Timeline: Beta Primal

Time: 1222 A.D. late summer

Location: Town square of the Hidden City of Alchemy in Northern Navarre, Spain

        “Are you going to end your turn now, or what! I haven’t got all century!” The necromancer of fire was starting to bring forth his flames back into action, fully lit to storch the surrounding area. Iñigo was having a hard time breathing from the previous pain, much less talking, and the smoke of the fire nearby wasn’t helping him at all. “Alright then, I will end my turn.” “Perfect, for now I will use my Construction of Ignistor to construct one Ignistor compounder from my hand, by sending one ignistor compounder from my resources to the dis…” “Didn’t you tell me this last turn?” The necromancer got a wild look in his eye, darted right into Iñigo’s eyes, then recollected himself. “Well, to be fair, you did kinda faint for quite a while now didn’t you?” “Fair point, but now what are you sending and creating?” “Well before you interrupted!” The necromancer seemed that he was about to erupt into frustration, but then realized that they were going to properly assist to resurrecting his leader, thus he didn’t care about this simple struggle. “I will be sending my other Ignistor of knowledge to the discarded waste, to then create my Ignistor of Anger from my hand. Then I can create one Ignistor compounder from my discarded waste through the ability fo my Ignistor of Knowledge, thus I will recreate my Ignistor of Creation!” Iñigo was stunned by the amount of action that he was able to do at just the end of the turn. “Well, you would think it was your turn, but at least you’re having fun.” “Oh yes, I will be having a lot of fun on the next turn. Iñigo, you definitely deserve to feel like you were the observer of that turn, the only indicator of it being your turn was the discovery and the attack. Now let's see how you fare against these!” As the necromancer jestereed to his compounders.

“Now I will use my Ignistor of Anger to send one Ignistor card from my resources to the discarded waste to send one Ignistor compounder I control to the discarded waste. I will send my meeting of the Ignistors to sen my Ignistor of knowledge I control to the discarded waste. I will use the ability of my meeting of the Ignistor to then send the top five cards of my resources to the discarded waste. I now send my Elementary, Oxymite, Ingistor of Creation, Ignistor of Destruction, and Resurrection of the Ignistor. I will then use my Knowledge to recreate my Ignistor of Creation, which will also create an oxymite at stage 3 from my resources. My Ignistor of destruction will create a sulfurite from my resources as well, and my Resurrection of the Ignistor will allow me to recreate one compounder from my discarded waste, being my knowledge by discarding one ignistor compounder I control, being my Ignistor of Anger. I can now use my Ignistor of Anger to shuffle five of my Ignistor cards into my resources to draw a card. I will shuffle in my Ignistor of Knowledge, Ignistor of Destruction, Meeting of the Ignistor, Resurrection of the Ignistor, and of course my Ignistor of Anger into the deck.” Iñigo couldn’t respond to any of this, and it being so much to take in was quite the challenge, but he knew that this would be quite the difficult offensive to survive from if he were to get rid of his discovery. “I now draw, and I will use my Ignistor Of Knowledge to discard a Ignistor card from my hand, and you know the rest right?” “Yes, but you were having so much fun explaining.” “Well, now I will add my Ingistor of Destruction from my resources to my hand to then create using my elemites. Inow have four Ignistors Iñigo, do you know what that means?” “That I may not like what happens next?” “Yes, but first I will use Ignistor of Destruction to send a Ignistor compounder from my resources to the discarded waste to discard a research or reaction in the lab, being your H2O Assembly. By the way I send my Ignistor of speed to the discarded waste. Now I will create my discovery, the mighty Ignistor of Champions, which will send four Ignistor cards from my resources to the discarded waste, being my Attack of the Ignistors, Ingistor of Strength, Resurrection of the Ignistor, and Construction of the Ignistor. I will use my Ignistor of Strength to increase my Champion five hundred disclosed points, and then use Attack of the Ignistor to double my discover points to two. Next I will use construction to restore Resurrection.” “Now that was a lot of work for one creation. I would say you memorized that, but you can because if you did, you would be cheating.” Iñigo was quite scared of the his champion but wasn’t going to admit it. He knew that this might hurt a lot, but he won’t give up yet. “Now that you’re done interrupting, I will now attack with my Champion.” The Champion ran towards the Alchemist, shield and longsword ready to slash Iñigo’s creation into pieces. The Drainer had fallen, leaving Iñigo with a lost of eight hundred funds. Iñigo was sent flying, the other screaming in horror from the damage that Iñigo endeared. “Well, if you can get up faster this time, I might be able to continue this onslaught.” Iñigo then jumped from the ground, shaking, but still standing in the face of the wicked. “You’re done now right?” “Yes, my turn ends.”

‘Then it’s time for my come back. I think you might not recognize this one, for I use the power of Trials of Discovery!” “Okay then, what does it do then, smart guy?” “It allows me to create a discovery, even if I don’t have the discovery points to make it.” “That’s it, you don’t even have compounders, or elemites to create this discovery. You have noth…!” “I wasn’t finished, needed to take a breath for what’s going to happen next. I will lose half my funds, going to three thousand-six hundred funds!” From the pain of the fundage lost, Iñigo dropped onto one of his knees. “I now can finish the discovery, for I can use my discarded waste, and form it together to create my powerful, WaterScolder Dragon!” From his alchemy pot, gases and lights foamed out of it, to then burst from it, a powerful dragon. “Is that the water dragon that you created from your first game Iñigo?” Roesia asked by the amazement of the creatures size and majestic nature. “No Roesia, it’s what I was making in the lab when to fell asleep last night. This creature will now use its power to blast away your creation in one shot. Go WaterScolder, with your pools of steaming water.” The dragon blasted the champion into ashes, discarding it entirely. “What, how did you do this? Not even Alter had such power to create that kind of attack!” “Well, you didn’t want to be bored right, this is your chance to have some fun. I do have to be the bearer of bad news, for you have to lose the funds equal to your creation’s disclosed points, so we both lost three thousand six hundred funds.” The necromancer had set the area a blaze by that last turn, but with that one attack, his flames all wne tot barely lit. He also fell to one knee, struggling to get back up. His body becoming more transparent, he got up. “Alright, you are quite stronger than Alter, but you still have more than half my funds to deal with!” “Then I should get to work on that, now shouldn’t I. WaterScolder, attack the necromancer!” The dragon charged up his attack., ready to fire. “Well, I will use my resurrection of Ignistor, to revive my Champion, and because you lose your ability to target me for attack, you will have to deal with you dragon dying to my champion, leaving you to die in a few turns! I win you fool!” “Well, I’m sorry to inform you, but you have made an error with your hypothesis, I’m the victor of this battle because my dragon has the ability to dissolve the ability of one research or reaction that triggers during the battle. Now finish your attack WaterScolder!” The Dragon fired through the reaction of the necromancer, then blasting him as well. This attack sent him flying toward the nearest rock, and most of his flames were extinguished by the funds lost.

“I guess you are a bit more powerful than I would’ve given you, but I will still prevail this battle!” “Well, I end my turn anyways. Let’s see that come back of yours.” The necromancer has dropped to a two thousand one hundred funds. He was engulfed in both anger and flames. “I will set one card, then end my turn.” “Well, then I will use my Alchemy Bust, to discard one of your research or reactions. I will get rid of your construction of Ignistor.” “Then I will use my construction to create my Ignistor of Knowledge by using my other Knowledge to do so. I now will recreate my champion. Let’s see how you do against this!” Well, I will get rid of that knowledge of yours first!” The dragon blasted the small flame of the knowledge ingistor to pieces, sending the necromancer to only one thousand two hundred funds left. “You will now lose to the power of my champion! Slash the dragon apart!” The dragon was then pierced by the power of the champion  of the Ignistors, causing Iñigo to be at only three thousand five hundred left. “I end my turn. You might want to find a way to defeat me, for I think you might just lose this one. What a shame, to make such large plays to be defeated without any defensive on your end.” “I then will set a card, you can figure out if it’s a problem for you.” “Well, you think I will fall for such simple fraud of protection as that, you gotta be kidding me. I will attack you now.” “Then I guess you will run into my Alchemy Burst, which will dissemble your champion.” “What! You dare challenge my champion like that! I guess you can stall, but you expect that to worry me, I will just attack with my elemites.” The necromancer was able to create three oxymites and a sulfurite. “Destroy him my elemites!” Iñigo was assaulted by the mass of Oxymites, and the Sulfurite, bringing him down to a mere four hundred funds. Iñigo wasn’t able to stand at that point for he was fading into the wind. Little by little, Iñigo would become a breeze of ash if he couldn’t finish this battle.

“I’m going to end my turn now, you can try to resist the power of my master, but you won’t survive once I land this last blow. Now I get to see you crumble into dust!” The necromancer crackled into the shy with his laughter. “What’s your name, dark spirit of fire?” “What, oh, I was known by the world as Fyren, Master of the flames! I have been waiting for you to ask, but you seemed a bit focused on your demise more. Why now though?” “Because Fyren, I wanted to make sure I can tell everyone how I defeated you this day, for I create my Heliumite. Now attack his elemite, ending this battle.” The Heliumite squished the small Oxymite into a pancake, ending the battle. The Necromancer released a howl into the night that had formed from the start of the battle. The sun now shining onto the battlefield, Fyren started to boil into himself, screaming in terror. “You will not be able to defeat us boy, your soul will be ours!” Then Iñigo awoke.