DVD collection into the book collection so they’ll get more use. If there are DVDs that you don’t want to students to have access to because they are critical to your teaching, please let me know and we’ll set those aside.


Upcoming AMLE Webinars

There are some excellent webinars being offered over the next few months. You can also search through recorded webinars on topics that interest you. Let me know if you need your account login details.

ET Schedule

Semester 2 can be viewed in the MS Private Calendar.

Assembly Request Form

You can use this form to let the MSALT2 students know what teacher announcements you would like to make. Please share this information before Thursday at 3:30pm each week so they have time to plan for the announcements.

Request Form for Tiger Tales/WAG/SWAG

This is where you can submit anything that you would like to be added to the Tiger Tales / WAG / SWAG.

Chaperone Schedule 2018-2019

This link has the final chaperone schedule for SY1819.  We have also sent calendar invites to the chaperones involved in every event for the respective date and time. 


Welcome back! I hope that everyone is ready for Semester 2. We have a number of new students joining the MS. Our assembly on Tuesday is designed to begin the semester on a positive note focusing on the people and the community that we want to be and celebrating the start of the new semester. Wednesday early release we have a faculty meeting in the HOP and then team time. Friday is our MS welcome back party. Bring along your cheese, wine, photos and holiday stories.


Christie Guggisberg, December 20

Ravinder Choudhary, January 1

Ashok Kumar, January 10

Malthi Peter, January 10

Jennifer Henderson, January 16

Caitlin Cornwell, January 18

Anu Ahuja, January 23

Karin Lockwood, January 25