Horse and Carriage Event

Reservation and Agreement Sheet 

Thank you for choosing us for your special event!  We are happy to serve your horse drawn carriage needs.  Please fill out and sign the following contract and send it back to us immediately following receipt.  We book up fast and don’t want you to lose your spot!  

Date of Event:_________________________________________________________________________________

Amount of time booked: _________________________________________________________________________

What Time Does your Event start:____________________________ What Time Does your Event End:___________

Price for Services: If we have given you a quoted price please place it here now.  If not, please call for a quote and we will fill this out for you.        

Non refundable deposit amount: $____200.00________________________________________________________

Debit card/Credit Card number for Deposit___________________________________  Expiration Date__________

Debit/Credit card CV Number on the back______________Credit card Billing Zip code ______________________

Contact Person on Day of Event: __________________________________________________________________

Phone/Text number: ____________________________________________________________________________

Responsible person for Payment: __________________________________________________________________

Please provide a description of what you would like us to do at your event





Terms of Agreement

2.  PAYMENT FOR SERVICES.  In exchange for the Services the Participants will pay Noble Horse carriages

the balance of the total payment due by the event date or on the date of the event.  

3.  TERM.  This Contract will terminate automatically after the ride is complete. 

Signature and Date____________________________________________________________________


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